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Imperium Chambers are a leading set of barristers based in London serving individuals and businesses all over the country and across the world in their asylum, immigration, civil and family law matters. Our barristers are experts within their fields and will provide you with tailored legal advice whatever your need, in order to move from problem to solution. All of our members are fully qualified as direct access barristers, and as such can be instructed by members of the public without the need for a solicitor. This means that a barrister will be dealing with your case from day one, which will ensure continuity of service and save you fees. Our chambers combines its expertise whilst working hand-in-hand with experts in other fields, including country experts, academics, medical professionals and many more in order to deliver a one-stop service.

Practice Areas

Imperium Chambers has a proven track record for success in:

  • Immigration;
  • Family Law
  • Civil litigation,
  • Commercial litigation,
  • Common Law
  • Employment,
  • Insolvency,
  • International work including arbitration,
  • Financial services,
  • Personal injury and travel litigation,
  • Professional negligence,
  • Property and construction litigation.

We have a thriving public, administrative and constitutional law practice, incorporating civil liberties and human rights.

We have many contacts abroad and several of our members are registered as advocates in different jurisdictions. We have worked in Europe, the Caribbean, Thailand, Poland, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Pakistan. Members of Chambers are fluent in many languages including Albanian, Farsi, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, French, Dutch, Italian, Bengali, Gujurati, and Mauritian creole.

At Imperium we take the time to understand what you, as our client, want, whether it’s a visa to allow you and your loved ones to stay in this country, to take your business to the next level, to deal with a family issue, or to represent you in court. Our barristers will then work with you to find the best possible and most cost-effective solution to the case.

As perfectionists, we take pride in ensuring that everything we do is done to the highest possible quality; from the advice we give you, the preparation of court cases to simply communicating with you to keep you updated, we will settle for nothing short of the best for you.

Our history

Imperium was founded as a specialist immigration chambers by Paul Turner, a highly respected immigration barrister. Paul saw a niche for an immigration-specialist chambers working directly with clients. After initially being based in Grays Inn and then Bedford Row, chambers is now located in Tooting, allowing us to provide services directly to the community.

Our team has expanded over recent years to include barristers from varied backgrounds and working in different areas of law. In addition to immigration, our expertise now also include family, common law, civil law, and many other areas. Our focus remains on immigration, and members of chambers represent both individuals and the Home Office.

Many of Imperium’s barristers have previously worked together at other chambers. Between them, they are a formidable team of dynamic individuals with a passion for the law who have a particular set of skills acquired of long careers which them the perfect legal team for you.

Senior Clerk Nick 242 3488
Mr Tobias Eaton  photo Mr Tobias Eaton
Mr Jay Gajjar  photo Mr Jay Gajjar Immigration and Human rightsEmploymentCivilFamily
Mr Zahab Jamali  photo Mr Zahab Jamali
Mr Protap Nath  photo Mr Protap Nath
Mr Aryan Stedman  photo Mr Aryan Stedman Immigration
Mr Paul Turner  photo Mr Paul Turner Immigartion and AsylumJudicial ReviewInjunctive ReliefFamily LawCommercial and International
Mrs Kareesha Turner  photo Mrs Kareesha Turner
Barristers : 7
Clerking : 1
Paralegals : 3
Farsi (Persian)
Gujarati and Bengali
ILPA (Immigration Lawyers Practice Association)