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Guantao Law Firm

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Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jinan and 5 more

CLIENT: Wang Hui 汪辉
COMPANY/FIRM: Dashang Co., Ltd. 大商股份有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: Serving as a legal consultant for our company, Guantao Law Firm has provided highly efficient, professional, meticulous legal services in investment and financing, M&A and other businesses, which signifies the excellent professional level of the industry leader.

CLIENT: Ding Xia 丁霞
COMPANY/FIRM: Dalian Sunasia Tourism Holding Co., Ltd. 大连圣亚旅游控股股份有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: During the cooperation between our Company and Guantao Law Firm, Guantao always stays true to the work idea of pursuing excellency, being credible, diligent, highly efficient and quality, to address assorted legal issues of our Company in an active, professional and proper manner and offer reasonable legal judgments and suggestions. Guantao has provided powerful legal support for the healthy and stable development of our Company, remaining as a key partner in the development of our Company.

CLIENT: Sun Jianwei 孙健伟
COMPANY/FIRM: Bank of DaLian CO. Ltd. 大连银行股份有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: Since 2007, Bank of Dalian has maintained close partnership with Guantao Law Firm. Guantao has provided legal services for our bank not only in IPO application, bonds issuances, strategic investor introduction and other key capital events, but also in regulating and clearing the equity, perfecting the corporate governance and reviewing business contracts of our bank. Lawyers from Guantao have excellent professional competency and rich experiences, and adhere to a business attitude of being diligent, forward-looking, patient and detail-oriented. Our bank is very satisfied with their legal services and will continue to maintain close partnership with them.

CLIENT: Ms. Sandra Bendler-Pepy
COMPANY/FIRM: German Law Firm SATELL and its German client Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH
TESTIMONIAL: Our legal firm has been using Guantao for legal services of a German client for Chinese law issues since June 2016.  We are very happy about this great collaboration. Miss Xu is a high professional and friendly partner for us. She works quickly and is very dedicated and responsible. Her surplus value is her deep understanding of foreign clients with business in China, and she knows how to handle with international standards and rules for high satisfaction of the client. We can earnestly suggest Miss Xu Ling and Guantao for your business in China.

CLIENT: Liu Jie 刘劼
COMPANY/FIRM: Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. 大唐电信科技股份有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: As our lawyer, Ms. Xu Ling provides legal services to business restructuring of integrated circuit, which involves organizations with different interests and needs such as state-owned enterprises, foreign-capital enterprises and buyout fund. Ms. Xu puts forward constructive suggestions to the design of deal structure and guarantees the restructuring completed as planned.

CLIENT: Dirk Voges
COMPANY/FIRM: German Law Firm Weitnauer and its German client dc-square GmbH
TESTIMONIAL: Our firm is cooperating for more than one year with Guantao Law Firm, especially with the partners Ms. Xu Ling and Mr. Wu Hua. We as well as our clients are much convinced in the quality and professionalism of the services rendered by Ms. Xu and Mr. Wu. In addition to providing professionally sound advice, fast response and comprehensive explanations of what makes it easier for a foreign client to understand what is important in Chinese legal questions, it should be emphasised that, beyond purely legal aspects, the economic consideration of the case is always kept in mind. Ms. Xu is at any stage of a case fully present and empathise with the client.

CLIENT: Dennis Hon
COMPANY/FIRM: CK Life Sciences Intl Holdings 长江生命科技国际有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: Our company has been using Guantao legal services during the past few years and found their services entirely satisfactory. Miss Xu particularly impresses us as a seasoned professional who understands fully the various complications that a foreign client may face in China, namely, the potential communication gap, cultural differences, and differences in interpretation of a provision in contract. She is intelligent, dedicated and professional.

CLIENT: Liu Wenjin 刘文瑾
COMPANY/FIRM: China Hi-Tech New Energy Auto Company Limited 恒天新能源汽车有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: Legal team led by Ms. Xu Ling of Guantao Law Firm has provided our company with professional legal services in cross-border M&A and international collaboration since 2015. After two years of contact, Ms. Xu advised us on a series of legal issues from preliminary consultation, design of solution architecture, draft of actual legal text, legal negotiation to the final deal. Ms. Xu is an indispensable partner of our business success.

CLIENT: Jason Chan 陈锦坤
COMPANY/FIRM: Brockman Mining Limited 布莱克万矿业有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: I refer to the recent engagement with Guantao and yourself and I wish to express our appreciation to your work. We are deeply impressed by your professional knowledge, your commitment and your efficiency. We will definitely continue to engage you for our future transactions and projects and we will certainly recommend you and Guantao to our connections.

CLIENT: Liu Yingchun 刘迎春
COMPANY/FIRM: Shandong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock Co., Ltd. 山东太阳控股集团有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: As our partner and advisor, Guantao is committed to diligence and efficient. Guantao lawyers, who are rich-experienced and hard-working, deliver comprehensive and innovative legal services during our process of production and operation. Guantao and its legal team play an active and important role in resources integration, handling cases, disputes resolution, IP protection and promoting in-house counsel construction, which achieves an all-win result and maximizes the protection of our company’s legal rights.

