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Kaya Köksal is a full-service law firm based in Istanbul, providing services to both local and international clients. Founded by Selda Taşyürek Köksal, after ten years of experience in one of the most prominent law firms in Turkey, and Yılmaz Kaya, who worked for 11 years at the Tax Inspectors Board, the most prestigious authority on taxation in Turkey. Kaya Köksal employs lawyers who have vast expertise and experience in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, construction, employment, tax, data protection and dispute resolution.

Kaya Köksal is committed to provide effective and high-quality legal services to its clients in a cost and time efficient manner, with tailor-made solutions covering every aspect of its clients’ businesses.

Kaya Köksal provides legal services in key sectors including dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, administrative and commercial disputes, international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, construction, employment law, tax law and compliance.

Practice areas
Dispute resolution (litigation): Kaya Köksal’s dispute resolution team represents and provides legal advice to its clients in proceedings both before courts and arbitral tribunals. Our dispute resolution services mainly cover the following areas:

    • Commercial and companies law
    • Shareholder disputes
    • Real estate, infrastructure, and construction disputes
    • Enforcement and annulment of arbitral awards,
    • Employment law
    • Administrative and public law
    • Consumer law
    • Tax, customs, and international trade
    • Banking and finance
    • Bankruptcy and insolvency
    • Insurance and maritime law

Alternative dispute resolution and arbitration: Alternative dispute resolution and arbitration is one of the main practice areas of Kaya Köksal. Our dispute resolution team is specialized in arbitration, mediation, and dispute adjudication board proceedings. Our team represents clients in several arbitration cases conducted pursuant to the rules of a number of arbitral institutions especially ICC and LCIA, SIAC, HKA, DIAC, TRAC, ITO, TOBB, ICSID and ISTAC. Besides institutional arbitration, ad hoc arbitration is also a corner stone of our practice.

Employment law: The employment department is led by attorneys who focus on employment matters full time and advises a variety of companies, on various employment issues in Turkey, delivering practical and tailor-made advice to both Turkish and multinational entities. The team provides services including, but not limited to:

    • Company policy review
    • Contract review
    • Advice on collective bargaining negotiations and union relations
    • Termination and release agreements, and risk assessment
    • Dispute resolution, including litigation and mediation
    • Benefits and compensation
    • Occupational health and safety issues

Tax: Kaya Köksal has one of the most experienced tax teams in Turkey, having team members who had served for several years at the Tax Inspectors Board of Ministry of Finance, the most prominent authority in Turkey regarding taxation matters. Kaya Köksal covers all areas of tax law and provides services including, but not limited to:

    • Tax planning and structuring
    • Commercial transactions
    • Transfer pricing
    • VAT / indirect taxation
    • Tax dispute resolution
    • Employee benefits
    • Insurance tax
    • Wealth management

Corporate law and mergers and acquisitions: Kaya Köksal provides a wide range of services, from the incorporation of joint stock companies, limited liability companies, branch offices and liaison offices, to corporate maintenance including providing advice on board of directors’ meetings, holding ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings, analysing technical bankruptcy situations and managing capital increases or decreases from a corporate and tax perspective.

The mergers and acquisitions practice group handles complex transactions in various industries, including construction, energy, healthcare, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, technology, telecommunications and defence industries.

Energy: Kaya Köksal provides consultancy and legal services for the leading companies in Turkey working on construction of dams, refineries, mining, renewable energy and thermal energy. Our team has extensive experience and actively worked on projects where energy and construction sectors convene.

Construction: Kaya Köksal provides high-quality services to its clients with its experienced team especially in international construction projects and FIDIC contracts. Kaya Köksal actively works as a consultant and party representative in infrastructure, road, highway, mall, dam and plaza projects.

Our construction team also consists of leading construction lawyers in Turkey on claim and contract management. We provide services, as one of the few law firms in Turkey with such capacity, before and during the implementation of construction projects as contract and claim managers. Our team also has vast experience in construction arbitration.

Selda TAŞYÜREK KÖKSALselda.koksal@kayakoksal.com00905423634251
Number of lawyers/counsels : 7
Istanbul Bar and Turkish Bar Association

Kaya Köksal values diversity and respects the individual. We are committed to create a culture that is inclusive of all people, where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and advance and where pathways to success and progress are transparent. Kaya Köksal values all its lawyers, staff, and clients regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, or beliefs.

