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Andre Clovis joined Tuckers Solicitors as a Consultant Solicitor in 2007 bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise to the Police Actions department.

Andre practice is victim orientated. He specializes in representing individuals bringing misconduct complaints against police officers, including appeals to the Independent Office for Police Conduct and bringing civil claims against police forces in a wide variety of circumstances. This includes cases where the complainant alleges or has been a victim of assault, false imprisonment, and trespass to property, malicious prosecution and misfeasance. Andre is also involved in cases involving breach of HRA Article 2 [right to life], 3 [right not to be subjected to inhumane or degrading treatment], Article 5 [right to liberty], Article 8 [right to private family life] and a cutting edge cases around Article 9 [freedom of thought & religious expression], Article 10 [freedom of expression] and Article 11 [right to assembly]. These include Stephenson & Attwood v Sussex Police [right to free speech outside of an abortion clinic], the challenge in relation to the Ealing PSPO around the Mattocks Lane Clinic and Nation of Islam & Others v Lambeth Council & MPS preventing free speech in respect of reparations. Also acting for an ex-IPCC Commissioner;

Andre undertakes inquests, notably those following police road traffic collisions or following high speed police pursuits.

As well as bringing claims against the police, Andre has extensive skill and familiarity in assisting victims of serious crime. He also represents the families of victims of serious crime and murder, preparing victim impact statements guiding families through the criminal prosecution process. This is of particular importance where their relationship with the police has broken down. Notably, Andre acted for the mothers’ of Toni-Ann Byfield and Rochelle Holness, the family of Darren Deslandes. In tandem with Frances Frost he represents these victims in bringing claims for compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Additionally, Andre represents clients seeking compensation under S133 CJA for miscarriages of justice whereby they have been wrongfully convicted in light of serious defaults by prosecuting authorities. Andre acted for Gul & Khan who each recovered six figure damages.

Andre is an active member of the Police Action Lawyers Group and the Inquest Lawyers Group. He drafted the response for Liberty to the proposals pertaining to the introduction of the IPCC and was a Peer Reviewer for the Legal Services Commission. He also drafted Tuckers Solicitors submissions to the Home Office on the subject of high speed police pursuits and police accountability.

Examples of Concluded Successful Police Damages Cases:

  • Eddison v MPS 2019: overdose by FME and excessive detention and misfeasance
  • Dyer & Dyer v MPS 2019: assault [CS Gas], false imprisonment and malicious prosecution
  • Martin v Essex Police 2018: unlawful arrest and negligence
  • Gooden v MPS 2018: unlawful arrest
  • Baptiste v MPS 2018: unlawful arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution;
  • Mehihani v MPS 2017: Art 2
  • Sinclair-Kerr v MPS 2017: assault, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and misfeasance
  • Smith v MPS 2017: unlawful arrest
  • Ritchie v MPS 2017: negligence [dog bite of actress in pursuit of attempted burglary suspect]
  • Stephenson & Attwood v Sussex Police 2016: settled claim for assault, false imprisonments, malicious prosecution, misfeasance, trespass and breach of Article 10 & 11 HRA. All biometric data destroyed.
  • Daly v Thames Valley Police 2015: settled claim for damages in a dog bite, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution claim;
  • Salem v MPS 2015: settled claims for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution. Tasered in a police station;
  • Von Trapp & Mortimer2015: settled claims for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution. CS Spray deployed;
  • Kennedy v MPS 2015: settled trespass, Article 8 claim;
  • David v MPS 2014: settled claim for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution;
  • Aliowe v MPS 2014: settled claim for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution;
  • AB & Others v MPS 2014: settled breach of Article 8 and negligence claim; witness protection scheme
  • Bowden 2013: successful claim at trial for assault. Dog and baton deployed.
  • Gary Bailey v MPS 2012: successful trial in a claim for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution. CS Spray deployed;
  • Murray & Murray v Surrey 2012: settled claims for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.
  • Obi v MPS 2012: settled assault claim against schoolboy. Officer convicted.
  • Jonathan Pannell v Surrey Police 2011: successful claim at trial for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution
  • Jeremy Clifford v Hertfordshire Police 2011: The first successful civil trial for malicious prosecution following an Operation Ore prosecution. All biometric data destroyed;
  • Colin Cook 2010: Senior Clerk [Garden Court Chambers] brought a successful claim for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution – settled. All biometric data destroyed.
  • Benjamin v MPS 2010: settled claim for assault and false imprisonment.
  • Johnson v MPS 2010: settled claim against the police for assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution;
  • St Ange v MPS: settled assault and false imprisonment claim;
  • Foord v MPS 2010: settled claim for assault [dog bite] and false imprisonment;

Examples of Recent Inquests

  • Wiktoria Was [aged 13] 2013: died following high speed police pursuit in which the car pursued collided with the stationary car in which she was seated. Inquest 2015. Matter now with IPCC for investigation.
  • Liam Albert [aged 17] 2010: died following dangerous high speed pursued. Inquest 2011. Matter now with CPS and IPCC;
  • Lewis Johnson 2016: died following high speed police pursuit;
  • Suleyman Yalcin 2017: died having been struck by a speeding police van;
  • Paul Cadogan 2015: Had a history of self-harm. Went missing. Committed suicide shortly after police contact.
  • Stephen Quigley 2013: Had history of self-harm. Committed suicide shortly after intervention of mental health services who failed to protect him

Example of recent victim of crime & CICA claims

  • EB [two claims – shot on two separate occasions]. Substantial payment
  • WD & Others [one death and several injuries]. Substantial payments made.
  • RK. Death of a child. Payment made;
  • JB. Death of abducted child. Payment made;
  • AG. Death of child. Payment made.

Examples of miscarriage of justice claims

  • Gul & Khan: substantial six figure sum to each


Police Action Lawyers Group, Inquest Lawyers Group