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MCLaw Services is one of the leading multi-disciplinary law firms in Bangladesh practicing admiralty and maritime law, banking and insurance law, corporate and commercial law and international trade law. The firm specializes in litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation, conciliation and negotiation).

The firm has developed particular depth and expertise to provide advisory and implementation support to its clients as they explore, enter and expand their investment in Bangladesh. The firm provides one stop integrated professional service solutions that simplify market entry and expansion for investors.

The firm provides complete documentation and due diligence support to its corporate clients such as foreign investors,  joint-venture companies, banks, financial institutions and real estate companies. The firm also imparts its specialized legal services  in the areas of corporate banking, project and trade financing, asset financing and management/ real estate finance, insurance. private equity, project and infrastructure financing, transaction, income tax reference, profit repatriation, VAT , customs matters, land vetting, title search and dealing with regulatory authorities like the National Board of Revenue (NBR), Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), Bangladesh Bank, Registrar of Joint stock Companies and Firms (RJSC).

MCLaw is the chosen law firm for providing strategic and legal advice to numerous foreign and national companies. They are also panel lawyers for various companies and the legal correspondent for a number of P&I Clubs.

MCLaw has an experienced, qualified and professional team of lawyers and technical experts such as master mariners, engineers, marine consultants, acclaimed mediators, arbitration professionals and legal experts. They are well-versed in their practice areas, legal research, including the use of technology and web resources. The firm has doubled its capacity in terms of numbers, expertise and experience by its recent consolidation with ‘The Maritime Counsel’, a renowned Admiralty and Maritime law firm based in Bangladesh in 2020.

MCLaw  has emerged as a distinguished law firm in Bangladesh due to the respect and reputation of its president, unique combination of its core team, diversity of members of MCLaw family, its endeavors towards development of society, its commitment towards corporate social responsibility (CSR), and its adaptation with ‘new normal’ ( due to the Pandemic) ie evolving work environment with the help of technology.

People: MCLaw being specialised in maritime law, has an accomplished team of lawyers who are technically supported by a team of experienced and qualified professionals and technical experts in maritime  and other sectors, who have practical knowledge of handling cargoes as well as the ships. They are well versed with the shipping documents and issues like demurrage and detention, collision, fire, grounding, salvage, general average, damage or loss of cargo, short landing and crew claims etc. They guide and provide practical insights to the lawyer’s/litigation team and enable them to represent the matter in the courts effectively.

MCLaw’s team comprising of experienced, qualified lawyers and technical experts eg, master mariners, engineers, marine consultants, acclaimed mediators, arbitration professionals and legal experts distinguishes MCLaw from any other practicing law firm in Bangladesh. So the clients can get one stop legal solutions to all their legal problems.

Furthermore, the vast experience and enriched expertise of the president and senior partner, Mr Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir (commonly known as Capt MAK) advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, has greatly benefited MCLaw’s clients. Capt MAK is a well-known name in the maritime industry in Bangladesh and he is widely respected all over the world for his knowledge and expertise in solving complex maritime issues efficiently. He has litigated on varieties of issues and provided relief to clients. Under his guidance MCLaw has done a lot of negotiation and mediation to help the clients settle matters out of court. He is also a sought-after arbitrator and mediator. His career has seen him in roles of Master Mariner, Marine Surveyor, Marine Investigator, Local Correspondent of different P&I Clubs of the International Group, Hull and Machinery, P&I and Cargo underwriters and he is also involved in multiple government initiatives for the development of the maritime sector in Bangladesh. Therefore, at present no lawyer in Bangladesh has such practical and extensive knowledge in the field of shipping and marine law which distinguishes the firm from others.

MCLaw’s social inclusions: MCLaw firmly believes in performing its duties towards society. The firm has been an active member of the society, sincerely playing its role towards making it a better place to live by development of laws for socio-economic growth of the country at large. The firm undertakes several assignments on a pro-bono basis to enable representation of weaker section of society before court of law and other legal forums. Additionally, the firm also provides technical support in conducting conferences, seminars, webinars, discussions, training programs, workshops and lecture series etc to the following societies:

Bangladesh Maritime Law Society (BMLS): BMLS is a non-profitable, non-political and non-governmental organization, founded by Mr Justice Syed Amirul Islam. It promotes the study and advancement of maritime law and its administration in Bangladesh. It provides and extends expert and professional services to address local, regional and global maritime issues, and also assists the government in formulating and implementing the maritime policy for Bangladesh. It also promotes and considers other association’s proposals for the unification of maritime law and practice of different nations and welcomes members who are professionally involved with maritime law.

