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Suiting with the right digital provider is not an easy decision, your decisions work to change with demands and market trends. At Tech ICS we build solutions that fit well with what you require.  


 Hybrid CRM:  This is our four-dimensional Customer Relation Management tool that enables Lawyers in all areas to manage clients. The application tool covers the following:   


  1. Personal and firm based dashboards, allowing showing real-time data including client matters, leads & billings.  
  2. Interactive team messaging board.  
  3. The ability to manage all legal matters in one platform and able to create customize matters. 
  4. Storing client data as well details of the legal matter.   
  5. Activity log, monitoring all contact between your firm and the client.  
  6. Ability to create time sheet with automated timing and billings.  
  7. Billing and invoicing.  
    1. Including retainer fee coverage. 
    2. Hourly billing functionality.  
    3. Automated invoicing.  
  8. Meetings and Consultation booking platform, along with calendar tool.  
  9. Create, manage and assign tasks relevant.  
  10. Client instruction tool along with Client Care Letter or Agreement.  
  11. Automated email functionality, enabling quick turnaround on contact. 
  12. Case Submissions along with a client portal for 24/7 access allowing continued contact.  
  13. Reporting tools to monitor customer contact, source of contact for marketing purposes.  
  14. Assigning tool allowing tasks to be allocated to other colleagues.  
  15. Document management and sharing on client matters.  
  16. Integrated Client portal, with the ability for your clients to view the legal matter, view billings, document share and manage client care letters, are some of the functions available.  


Contact our office for more information.  

 Building your profile online: Branding, SEO and Digital Marketing.  

With today’s market dominance by the influx of near to every business marketing online, it requires diligence to ensure your company profile is building. Our team of SEO Experts work within your marketing budget and team to create realistic deliverables over a period of time.  


  1. We review your existing practices of marketing, and your current ROI.  
  2. Based on your current budget, we will review where enhancements can be made, whether it is to your website content, advertising material published, social media platforms & reviews to name someWe will advise and create strategic solutions to build your brand online.  
  3. We will then set out an appropriate budget based on your targets.  
  4. Our team will provide a timeline on when we anticipate seeing positive results.  

 We love helping our client’s grow and will always give them the right guidance & support. At Tech ICS, we don’t like to make promises we cannot keep, and we truly believe in creating a trusted, long term relationship with you.   

 Other services that we offer are as follows:  

  1. Website redesign and web-based application developments.  
  2. Cloud data storage.  
  3. App development both on iOS and Android.  
  4. Custom Software Development Solutions.   
  5. Servers and hosting services.  
  6. Backend technical support including out of hours support.  


Speak to our experts today on 0207 237 3388 (option 2) or email us at  

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