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 Ashveen Gopee  photo Ashveen Gopee Ashveen Gopee is the founder and Managing Partner of Lex Frontier.

CLIENT: Ms. Boowhasheenee Dulthummon (Assistant Legal Officer)


TESTIMONIAL: Dedicated hard-working team. Take the time and length required to explore different avenues to ensure our best case was put forward. Sound grasp of the law and applicable FIDIC requirements. Mastered the facts. Witness was at ease and handled by Ashveen very professionally.

CLIENT: Shakeel Summun (Group Chief Financial Officer)

COMPANY/FIRM: National Insurance Co. Ltd

TESTIMONIAL: I have had the opportunity to work closely with Me Ashwin Gopee at Lex Frontier on a recent assignment. Me Gopee is relentless in his search for solution to assist his client. He has a professional approach and complete focus on getting things delivered in time and budget at the same time. It has been a pleasure to be associated with him and would not hesitate to recommend his services and that of his team at Lex Frontier.

CLIENT: Gaetan SIEW (Managing Director)

COMPANY/FIRM: Roland Haus Ltd

TESTIMONIAL: LexFrontier was the law firm engaged for the management of the case of Roland Haus versus the Government Authorities and Globe Prism Ltd as Hotel Developer at the Environment & Land Use Appeal Tribunal. We  have had the chance to witness their detailed time investment, their passion and the human approach shown all along the case.  All was delivered in time and with great fairness and integrity.The legal sphere was quite an unknown sector to us. We are very thankful every single move was carefully explained. We will not hesitate to recommend their services to others.

CLIENT: Louis Stroebel (Managing Director – Pretoria Office)

COMPANY/FIRM: SST Law (South Africa)

TESTIMONIAL: I have worked with Ashveen of Lex Frontier on more than one occasion on corporate structures and cross-border transactions. Ashveen and his team have demonstrated their expertise and depth of knowledge, with great response times and efficiency.  I will gladly recommend Lex Frontier to any business that requires legal assistance with complex corporate structures or any aspect of cross-border business transactions involving Mauritius.

CLIENT: Nico van Zyl (Managing Director)

COMPANY/FIRM: Sovereign Trust (Mauritius) Limited

TESTIMONIAL: Sovereign Trust (Mauritius) Limited have worked with Lex Frontier on numerous client cases over the past couple of years in Mauritius. We have always found Ashveen and his team at Lex to be responsive, professional and reliable. Their advices and solutions to clients are fresh, current and accurate. We would have no reservation in recommending future clients to them as a reliable Mauritius legal associate, they get the job done with great knowhow and integrity.

Ashveen Gopee, Founding Partner

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Lex Frontier from your competitors?

Lex Frontier was set since its inception to be the market leader as a business and technology law firm with a particular centricity in the world of technology disruptors within the regulated financial sector and other fields of technology. Being also an engineer with an in-depth practical knowledge in programming and the energy/ construction sector, I have embraced quite naturally with ease emerging technologies such as blockchain, digital wallets and payments, crypto and Fintech in general with regards to their intrusion into the banking and non-banking financial sector, hence giving Lex Frontier a cutting-edge advantage in this field.

In the above regards, Lex Frontier offers a unique ability to address the concerns of its clients not only from the legal perspective but also from a profound understanding of the technical aspects of their businesses. In that sense we not only provide advice with regards to the legal framework, but we also effectively partner with our clients in the search for practical solutions.

As Lex Frontier is being more and more seen as a law firm with a significant depth of expertise in the field of Fintech, we are experiencing an enhanced market recognition through invitations by a multitude of players in the financial sector, including management companies and banks to speak on the legal implications and impacts of the emerging technology which is blockchain. As a matter of fact, I was one of the key note speaker on the need for the adoption of a legal framework with respect to smart contracts within the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) at the Stakeholders Workshop organized by the African Union and was invited to contribute to the latest report published by the Africa Fintech Summit – Africa Fintech 2020: State of the Industry with an article for the need to adopt a global AML/CFT framework with regards to crypto currency trading.

This multi-disciplinary qualification is not a unique feature within Lex Frontier. One of its lawyers is also qualified in the field of science, more specifically in pharmacology which again provides Lex Frontier with a cutting edge over its competitors in this specific field and other related field, which is becoming an emerging sector in Mauritius and one which we have identified as an expertise area for differentiation.