The Society of Construction Law Bangladesh (SCLB): The president and senior partner, Mr Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir is the first president of the Society of Construction Law Bangladesh (SCLB).  SCLB promotes the public benefit, education, study and research in the field of construction law and related subjects both in Bangladesh and overseas. The Society welcomes new members who are interested and professionally involved in the construction sector and facilitates its members with legal advice and assistance and representation and other benefits etc. It is engaged in promoting, supporting, organizing and participating in conferences, seminars, exhibitions, scholarships, courses, lectures, social events and similar projects. It further aims to maintain close relations and assistance and cooperation with domestic, regional and international organizations with common aims and objectives. In pertaining to the aims and objectives mentioned above, the Society also promotes, encourages and facilitates the practice of settlement of disputes by way of arbitration, conciliation and ADR.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT): A leading professional body with an established international pedigree with over 30,000 members represented in 31 countries worldwide, CILT holds unparalleled professional international recognition. In Bangladesh, it started its journey in 1998 with a group of enthusiastic personalities of the concerned sectors, under the leadership of Rear Admiral (Retired) Mr M H Khan, former Chief of Staff Bangladesh Navy. Promoting and encouraging the art and science of supply chain, logistics and transport is the principle objective of this institution. This institution also arranges seminars, workshop on recent developments, and symposium on proposals for various problems encountered in the industry and provides training to the professionals. Furthermore, it also provides information, publishes journals and magazines, arranges conferences and lectures. Most significantly it assists the national authority and submits papers for policy making in the field of Logistics and Transport.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been an important element of MCLaw. Our CSR policies and values help the community’s impoverished members, in particular, to secure their education, health, and well-being. Our Corporate Social Responsibility encompasses, but is not limited to, poverty alleviation and charitable activities; we also help poor, homeless, and underprivileged children’s education, regular medical checkups etc. We prioritize projects that involve work towards cultural enrichment, youth development, or women’s empowerment.

Cloud-based legal practice management software: MCLaw also uses cloud-based legal practice management software. Given the ongoing situation, work from home has become a demand.  As work is taking place increasingly outside the firm, cloud-based legal practice management software has become an incredibly effective key for our team to access necessary case information from anywhere. It helps our lawyers to respond to clients more quickly, work remotely, allow other teams the access necessary to information eg case details and documentation whenever they need it, and keeping automatic back-up files in a secure environment etc.

MCLaw has the required equipment to access necessary cases, decisions via various online case-law service providers eg Manupatra, BDLex, and various websites that regularly publish laws and judgments, scholar articles of national and international  courts and tribunals.  MCLaw also uses zoom meetings, Microsoft teams, and other common platforms for web meetings while working from home in the current pandemic situation.

The firm’s philosophy is to deliver high-quality, swift and effective legal services to its clients both regionally and internationally. The firm has its head office in Dhaka and other offices in Khulna and Chittagong in Bangladesh. It also has a contact office in both India and Singapore.

Admiralty & Maritime Mr. Mohiuddin Abdul
Admiralty & Maritime Ms. Shweata
Admiralty & Maritime Ms. Zinia
Admiralty & Maritime Mr. Iftekhar
Alternative Dispute Resolution Mr. Mohiuddin Abdul
Alternative Dispute Resolution Ms. Shweata
Alternative Dispute Resolution Ms. Zinia
International Trade Mr. Mohiuddin Abdul
Arbitration & Mediation Ms. Shweata
Civil & Criminal Mr. Iftekhar
Banking & finance Mr. Shahidul
Banking & finance Ms. Jannatul Shareat
Compliance & Regulatory Matters Mr. Iftekhar
Compliance & Regulatory Matters Ms. Jannatul Shareat
Corporate & Commercial Ms. Shweata
Corporate & Commercial Mr. Shahidul
Insurance Mr. Mohiuddin Abdul
Foreign Direct Investment Ms. Shweata
Energy, oil and gas Mr. Mohiuddin Abdul
Taxation Mr. Shakib
Real Estate Mr. Shahidul
Real Estate Ms. Jannatul Shareat
Iftekhar Ahmed photoMr Iftekhar AhmedAssociate
Zinia Amin photoMs Zinia AminPartner (Non-Equity)
Jannatul Shareat Disha photoMs Jannatul Shareat DishaResearch Associate
Shahidul Islam photoMr Shahidul IslamAssociate
Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir photoMr Mohiuddin Abdul KadirThe President and Senior Partner
Shweata Mishra photoMs Shweata MishraHead of the Chambers & Partner  
Number of Lawyers : 12
HR & Admin : 5
Accounts : 2
IT Officer : 1
Court Clerk : 2
Support Staffs : 4
English (fluent)
Hindi and other Indian languages
Society of Construction Law

