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FTL Advisers Ltd.
Leninsky avenue
15A, Business Center “Central Park Tower”

Russia > Private client Tier 4

The specialised offering at FTL Advisers advises local private clients on a range of mandates with a nexus to family and succession legislation, tax matters and immigration issues. The team 'understands the specifics of working with high-net-worth individuals' and is singled out for its 'understanding of trends and innovations'. Natalia Patseva and Daria Nevskaya are the key contacts.

Practice head(s):

Natalia Patseva; Daria Nevskaya


‘Rich work experience and thorough knowledge of their field.’

‘Highly professional the team which has extensive experience in working with private clients and understands the specifics of working with high-net-worth individuals.’

‘Daria Nevskaya has excellent knowledge of tax, currency, inheritance, immigration and family law and an integrated approach to solving client problems.’

‘Daria Nevskaya and Natalia Patseva have a good level of communication, quick feedback, high level of professional knowledge, an understanding of trends and innovations, high level of soft skills, and an understanding of the client’s needs for a specific project.’

‘The practice has vast experience in working with private clients and has a good knowledge of their needs, as well as all the trends in legislation. The company not only responds to the challenges that have arisen in connection with new judicial practice or changes in laws, but also predicts in advance “risky” areas and warns customers about the necessary steps to minimize risks.’

‘I can call the warm, individual approach to each project unique. The FTL team keeps its finger on the pulse of events and in its activities takes into account not only the norms of Russian and foreign legislation, but also current judicial practices, as well as various initiatives and trends that allow making long-term forecasts and helping clients develop their business.’

‘Darya Nevskaya is always in touch and ready to answer urgent questions, which is invaluable for us.’

‘I am very satisfied with working with FTL for over 12 years. The uniqueness of the practice lies in the fact that colleagues from FTL accompany projects both in the Russian Federation and abroad. Therefore, we work with them on all cross-border projects. We see that the company is developing and growing, this is important for us. Great team.’