Lex Frontier is a member of the Alliott Global Alliance which is a leading multidisciplinary alliance of independent accounting, law and specialist firms. This international network is spanned in over 80 jurisdictions which we use to leverage our effectiveness to provide for a “one stop shop” to clients which are structured in numerous jurisdictions.

A major differentiator within the local market is the permissible growth of the individuals that makes the fabric of the Firm. In that regards, one of the key advantages of the Alliance is to act as a global platform for sharing of knowledge, especially in cross border fields, such as venture capital, crypto trading etc. It is also used for providing an international exposure to and training of our lawyers via the various webinars organised by the Alliance and thus raising the standard of each and every one within the Firm to an international one.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

With the advent of the disruptive technology in the financial sector, it is undeniable that this sector will experience a major and exponential change bringing in its wake growth dynamism and spurring reforms. We are already witnessing how blockchain technology, digital payments, mobile wallets, crowd funding and the likes are altering the face of trading and commerce in a number of African countries and Asia.

We are also seeing the voracity with which a number of central banks are exploring the potential of implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency and using distributed ledger technology across the world. Their main motivations, mainly for emerging economies, are not only payment safety but also financial inclusion of the lower income individuals. Financial inclusion rhymes with sustainable global economy and technology within the financial sector is the new locomotive to achieve this. In that regards, the evolutions of banking law and regulations of digital money and payments would definitely be a practice area on the rise.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

To start with, Lex Frontier was established on some ground rooted philosophy that the client is the very reason why it exists, which is an interpretation of the African proverb Ubuntu. This was seeded in the DNA of the Firm at the very outset. While client centricity is at the core value of the Firm, we have also come to realise that each and every individual that make up the fabric of the Firm is equally, if not more, important.

The main change in the recent months has been human factor related. With a genuine focus on the internal environment within the firm in terms of creating a place which is in essence of a platform for growth for each and every one, be it from the secretary to the lawyers, a place and most of all listening to the employees concerns and trying to accommodate them to the maximum possible extent we have seen a natural adhesion of and adoption by the personnel to this core philosophy of client centricity hence reaping a direct benefit to the client.

We firmly believe that major paradigm shift that can bring benefits to clients’ file handling, from the first contact to the efficient delivery of the work can be brought about by simple genuine and fundamental twitches in the internal culture.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

This question, especially in the prevailing situation, bears all its weight. Technology in this pandemic era is the oxygen of the Firm and there is no two way about it. But what this has also done is creating an everlasting culture to jump of a video call rather than just having a voice call. This habit is here to stay and there can only be merits attributed to this. The visual sense being by far more sophisticated and complex than the audio one, a visual interaction with a client provides additional layers of comfort on both ends and helps tremendously in closing a deal.

One caveat though, it is imperative to monitor how technology and easy reach by the client can consume the life of the employees and therefore care should be taken to adopt sound policies to achieve a right work/ life balance. In other words, while technology is here to assist with client interaction, it should not be toxic either for the employees as it will otherwise defy the purpose.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

In the wake of the recent legislative frameworks with regards to the recognition of digital assets and security tokens offerings, we have been offering tailor-made workshops to our clients which are operators within the banking and non-banking financial sector, with a view to raise their awareness with regards to this emerging field and thus equipping them with tools to propose new services and solutions to their existing clients or to promote Mauritius as a serious jurisdiction to consider with regards to structuring holdings of digital assets and thus capturing a whole new range of client portfolio.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

In this world where the future is unprecedently uncertain, stability has become a must for business sustainability and designing of strategic direction to navigate into the unknown a mot d’ordre. Both are inextricably linked to legal frameworks, be it domestic or from a more global perspective.

We have seen more and more clients, corporate and individuals turning to us for cross-border financial structuring to hedge against any unpredictable events. We do not claim that we have all the solutions and in that regards, we have been pairing and collaborating with other services providers which complement ours and also reaching out to other members from the Alliott Global Alliance to act in concert to provide holistic approach to the concerns of the clients.

Our vision over the next three years is for Lex Frontier to be leading in the business and technology law.