Mr. Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir

Mr. Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir is the President and Senior partner of MCLaw Services. He has been involved in various government initiatives for improvement of the Maritime sector of Bangladesh. He has been invited on various forums to address at national and international conferences dealing with Maritime Safety, Seafarer’s Right, Construction Law and matters related to logistics and transport.


  • International Bar Association (IBA).
  • Supreme Court Bar Association.
  • Dhaka Bar Association.
  • The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb).
  • The Nautical Institute (FNI).
  • Society of Construction Law, UK.
  • Society of Construction Law Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh Maritime Law Society (BMLS)
  • Bangladesh Center for Maritime and Commercial Arbitration (BCMCA)
  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (FCILT).
  • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Bangladesh Council.

Ms. Shweata Mishra

Ms. Shweata Mishra is the Head of Chamber of MCLaw Services. She is a RICS accredited Mediator and corporate lawyer/Advocate of around 18 years with a demonstrated working history in providing legal services.


  • Bar Council of Delhi, India.
  • Supreme Court Bar Association, India.
  • Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb)
  • Society of Construction Law, India.
  • Society of Construction Law Bangladesh (SCLB).
  • Bangladesh Maritime Law Society (BMLS)
  • Bangladesh Center for Maritime and Commercial Arbitration (BCMCA).

International Clients who we have worked with

MCLaw began its journey as one of the leading law firms in Bangladesh, and has since provided legal services to clients all over the world. It has rendered services to a good number of International clients, P&I clubs over the year. Among the foreign clientele are:

  1. American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association Inc.
  2. APL (Bangladesh) Pvt Ltd, Bangladesh.
  3. Asia Maritime Pacific Drybulk Chartering Limited.
  4. AssuranceforeningenSkuld (Gjensidig).
  5. Bay Terminal & Distribution Company Ltd.
  6. China COSCO Shipping Lines Co. Ltd.
  7. CMA CGM Transport Company.
  8. D’Amico Tankers Ltd.
  9. East West Property Development (Pvt) Ltd.
  10. Eastland Insurance Company Limited.
  11. Essar Shipping Limited.
  12. Gard AS.
  13. GBX Logistics Ltd.
  14. Genaker LLC.
  15. Global Tanker FZE.
  16. International Bunker Services Ltd.
  17. KPI Bridge Oil Ltd.
  18. Maersk Bangladesh Ltd
  19. Manuchar Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.
  20. Marine Claims Department Tysers London.
  21. Mercator Limited.
  22. Monjasa Pte Ltd.
  23. North of England P&I Association Limited.
  24. Omikron Navigation Inc. (MV ELMA).
  25. Pacific Basin Hanysize Ltd.
  26. Petrovietnam Transportation Corporation.
  27. PT. Pelayaran Korindo.
  28. Sri Lanka Shipping Company Limited.
  29. The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Ltd.
  30. The Japan Ship Owner’s Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association.
  31. The London Steam-Ship Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association Limited.
  32. The Shipowners’ Mutual Protection & Indemnity Association (Luxembourg).
  33. The Standard Club Ltd.
  34. The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Limited.
  35. The Swedish Club.
  36. The West of England Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association (Luxembourg).
  37. Transmarine Logistics Limited.
  38. United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association (Bermuda) Limited.
  39. Victory Shipping Pte. Ltd.
  40. Vietnam National Shipping Lines.
  41. West of England Insurance Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
  42. Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation.

Examples of previous/existing international law firms which demonstrate a diverse, global reach

We have gained experience working with some of the world’s largest law firms, either directly or via our Counsels, for our quality services and increasing reputation as a “Trusted Brand” in the field of legal practice in Bangladesh. MClaw have done cases in collaboration with a good number of reputed International Law Firms like:

  1. ASD-law
  2. Campbell Johnston Clark
  3. Chambers Of George Rebello
  4. Clyde & Co.
  5. DLA Piper
  6. Duval Vassiliades Solicitors
  7. Evershed Sutherland
  8. Hill Dickinson
  9. Holman Fenwick Willan (hfw)
  10. INCE & Co.
  11. Paul C. Avrameas and Partners Law Office
  12. Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP
  13. PPT Legal
  14. Raja & Tanh
  15. Stephenson Harwood
  16. Thomas Miller Law Ltd.
  17. Weikborg Rein Singapore Pte. Ltd.