CLIENT: Pan Jie 潘洁
COMPANY/FIRM:  China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation (Group) 中国成套设备进出口(集团)总公司
TESTIMONIAL: Guantao Law Firm served as our perennial legal counsel, providing legal services in areas of litigation, engineering and investment in the meanwhile, which is comprehensive, efficient and professional in a general feeling. Guantao can give fast response to clients, fully understand the demands of clients and design solutions for clients. Guantao is a reliable law firm with satisfied deliverables.

CLIENT: Wang Yu 王昱
COMPANY/FIRM: Bluestone (Beijing) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. 钰泰蓝石(北京)股权投资基金管理有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: Guantao Law Firm, when providing legal services, can fully understand our needs and give us professional and comprehensive legal solutions. During our cooperation with Guantao team, their ability to accurately interpret the laws, regulations and judicial policies, to devise the tactics and to reasonably arrange the whole process of our case had been fully appreciated by us and really made us feel easy and relieved. We are looking forward to the cooperation with Guantao team in next time.

CLIENT: Huang Guanbo黄冠博
COMPANY/FIRM: Aluminum Corporation of China Limited中国铝业公司
TESTIMONIAL:Guantao has acted as our lawyers for a couple of projects. They are efficient and responsible. We value their expertise in dispute resolution and capital market areas. They are experienced with good commmunication skills, rendering quality service.

CLIENT: Zhou Danhui周丹慧
COMPANY/FIRM: Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. 大唐电信
TESTIMONIAL: As our lawyer, Guantao always provides efficient and high quality legal service with patience and precision. With excellent solution and legal opinion, they have demonstrated their recommendable skills and professionalism.

CLIENT: Chen Li陈黎
COMPANY/FIRM: China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group中节能
TESTIMONIAL: Guantao team can always deliver effective and practicable solutions to their client’s on-going litigation as well as provide risk prevention advice, showing their strong legal skills.
The team is also remarkable in their comprehension and insight. They can quickly understand their client’s intention and needs through efficient communication and provide satisfactory solutions.

CLIENT: Song Chenxi宋晨曦
COMPANY/FIRM: GOME Holdings Group国美控股集团
TESTIMONIAL: We feel great gratitude for Guantao’s professionalism and efficiency demonstrated in our acquisition project. “Have great vision and avoid pomposity”, being the aphorism of the firm, is exactly of what we think of Guantao. This spirit also contributes to our company further strategic achievement. Hope our future cooperation will lead to greater success!

COMPANY/FIRM: BBMG Group Co., Ltd. 金隅
TESTIMONIAL: Guantao provides professional, efficient and targeted service. They can grasp what client really need and deliver corresponding solutions. They have extensive experience in investment, financing and M&A. They always perform duties with meticulousness and efficiency. In real estate area, they can offer insightful legal opinion, draft consummate contracts and project plans, and help clients solve legal problems.

CLIENT: Jason Chan陈锦坤
COMPANY/FIRM: Brockman Mining Limited布莱克万矿业有限公司
TESTIMONIAL: Throughout the past years, Guantao is always our valuable business partner and they always provide us with useful advice and  legal assistance in a professional and efficient manner.  Recently we have engaged Guantao to provide a legal opinion on several matters and as always we have obtained such opinion in such a short time.  They know what their client needs and their professionalism is highly appreciated.  We will continue to engage Guantao in the future.

CLIENT: Liu Wenxin刘文瑾
COMPANY/FIRM: China Hi-Tech New Energy Auto Company Limited恒天新能源
TESTIMONIAL: CHTC Group is a central-state-owned group which has involved globally in different business units such as Automotive, Financing, Cultural, Textile Machinery. We have known Guantao Law Firm for a long time, and we have successfully established strategic projects globally with dedicated professional legal support from the team led by Ms. Xu Ling. With the Going out Policy, we will continue to actively play on the international stage with the strong legal support as one of the necessary key factors for our global success.

CLIENT: Roland Bernshaus
COMPANY/FIRM: International Wood Suppliers Limited
TESTIMONIAL: We sought legal assistance for an international purchase agreement, where the supplier failed to deliver his obligation. We were recommended by a friend to contact Guantao Law Firm, who accepted the case and formed a team under the leading lawyer Ms. Xu Ling. We are very impressed with their working style: a very diligent analysis of all documents and email traffic, detecting even the smallest discrepancies, and then a very professional legal presentation of our case to the Chinese and Lithuanian Arbitration Chambers. The team responds always prompt and in time, explaining to us their legal strategy, so that an ordinary person can clearly understand the legal argumentation and the reasons behind. I can highly recommend Guantao Law Firm to all colleagues as a professional legal adviser and lawyer.

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