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Claudia Jonath is the head of Employment law practice in Paris.

Claudia is highly specialized in employment law and social security aspects within national and international restructurings, acquisitions and post deal integrations.

PhD in business law, Claudia is highly specialized in Employees Benefit and Profit sharing Plans, Golden parachutes, and directors’ compensations. Claudia has handled complex restructuring of companies on the employment law side, organising notably workers committees meetings and information/consultation process, layout plans and implementation of work time reduction.

A German citizen graduated both in Germany and France, Claudia has more than 20 years of experience in French employment and social security law. She joined PW in 1991 as employment law expert specialized on consequences of international restructurings. In 2002, Claudia was appointed as leader of Landwell Employment Law practice (50 lawyers) and responsible of the Landwell German desk in France, in charge for the development of those clients.


She joined Taylor Wessing in November 2003 and is head of the Employment group in Paris. She is also Deputy Managing Partner of Taylor Wessing France since 2011 and Head of the international French German group. She is a member of the Paris bar.

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