CLIENT : Mr. Sotaro Mori
COMPANY/FIRM : Yoshida & Partners, Japan

I know you are the best maritime lawyer in Bangladesh and I have recommended to all my partners that you should be appointed when a case arises in Bangladesh.”

CLIENT : Ms. Sanem Benli
COMPANY/FIRM : OMNI Ltd, Istanbul/Turkey
TESTIMONIAL : “Dear Captain MAK,

We did not have only mentioned claim but also another several claims with you in Bangladesh within a short time and we saw that you are really best at your job. Many Thanks for your efforts.”

CLIENT : Ms. Eva Kelesidou, Attorney at Law Insurance & Claims Officer
COMPANY/FIRM : ALLSEAS MARINE S.A. (As Agents Only) 15, Karamanli Ave.,166 73, Voula, Athens- Greece
TESTIMONIAL : “Dear Captain MAK,
My special thanks personally to you and your team for the excellent job you did trying to resolve this dispute and protect owners’ and Club’s interests. We especially appreciated your advices and monitoring of the situation; the time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It was really a pleasure for us to work with such professional team. On behalf of the owners, we would like to thank you for working hard and stay on track and on target to meet our expectations for a proper and good service.”

CLIENT : Mr. Paul Bixley, Senior Claims Manager
COMPANY/FIRM : The London P&I Club
TESTIMONIAL : “I can say that you have provided an excellent service over the years in a whole range of P&I and FDD matters as Club Correspondent. Your knowledge of the maritime sector in Bangladesh and your connections in the industry are invaluable, and you are the voice of reassurance in many difficult matters.”

CLIENT : Mr. Chris Sydenham,
COMPANY/FIRM : Tysers & Co., United Kingdom
TESTIMONIAL : “I have worked closely with Capt. Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir (MAK) for many years, our first dealings dating back to 2005. During this time, MAK has constantly been a source of good advice and wise counsel to our Clients and Insurers, this being allied with a practical sense of knowing how best to tackle the problems faced. I wish him every success in his future ventures.”

CLIENT : Capt. Milind Patankar, Chief Operating Officer.
COMPANY/FIRM : Orient Express Ship Management Limited
TESTIMONIAL : “Dear Kenny and Capt. MAK,
This is to place on record Member’s appreciation of the manner and efficiency with which the captioned subject matter was handled at the Association’s office at Singapore and by the Correspondents at Chittagong, resulting in an amicable, speedy and conclusive settlement, without any disruptions or hindrances.”
“Capt. MAK – Many thanks for providing the motivation and moral support to the Master throughout the entire episode, which indeed was the need of the hour! My colleague Capt. Suresh Pant joins me in sincerely thanking both you gents for your valuable support and assistance.”

CLIENT : Mr. Thor Nielsen, Ins./Claims Dept.
COMPANY/FIRM : Copenship Management A/S, Copenhagen
‘M.V. BLUE MARINER’ -Thank you very much for this report. We feel we are well equipped when/if we hear from owners and/or their Club or lawyers. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we shall revert if necessary with reference to this case. We have frequently ships calling at Chittagong and we are pleased to know where we can find you, if needed.”

CLIENT : Mr. Sotaro Mori
COMPANY/FIRM : Yoshida & Partners, Japan
TESTIMONIAL : “Mr. Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir (MAK) is an excellent lawyer/consultant/advisor in Bangladesh! If something happened in that country I will have no hesitation to appoint him as our lawyer/consultant/advisor.”

CLIENT : Ms. Grethe Øynes, Senior Claims Executive
COMPANY/FIRM : Dry Cargo Claims North, Gard AS
TESTIMONIAL : “Dear Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir
We refer to your below and please be kindly informed that our P&I Club/GARD AS are very happy for your utmost and urgent work done in connection with this particular case and we will very much like to work together with you in the future. I will like to add that the undersigned have informed my colleagues about this case, you and your company, and trust this is appreciated.”

