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Lei & Associados is a popular firm for China-based investors and companies looking to expand their operations into Mozambique. The firm is particularly strong in the banking, insurance, mining and construction sectors, advising on PPP and other development projects, and tax requirements. Founding partner Lei Yang is a key contact for the region, specialising in commercial, investment and mining law. Co-head Alcides Nobela is also notable in the team, with a particular focus on banking and finance.

Practice head(s):

Lei Yang; Alcides Nobela


‘This law firm is very professional, provides humanized service, and provides timely updates on the progress of our case. Their service is considerate.’

‘Very helpful employees who are knowledgeable about the work they do, they are dedicated, and know the technologies. The costs are also very competitive.’

‘The team at Lei & Associados is very professional. They can use their rich knowledge to resolve legal problems for our company. In addition, they offer flexibility to our fees.’

‘Alicides Nobela and the team are very accommodating.’

‘Lei Yang stands out for his magnificent level of understanding. He provides the client with attention needed, and always aware of the little details, and never misses a thing.’

‘They have on the ground knowledge between knowing what is required by Mozambican law and company requirements.’

Key clients


Cheng Dong Moz Co,Limitada

Albano Jacques Afonso Massingue

Hotel Kassuende

Sinohydro Corporation – China State Owned Corporation


New Sub Industrials


7day Security


Lei & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, LDA, hereinafter referred to as LA, is a company governed by Mozambican law, founded in 2017 by national and international lawyers. LA is registered with the Legal Entities Registry Office and is duly authorized by the Mozambican Bar Association for the full exercise of its activities.

The firm has a young, diverse, committed work team, experienced and deeply knowledgeable with Mozambican law. LA currently provides services in several areas of legal knowledge, within general business law. As a firm that specializes in the commercial area, LA is renowned within the market by national and international institutions (of Portuguese, American and Chinese investment).

Being a company with great expansion in the market and one of the most dynamic in Mozambique, LA’s attorneys strive to satisfy the needs of clients and assume themselves as a partner in any project carried out in Mozambique or internationally.

Our values

  • Based on a strict ethical code, LA seeks excellence in order to respond in the most efficient way to the needs of its clients, investing in the provision of quality services with effective added value.
  • The personal and professional valuation of lawyers and technological investment are a priority for LA. We intend our law firm to be an institution that lasts far beyond the partners who founded it and those who integrate it. The LA team assumes total dedication and perseverance in relation to the matters of its clients, treated on the basis of rigor, responsibility and competence.
  • Our firm provides services in several practice areas that correspond to different branches of law.
  • Each lawyer integrates one or more practice areas, depending on their professional practice and academic specializations.
  • We support our clients in a personalized way, with a view to finding innovative legal solutions for each project.
  • Our team is prepared to provide our clients with the best quality services and the highest professionalism, with the aim of constantly satisfying the interests of the people and entities that come to us.
  • Being a young, dynamic and technically well prepared team, we make every effort to constantly and continuously update on what surrounds us, investing in training and new learning.
  • One of the main characteristics of our team is its ability to communicate with clients in their native language. All of our employees are fluent in at least two languages.
  • Always following computer innovations and innovations in terms of communication,  its employees, are experienced users of new technology information, making them indispensable tools for their work.

Our services: We have a professional team prepared to respond to the needs of all Mozambican or international clients who want to invest both within, or outside, of Mozambique. It is our aim to carry on the continuous training of our team towards their professional development as well as honing their personal skills, this way, we assure our clients we present the most appropriate, solidly built legal solutions.

Our specialized technical staff act with high ethics and respect the particularities of the process entrusted to them, being faithful to the criteria suggested by the client for an adequate solution to the needs of each specific case, always with respect to legality.

The firm’s commercial lawyers have a deep understanding of business. A critical and peculiar feature of commercial law is the need to have a rich understanding of how individual businesses operate. The firm’s clients range from local businesses to multinational corporations and global financial institutions.

LA’s main activity is the practice of law and legal advice, with a greater focus on the following areas:

Business law: where our focus is directed to compliance and corporate management

  • Company law in general, negotiation and elaboration of commercial agreements between companies
  • Contracts in general
  • Legal advice in the area of ​​commercial representation etc

Banking and insurance: constitution and registration of banking and insurance institutions

  • Constitution and registration of banking and insurance institutions
  • Authorization for the use of new banking and insurance products
  • Assistance in the drafting of procedural rules and service orders
  • Assistance in drafting and reviewing financing contracts (including guarantees
  • Debt restructuring and refinancing
  • Preparation and review of policies
  • Advice on insurance underwriting matters
  • Preparation and review of policies
  • Relations with the Supervisory Authority; credit recovery assistance

Labor law: assistance in the interpretation and application of labor legislation

  • Consultancy in strategic management in the area of ​​human resources
  • Drafting and reviewing collective or individual employment contracts
  • Elaboration of disciplinary proceedings
  • Participation in labor mediation sessions
  • General or specific job audit
  • Negotiation with unions
  • Defense and monitoring of labor litigation processes

Foreign exchange and investment law:  registration of foreign investors

  • Investment authorization processes
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Approval of internal and external loans
  • Authorization to import funds
  • Repatriation of capital

General civil law:  legal guidance and advice

  • Consulting, drafting and reviewing contracts of any nature
  • Consultancy in the real estate industry, property and ownership law
  • Civil liabilities in general
  • Legal guidance on family law and succession law in general


Mining: we do focus on  due diligence and also the elaboration of the respective reports on the mining project and projects relating to the mining area, participating in the structuring of business projects and respective implementation and so on.

Real estate: LA has extensive experience and participates in legal assistance and advice from the beginning until the completion of investments made in this area, namely the DUAT order and regularization process, construction license application, respective usage certificates, property registers of the properties, as well as the drafting of a works contract and contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate (including assistance in the entire process of transferring the right to property) or leasing.

Technical Department Lei Yangleiyang@leiassociados.com+258 866266660
Technical Department Julião Massinguejuliaomassingue@leiassociados.com+258 866266661
Technical Department Alcides Nobelaalcidesnobela@leiassociados.com+258 866266663
Comercial Department Carmen Ustácarmenusta@leiassociados.com+258 866266668
Mr Nelson Cossa photo Mr Nelson CossaTrainee Lawyer
Mr Julião Massingue photo Mr Julião MassingueTrainee Lawyer
Mr Alcides Nobela photo Mr Alcides NobelaPartner Founder
Ms Laura Tembe photo Ms Laura TembeTrainee Lawyer
Ms Carmen Ustá photo Ms Carmen UstáSenior-Lawyer
Mr Lei Yang photo Mr Lei YangPartner Founder
Julião Massingue : Trainee Lawyer
Nelson Cossa : Trainee Lawyer
Arnaldo Cossa : Lawyer
Laura Tembe : Trainee Lawyer
Domingos David : Trainee Lawyer
Assia Mussa : Trainee Lawyer
Eunice Henrique : Trainee Lawyer
English (fluent)
Chinese (Mandarin)