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ARROWS ETL Global offers its clients a full range of support to its projects clientele, with an emphasis on disputes support relating to public procurement matters; Vojtěch Sucharda and Jakub Dohnal lead the team.
Vojtěch Sucharda photo Vojtěch SuchardaVojtěch Sucharda fully supports the amicable settlement of disputes, yet there are…

Creating public understanding of equality as a value and understanding everyone’s role in its affirmation is a crucial vector in the strategic fight against discrimination.

While the Czech Republic as a country is not at the top of the gender development rankings, ARROWS ETL Global‘s office is strictly anti-discriminatory. We believe that supporting diversity is one of the keys to the long lasting success, therefore we ensure and appreciate distinctive views, opinions and perspectives. We give employment opportunities to absolutely everyone, regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, medical history, civil partnership, pregnancy, sexual orientation, etc. We consider the individual characteristics of our employees, their backgrounds, experiences, talents, and knowledge as the foundation of our competitive advantage. We ensure a female friendly environment and hire employees from different backgrounds. Our office employs over 45 women in different positions – managers, supervisors, junior managers, accountants, administrative workers and paralegals. Over the past 3 years we have had several foreign interns, the vast majority of them women, for example from China, UK, Poland or Bangladesh. During this time we have also experienced that only a diverse team can give the best service to their clients. Moreover, such a team is a main driver of creativity and innovation. Among other things, due to the military situation in Ukraine, our office handles employment for refugees from Ukraine, providing them with contracts translated into Ukrainian to fully understand the signed document.

Our employees have equal opportunities and strive to create an environment free of discrimination and harassment, where all are treated with respect and dignity. We understand that discrimination is sometimes unintentional, as we may all have unconscious biases that are difficult to identify and overcome. When we conclude that an employee is unconsciously discriminating, we will support them through training and counseling, and implement processes to mitigate bias.

To ensure that our behavior and processes are fair and legal, we use inclusive language in job postings and include EEO statements, offer compensation and benefits according to position, seniority, qualifications and performance, provide training in diversity, communication and conflict management and more.

Also, as a law firm, ARROWS ETL Global encourages all of its clients to report any suspected cases of discrimination or harassment. It is our policy to investigate such reports promptly and thoroughly.