  • Represented one of the leading shipping agencies, Tianjin Xintian International Shipping Agency Co. Ltd. (as Plaintiff) for the recovery of the Unpaid Disbursements, Agency fees and Compensation from M.V. K No. 8 and others. We secured their claims by way of filing an admiralty suit in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and successfully recovered their agency claim and resolved the matter out of court.
  • Provided holistic services to our clients in recovering compensation for damaging the hull of the vessel at the time of manoeuvring. It was a very complicated matter involving a breach of seamanship and navigation practice. With our creative, complex and practice-oriented service, we advised the plaintiff vessel, M.V NORSUL SOBRAL, to hold a survey by appointing a specialized surveyor in collaboration with the Club and ascertain the damage. Due to the procedural issues, when the suit was consuming too much of our client’s time, we arranged the suit to conclude by offering the defendant to pay as of compensation to avoid further loss and precious time. And we resolved the dispute without further escalation of cost with minimum of hassle.
  • MCLaw offers ways of settling issue outside the court. Representing one of the leading P&I clubs, we have successfully resolved the dispute out of court while secured their claims and the interests of M.V. MINOAS, its master and Clipper Enterprise S.A in a suit for recovery of compensation and damages.
  • Acted for a vessel, MV BENE, in a complex dispute concerning a claim of General Average arising out of a claim for recovery of damages and compensation due to non-delivery of cargo. During the course of business, the vessel owners of MV BENE incurred extra ordinary expenses to preserve the properties in the common maritime adventure and subsequently they declared General Average. Hence, exercising their right to lien on the cargo for GA security, owners withheld discharging of cargo from the vessel. We, during the pendency of the suit, successfully settled the matter out of the court without any order as to costs and also vacated the order of arrest.
  • Represented Eastern Fisheries Ltd in collision matter. When opponent denied the payment for the damages caused to the jetty and associated pipelines caused by the vessel. We secured our client’s interest and assisted the parties to come to an amicable solution and resolved the matter between the parties.
  • Represented a crew member who being severely infected by malaria died on board the vessel. This matter involved a grave breach/violation of International Conventions. We successfully ensured the wife of a deceased the compensation that was entitled to.
  • Rendered legal consultancy to a leading P&I Club regarding the non-payment of freight. Acting upon our legal advices, the concerned P&I Club and the owner of the vessel settled the matter.
  • Resolved the dispute out of Court on a multiple times on short delivery cargo. For the claim arising from the Short delivery of cargo, an admiralty suit was instituted in Bangladesh Court. In the matter MV KEN WAVE, we successfully resolved the matter out of Court.
  • Recovered damages and compensation arising out of the non-delivery of the specific cargo. After the arrival of the ship it was found out that the goods is not in conformity with the description, instead of Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous (99%), the goods were mixture Sodium Chloride (65%) and Solidum Sulphate (35%). Therefore our client had to suffer serious financial losses and damages.
  • We successfully recovered seaman’s wages. The crew members were facing shortage of food and water. Not only that, they have been living in inhuman conditions. Several attempts were made to inform the defendants regarding their wages resulting into any fruitful result.

MCLaw Services has prioritized diversity and inclusion since its inception. It is such an important value that expresses a mutual commitment to remove the barriers of inequality at workplace. MCLaw gives equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of their gender, race, religion or community. When recruiting; the firm encourages applications from all segments of the community and adheres to such selection methods that are inclusive and free of racial, gender and other prejudices. The members of the team come from different parts of the society. While respecting differences among the members, the firm maintains a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can thoroughly explore his or her potentials. The firm’s objective is to foster an atmosphere wherein diverse lawyers may grow and flourish professionally while working with an excellent team of legal professionals. In furtherance to that, it is also expected from colleagues and staff to understand the principle of equality and diversity and any behaviour that misses the mark of these standards is addressed seriously by the firm. Only talent is given value and as such the firm continuously works to promote, nurture, and keep the talented individuals.

As a prominent law firm, MCLaw is dedicated towards building an inclusive workplace to serve their clients with greater results.

Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir, President and Senior Partner

The President and Senior Partner of MCLaw services shares the firm’s visions and explains how the firm is responding to clients’ shifting needs.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate MCLaw from your competitors?

MCLaw does not believe in the notion of rivalry as we do not feel that we are operating a business rather, we are here to provide best legal service, pragmatic solution and advice to our clients around the world. We offer absolute solutions to a wide range of legal issues. As a result, we attempt to concentrate on self-improvement. e.g. improving quality services, capacity to render legal services, expediting remedies and so on. Our legal practices and services distinguish MCLaw from other law firms in many ways. We offer one-stop integrated professional services solution in our areas of practice, for example on one hand we have a complete set up for dealing with Admiralty and Maritime law Issues and on the other hand we do entire hand holding of a new foreign investor in terms of legal support in establishing his business in Bangladesh right from facilitating market entrance, establishing operations and expansion thereof, and it specializes in Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution (Arbitration & Mediation, Conciliation and Negotiation). Besides, MCLaw is the chosen law firm for numerous foreign and national companies seeking strategic and legal assistance. We are also appointed panel lawyers for various companies and the Legal Correspondent for a number of P&I Clubs.

