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The firm

Founded in 1989 by its three name partners and two other attorneys, Momo-o, Matsuo & Namba (‘MMN’) is based in Tokyo and, as a firm that has now grown to over 40 attorneys, offers a complete array of corporate and commercial legal services to its domestic and international clients. MMN prides itself on the ability to meet the complicated demands of its diverse clientele in an ever-changing world economy.

MMN has received long-standing recognition for its excellence in key practice areas such as complex litigation and international arbitration, corporate and M&A, bankruptcy, antitrust, labour and employment, and intellectual property including brand protection.

While the firm and many of its partners are nationally and internationally recognised experts in their fields of practice, MMN has maintained a boutique-firm mindset when it comes to the individual attention each client deserves. Many attorneys in the firm have obtained advanced legal degrees abroad, are members of the New York Bar and have extended work experience at foreign law firms in the United States and Europe.

It is this depth of experience that enables MMN to provide comprehensive day-to-day advice and counselling to its clients on a wide range of domestic and cross-border matters and, in turn, maintain its client relationships over the long-term. Through these relationships, MMN can and will continue to grow organically as a mid-sized law firm practising at the highest level in many areas of law.

MMN is the sole Japan member of Interlaw. Interlaw is a top-ranked international law firm network comprised of independent law firms working collaboratively on a ‘Best Client’ basis. See

Areas of practice

Antitrust and competition: Dr Nobuaki Mukai and MMN’s antitrust practice are globally recognised. MMN handles investigations on domestic and international cases of alleged violations (administrative and criminal procedures) and associated appeal procedures, as well as attendant civil dispute procedures.

Asia practice group: MMN advises companies on all aspects of doing business in Asia. Shinichiro Uemura is considered one of Japan’s leading specialists on doing business in the Philippines.

Banking and financial transactions: MMN drafts, reviews and provides advice on loan agreements and myriad other financial transactions.

Bankruptcy and reorganisation: MMN and Shigeaki Momo-o are renowned for having handled numerous large-scale corporate reorganisation cases.

China practice group: MMN advises Chinese companies on all aspects of doing business in Japan. Takayuki Matsuo is fluent in Chinese and leads this group.

Corporate law and commercial transactions: As one of MMN’s core competencies, the firm routinely advises on various aspects of corporate and commercial transactions law including corporate-compliance matters.

Information technology: The firm advises on legal issues and disputes ranging across the IT industry. Koichi Nakatani, having served in-house at IBM Japan for many years, is uniquely positioned to lead this practice area.

Insurance: MMN is an industry-leader in advising multinational and domestic insurance companies on claims, regulations, and new insurance products.

Intellectual property: MMN’s anti-counterfeiting and brand management practice is globally recognised.

Labour and employment: MMN routinely represents the management of multinational and domestic companies on various employment issues including dismissal, sexual harassment, power harassment, transfer, demotion, wage reduction, temporary retirement, collective bargaining, etc.

Litigation and arbitration: Junya Naito is a globally-recognised arbitration practitioner. The firm routinely litigates and arbitrates both domestic and international actions across many industries.

Mergers and acquisitions: MMN’s M&A practice, led by Shuichi Namba and Yohei Yamada, is renowned both in Japan and abroad for its sophisticated work spanning the entire M&A lifecycle.

Pharmaceutical affairs: MMN advises its pharmaceutical clients on legal issues pertaining to clinical trials, CRO, licensing, distribution, R&D, collaborations and joint ventures.


Department Name Email Telephone
Antitrust and competition Nobuaki Mukai
Antitrust and competition Takashi Kobayashi
Asia practice group Shinichiro Uemura
Asia practice group Takashi Kobayashi
Banking and financial transactions Shuichi Namba
Banking and financial transactions Rin Moriguchi
Bankruptcy and reorganisation Shigeaki Momo-o
Bankruptcy and reorganisation Osamu Iwanami
China practice group Takayuki Matsuo
Corporate law and commercial transactions Kakuji Mitani
Corporate law and commercial transactions Yohei Yamada
Information technology Koichi Nakatani
Insurance Makoto Matsuo
Insurance Tetsuhiro Nishiyama
Intellectual property Yuriko Kanematsu
Intellectual property Koji Ohe
Labour and employment Masao Torikai
Labour and employment Nobuo Sugimoto
Litigation and arbitration Junya Naito
Litigation and arbitration Tsuyoshi Suzuki
Mergers and acquisitions Shuichi Namba
Mergers and acquisitions Yohei Yamada
Pharmaceutical affairs Makoto Matsuo
Pharmaceutical affairs Koji Ohe
Real estate Shuichi Namba
Real estate Norito Ohori
White-collar crime Makoto Matsuo
White-collar crime Nobuaki Mukai
Number of lawyers : 49