Reflective of our commitment to diversity, 85% of our lawyers are women, as opposed to the general situation in most law firms in Turkey. Our commitment to diversity and gender equality does not cease at lawyers but is reflected throughout our Firm. At partner level, we have a 50% female ratio, where our managing partner is a woman.

We believe that the diversity of our Firm significantly enhances our ability to provide the highest quality legal service to our clients. We strive to create a collaborative environment that benefits from the sharing of experiences, ideas, and unique qualities that each of our lawyers brings to the Firm.

“Kaya Köksal advises their clients on commercial transactions, corporate issues, and contracts. They have a solution-oriented approach to in cross-border transactions and lead their clients through deals involving multiple jurisdictions with ease.”

“We receive legal support from Kaya Köksal mainly on employment law, contract law and data protection. They are always available when needed and their reaction time is very fast. They have a flexible approach, and they prioritize their clients’ needs. We are happy to work them as our business partners and we started to focus on proactive actions with their legal support.”

“Selda Taşyürek Köksal is a fast-paced, goal-oriented partner. She offers simple yet sophisticated solutions without over complicating the issues.”

“Kaya Köksal supports their knowledge and expertise with their positive can-do attitude in providing us with tailor-made solutions.”

“Kaya Köksal is a full-service law firm with a wide range of specialties amongst their lawyers from dispute resolution and corporate law to tax law/litigation. They combine their knowledge of the law with their in-house tax counsels and CPA consultants.”


Selda TASYUREK KOKSAL, managing partner of KAYA KÖKSAL Attorney Partnership, explains how their newly established firm takes on a new approach towards their clients in the current situation of Turkish legal market.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate [Kaya Köksal] from your competitors?

We have recently established our firm in 2021 with my partner Yılmaz Kaya who is both a certified public accountant and a lawyer. We have young and passionate team members who are very experienced and well-educated in their areas and keep themselves updated on the latest developments in their practice areas. I am very proud of our team and their approach towards their work and our clients.

We are a full-service law firm which not only provides service in main legal areas such as corporate, M&A, and litigation as most boutique full-service law firms in Turkey do, but also covers other areas such as tax, audits, human resources and project management.

Our employment department works closely with the human resources departments of our clients and provides service not only on employment law, but also social security issues as if they are a member of the HR department. Our construction team provides a project management service to our clients from the moment they decide to start a construction project until the end of such project, even after if there is any dispute. During the construction projects we work like a claim manager and support our clients’ project teams at all times.

In addition to having a certified public accountant as a partner in our firm, we have a wide team consisting of public accountants, independent auditors and counsels who are qualified as CPAs in various jurisdictions. This gives us a great power in tax department and mergers and acquisitions by allowing us looking at both sides of the same coin. Our team has great knowledge on legal, commercial and tax audits, and therefore, able to provide a full due diligence and conclude mergers and acquisitions in all aspects.

We do not provide only consultancy and advisory services to our clients. Each of our lawyers have experience and knowledge on the areas closely related to their department and work as an integral part of our clients’ organization as if they are a department in our clients’ companies. Our teams can work independently and together when needed. Since we are not a big law firm consisting of hundreds of lawyers there is a close connection between all departments, and this gives us an opportunity to take the issues as a whole.

In addition, our principle is to involve partners to all aspects of the services; our clients can easily reach to our partners for any issue directly and all works are carried out under a partner’s constant supervision.

To sum up, I believe all companies need a good law firm, a good tax advisor and a financial advisor. Our firm can provide all these important roles to our clients under one roof.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

I believe IT law, cyber-crimes, data protection and e-commerce will be growing in the next 12 months. The world is changing, and this pandemic also made it change faster. The substantial increase on the usage of online programs and shopping via e-commerce websites during the pandemic made legal issues revolving around these areas much more popular. The circumstances and the developing world forces us to become “online”. Therefore, more cyber-crimes are committed each passing day. In addition, with the Personal Data Protection Law (dated 2016) entering into force, the companies are in the process of adaptation and implementation of new rules on personal data. These areas are all related, and I believe these practices are now growing and will continue to grow in the upcoming years.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Our firm is established in 2021, therefore we have not made any changes yet. However, learning from the systematical and organizational deficiencies we have formerly experienced, we implemented a new system and organization in our firm. The most important thing in our firm is that our clients can reach to our lawyers and partners 7/24 (hotline) and we get back to our clients fast because we know the business world is fast. We do not insist to write 20 pages of legal memoranda if the question can be easily answered on the phone or via an email. I believe this approach is more beneficial to our clients who need legal advice as fast as possible, and this is a more cost and time efficient way for our clients. Also with the technological support we can provide case, cost and time reports in seconds whenever our clients’ needs this information.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Yes, definitely! Especially during the pandemic, as all law firms, we have benefited from the technology and our services were never interrupted. We use online programs to hold meetings and videoconferences. We also use a few programs specially developed for lawyers to keep track of our cases, documents and provide regular case reports, time, and expense reports. We use technology so that all members of our team can simultaneously work on the same document all around the world, decreasing the time required within our firm to finalize an assignment. In this way, we can provide a faster service to our clients. We also check legal developments daily basis and send online newsletters, legal memoranda and articles to our clients so that they are kept up to date.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We have provided several benefits to our clients with our services. The most recent experience is the tax programming service that we have provided to one of our clients, where we have implemented a multi-year taxation plan which relieved our client from nearly half of its annual tax burden. We believe our tax department changed and provided great value to our client’s business. Having said that, I believe that the thing which adds value to our clients’ business is not a certain project or action, but our overall attitude and approach to their legal issues. We provide a proactive service to our clients, using our knowledge and experience on the sector where our client conducts business, we develop commercial, legal and strategic pathways for our clients even before they notice that there may be an issue. We also encourage our clients with our very cost and time efficient approach, to seek legal advice before taking any action. Our clients got used to obtain legal advice before entering any project, contract or business relationships, even though the issue at hand is a relatively small, such as entering into an advertisement agreement or obtaining a minor service for a website. As a dispute lawyer I can say that, sadly this prevents a lot of possible disputes where we would act as representatives for our clients. Jokes aside, our clients tend to resolve their disputes without going to courts/tribunals with our assistance and well-designed contracts.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Clients value stability and corporate memory and expects their law firms not only to give them legal directions, but also strategical and (sometimes) commercial directions as well. After working several years with a law firm, that firm become a part of the organization of the company and its value increases. Thus, even in cases where our engagement is a project based one, our purpose is always to establish a long-term relationship with our clients, by understanding and internalizing their structure, mentality, and goals. As I said, we are a newly established firm, but we have great lawyers who are hardworking, experienced and value their work. Therefore, we set our goal to be in tier 1 in Legal 500 in the upcoming years and gain international knowledgeability. The most important thing is not to lose the quality while growing. Unfortunately, we witness a lot of firms losing their quality, reaction times and partner attention while growing. Therefore, we aim to grow without losing our quality and boutique mentality. We also would like to add new practice areas to our practice with experienced lawyers in these areas to provide more to our clients.


With its highly experienced team, Kaya Köksal provides high quality and tailor-made legal advice to its clients on various contentious and non-contentious matters in construction sector, especially on international construction projects, FIDIC contracts and related disputes.

As one of the few law firms in Turkey with such capacity, Kaya Köksal provides legal advice before, during and after the implementation of construction projects. Kaya Köksal’s services include providing legal advice during bidding processes, including but not limited to reviewing bids, drafting and negotiation of contracts, providing contract management and claim management services and acting as counsel for our clients before dispute adjudication boards, arbitral tribunals, and courts.

Kaya Köksal’s team consist of lawyers who have several years of first-hand experience in the sector, having actively worked as consultants and/or party representatives in several infrastructure, road, highway, mall, dam and plaza projects, and represented their clients as counsels before dispute adjudication boards and in arbitration and court proceedings arising from construction projects.

Kaya Köksal has extensive knowledge on various contract types, both international and local, including all FIDIC type contracts, sharing construction contracts, construction contracts in return for land share etc.

Team leaders also give lectures on various subjects including international construction contracts, FIDIC type contracts, international construction disputes and construction arbitration to corporations, institutions, and organizations, and attended as speakers to a considerable number of conferences organised by prominent institutions in Turkey, such as Istanbul International Arbitration Centre (ISTAC), Turkish Bar Association, Istanbul University, Marmara University.

In addition to the foregoing, its team also deals with local disputes related to real estates and properties in Turkey.