Furthermore we have a remarkable team of experienced, qualified and professional lawyers and technical experts e.g master mariners, engineers, marine consultants, acclaimed mediators, arbitration professionals and legal experts. They are well-versed in their practice areas, legal research, including the use of technology and web resources. Having recognized both regionally and globally, we are delivering high quality and swift and effective legal services across the country. Having head office in Dhaka, we have other offices in Khulna and Chittagong in Bangladesh and contact office in both India and Singapore.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

MCLaw’s Corporate and Commercial Practice is growing fast in order to match with the needs of its clients. The ever growing financialization of the country’s economy has also inspired us to expand our capabilities and expertise in the field of Banking, Finance and Insurance.

Over the last three decades, there has been an exponential growth in the economy of Bangladesh in terms of business, infrastructure and commercial industries. The country has seen the largest number of the Foreign Joint Ventures and collaborations in the present time. As a result, there has been a growing need of legal advice and assistance in issues concerning commercial and business affairs on various commercial arrangements, corporate transactional matters, commercial contracts and documentation. Besides, given the increasing development, Corporate and commercial law practice is the most sought-after, sophisticated and ever-evolving area of law and a major driver to develop our expertise.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Offering excellent client care is an integral part of our firm’s compliance and ethics. We have recently acquired Maritime Counsel which is one of the renowned law firm specialised in Admiralty and Maritime law in Bangladesh. Thus, with its recent consolidation in 2020, the firm has doubled its capacity in terms of number, expertise and experience. With that now we have an accomplished team of lawyers with vast experience who are immensely supported by a team of experienced and qualified professionals and technical experts in the field of maritime and other sectors, who have practical knowledge of handling the cargoes as well as the ship. They are so well versed with the shipping documents and issues like demurrage and detention, collision, fire, grounding, salvage, general average, damage or loss of cargo, short landing and crew claims etc. These highly experienced experts guide and provide practical insights to our litigation team and also provide necessary supports to enable our lawyers to represent their matters in Court effectively. Therefore as per the requirement of the matter, each case is now handled by team of a lawyer and a technical expert.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Yes. Communication with your clients is really important to run a law firm. Your reputation may be made or broken by your ability to communicate effectively with your clients. That’s being said, every time you communicate with a customer, you help them shaping their perception of your work.

It is more than just delivering frequent updates on a case. It entails being proactive and ensure your clients feel really informed and cared for. Therefore, understanding their concerns, our firm has designed a client friendly communication system to facilitate interactions. This technology allows clients to get to our team more quickly and simply by providing quick and easy access to consigning requests and queries straight from our website, email, social accounts e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

Yes, one practical example could be the matter relating to the Customs Penalty upon short-landing of liquid Cargo. Earlier it was a very long and wrong practice of the Customs Authority to impose penalty on the local agents. We represented several local agents and challenged this practice of the Customs Authority at High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh in several matters and after an effective representation at the Court; the Court has declared the action of the Customs Authority unlawful. Later the Customs Authority filed a leave to appeal before the Hon’ble Appellate Court which was dismissed by the Apex Court very recently.

This way, we helped the shipping industry, ship owners in particular to safeguard their interests and we were able to have the nearly 40 years of illegal practice stopped.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Indeed. Clients expect a law firm to offer constancy, stability, and strategic guidance in essence and personal care.

When clients receive all of these advantages from a single law firm, they are more inclined to remain with that firm for as long as it is feasible. Our firm is working hard to ensure that all of our clientele have the same level of reliability and stability while imparting strategic guidance.

We, MCLaw as a firm, anticipate and intend to grow our corporate and professional networks globally within the next three years while sustaining our ethos of delivering the best quality service to our clients. As we increase our growth and capacity, we intend to increase our collaborations with experienced lawyers and law firms across the world in order to provide our clients one-stop legal services to support them achieving their commercial strategies.

Moreover, this on-going Covid-19 has opened our eyes and we have realized the immense significance of technology during this period. Therefore, we as a law firm aim to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology.