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I-LAND is a professional organization that brings together outstanding lawyers and is committed to innovation, creativity and customized high-value legal solutions for our clients.

We uphold the development strategy of ‘traditional and innovative, litigation and non-litigation’, and take the responsibility of cultivating and shaping outstanding business lawyers, with the goal of building a large-scale comprehensive law firm with international standards.

Our strength lies in the fact that we are a group of thoughtful and creative people, and our excellence lies in the fact that we are always ONE.

The future is here. We are convinced that lawyers with ideas and creativity are not only solving problems, but also creating the future! Creative and thoughtful legal services will build bridges between you and us and make the world a better place!

Corporate Compliance and TMT Kai ZHUzhukai@ilandlaw.com+86 158 2122 2258
Hongliang CHEN photo Hongliang CHENSenior Partner
Chun CHENG photo Chun CHENGManaging Partner
Peichun CHU photo Peichun CHUManaging Partner
Bin LIU photo Bin LIUManaging Partner
Shizhi QIU photo Shizhi QIUChief Partner
Hongyu QIU photo Hongyu QIUSenior Partner
Guiming REN photo Guiming RENManaging Partner
Ming WEN photo Ming WENSenior Partner
Yan XING photo Yan XINGSenior Partner
Zhiwei ZHOU photo Zhiwei ZHOUManaging Partner
Kai ZHU photo Kai ZHUManaging Partner
Number of lawyers : 70+
Number of partners : 15+

Kai ZHU(朱凯), Senior Partner(高级合伙人)

Kai ZHU creates high-quality legal services in the field of data compliance and personal information protection.朱凯律师,打造数据合规和个人信息保护领域的精品法律服务

Why did you choose to join I-Land Law Offices? What is its attraction?


I-Land Law Offices is different from the traditional large law firm I practiced before. Those large law firms are too rigid, while the practicing risks of lawyers are increasing. It is normally difficult to obtain support and development space for new service areas without the attention of the top management. On the contrary, I-Land Law Offices has a very flexible mechanism. As one of the founders of the firm, we paid attention to its flexibility at the beginning. We think that the future of a firm is not determined by its founder, but is a outcome of the market, so we give the firm various development spaces and support. I believe this is the most attractive place for I-Land Law Offices.


How to combine your legal service characteristics with I-Land Law Offices?


Network security, data compliance and personal information protection are a very new fields of legal services. My team and I have thrown ourselves into this field for several years. This field are new, need technical knowledge background, and need continuous knowledge updating.

The proportion of young people (under 35 years old) in I-Land Law Offices accounts for more than 70%, the proportion of master’s degree is nearly 50%, and 5 people have doctor’s degrees. The personnel structure of I-Land Law Offices is very consistent with the legal service needed.

We now have more than 20 young legal professionals with high academic qualifications in the “TMT and Data Compliance” Professional Committee, who are determined to devote themselves to research and innovation in this legal service field.




How do you view the future legal services in the field of data compliance and personal information protection in China?


The future will be the era of data and information, and the legal services in the field of data compliance and personal information protection will develop at a high speed with the development of the era. I believe this is the future of the legal services. From the specific situation, we can see that China has basically completed its legal framework on data compliance and personal information protection. We have the Network Security Law, the Data Security Law and the Personal Information Protection Law. We can see that the legal system construction of these laws has been constantly strengthened and improved. We can also see, at the practical level, regulators pay more attention to network security and data compliance during IPO review, which will be very instructive.

Therefore, the legal services in the field of data compliance and personal information protection are still at the beginning. The market in the future is very large, which is a new market.



What is the competitive advantage of I-Land Law Offices in the field of data & information?


Our competitive advantages are mainly reflected in three aspects. First, our existing legal services in the field of data & information, based on the research and practice of previous years, have a solid foundation. Our service is comparable to that of any well-known law firm. Second, we have a strong team to constantly update and optimize our services, and our services follow the development of the law. Third, our prices are competitive because we are new participants and we hope to gain market share through attractive prices.


Can you give a recent successful case of legal services in the field of data & information?


Just one week after the implementation of the Measures for Data Exit Security Assessment on September 1, 2022, we have just completed the first Data Outbound Risk Self Assessment for a Hong Kong listed company. The challenge of this project is that the Data Outbound Risk Self Assessment Report (Template) released by the relevant departments was released a very short time before we were about to complete the assessment, so we had to quickly adjust our assessment framework and related content. Thanks to our team’s proficiency in the rules of Data Outbound and our modular model in the design of the evaluation framework, we quickly completed the adjustment and completed the self-assessment service in a very short time.

This case fully demonstrates that we can provide a very high-quality and efficient legal services in the field of data & information.