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Bneid AlQar, Block 1, Second Ring Road, AlSherif Alrady St., Building 2,
Danat Alkher Tower, 13,14,15 Floor.
Safat 13027, PO Box: 2614

Dar Al Muhama has been one of the most famous law firms in Kuwait which was founded in 2005. The founders are law experts and among the best lawyers in Kuwait who have contributed to creating the law firm.

Dar Al Muhama has a foreign department led by a group of legal consultants who are highly professional and who are in cooperation with national law firms in different law fields. It provides services to all clients in different fields of law such as banking and corporate, oil and gas, intellectual property, marine lawsuits, maritime arbitration, air lawsuits, air arbitration, civil suits and compensations, litigation lawsuits, administrative cases, family courts, labor lawsuits, rentals and real estate, arbitration and intermediation services, and execution section.

Direct negotiation: Dar Al Muhama always provides direct negotiation through contacting parties of disputes and negotiating the whole problem so that they can settle the dispute while relying on legal and administrative consultancy.

Banking and corporate:

  • Banks and companies services
    • Providing arbitration services, legal consultations, advice and instructions in all legal issues related to the company.
    • Preparing conventions, commercial, investment and labor contracts.
    • Representing companies and banks in official authorities courts, all ministries and the capital markets and defend them in all cases filed against them by individuals, establishments or companies.
  • Services for establishing and restructuring companies
    • Providing everything related to establishing companies, making and formulating the legal entity, and making licenses and establishing contracts.
    • Formulating all foundation contracts for companies and its basic roles.
    • Restructuring companies legally and taking necessary procedures.
    • Registration of trademarks, industrial models and patents.

Intellectual property: Services related to intellectual property:

  • Providing special consultations for trademarks, patents, copyrights, and industrial models.
  • Take charge of disputes that can be caused by infringement.
  • Making specific notifications for registering trademarks.

Oil and gas: Providing legal consultations and litigation services about different legal issues, preparing and reviewing exploration and development contracts, financing contracts, oil investments and petroleum operations contracts.

Marine lawsuits: Providing legal consultations and litigation services about all air and sea transportation and offering legal consultations, preparing contracts for purchase, sale and lease of aircraft, ships, and air and sea operations.

Maritime arbitration: Dar Al Muhama has an excellent expertise in the field of maritime arbitration as it has accredited international experts specialized in maritime arbitration in order to solve regional, local and international disputes.

Air lawsuits: Providing legal advice, preparing contracts to buy, sell and lease airplanes, issuing claims resulting from accidents or damages brought by individuals, institutions or companies related to the dispute.

Air arbitration: Dar Al Muhama has an expertise in air arbitration owing to its law experts accredited to settle local, regional and international disputes.

Civil suits and compensations:

  • Providing legal advice related to all types of compensation and civil claims whether for individuals or companies.
  • Claims and clearing.
  • Compensations for work and road accidents, and claims for self-assault and money.
  • Grievance claims.

Litigation lawsuits:

  • Providing legal advice for crimes whether related to self, money or reputation such as murder, stealing, insult, swindle, addiction, electronic crimes etc.
  • Attending investigations before the prosecution and police stations.
  • Submitting complaints and criminal reports.
  • Following up on complaints and reports in the Public Prosecution Office, the General Department and police stations.
  • Pleading and providing defense for all kinds of felonies.
  • Pleading and defending all types of misdemeanors.

Administrative cases:

  • Providing legal advice to all types of administrative lawsuits such as cancellation lawsuits, compensation lawsuit, filling dates and grievances.
  • Litigating against all ministries and state institutions whether to prove rights, recover or compensate them.

Family courts:

  • Providing legal advice for all types of family courts.
  • Spousal and child support lawsuits.
  • Cases of proof of custody and its cancellation.
  • Marital dwelling rental lawsuits and their increase.
  • Driver’s fare lawsuits, saving a car for the children, and furnishing a house.
  • State and guardianship claims.
  • Common money division lawsuits among the heirs.
  • Lawsuits for tuition and medical expenses.
  • Cases of cancellation of marriage contract and divorce.
  • Filial vision suits.
  • Marital obedience claims and proof of disobedience.
  • Inheritance claims.
  • Claims to prove or deny lineage.
  • Claims for changing or adjusting names.
  • Cases of proof of marriage or divorce.

Labor lawsuits:

  • Providing legal advice.
  • Claiming all labor dues.
  • Asking for residency cancellation and transfer.
  • Demanding submitting passport.
  • Submitting requests to the Ministry of Labor and Affairs.

Rentals and real estate:

  • Providing legal advice.
  • Rental lawsuits.
  • Transfer of ownership.
  • Collecting rents.
  • Rent contracts between the owner and the tenant.
  • Evacuation claims and warnings.
  • Ownership claims.
  • Everything related between the owner and the tenant.

Arbitration and intermediation services:

  • Providing legal advice.
  • Providing arbitration and intermediation services including reviewing requests for arbitration, initiating its procedures, and implementing arbitration.

Execution section:

  • Dar Al Muhama has an excellent executive administration which handles temporary and substantive execution disputes and takes all measures to implement judgments and follow up requests issued by bills of exchange, checks, receipts for trust, personal status expenditures and late rents by taking measures against the debtor including: travel ban, seizure and summons, cars seizure, bank seizure, salary seizure etc.
  • The executive section includes also a specialized administration to announce judicial rulings and another administration specialized in execution of judicial rulings.

Foreign department: Dar Al Muhama has a foreign department led by a professional team who has international cooperation with other law firms in different fields whether in countries of Europe, Asia, South Africa, or the Gulf. This helps our law firm to address foreign lawsuits, international arbitration cases whether its parties are individuals or companies. Dar Al Muhama provides also legal advice and legal research in both languages Arabic and English as it provides drafting and reviewing all commercial agreements in all sectors such as commerce and investment, gas and oil sector, real estate etc.

Dar Al Muhama has another team whose main mission is to prepare legal advice, draft contracts, write defense notes, and implement foreign rulings.

Collection department

    • Friendly collection: Through it, unpaid debts are collected and reassessed, and a report is submitted to the customer that includes the mechanism followed and what can be actually collected after studying the debt and updating customer data while taking into consideration the customer’s policy towards the opponents with debt.
    • Judicial collection: Through which the judgment is studied and its timing is evaluated in order to execute it and arrange its sum after updating the necessary data of customers.

Means of collection

    • Program of following and information: This program helps receive the files, arrange its data, classify customers, and divide data between client service agents. It also helps open special files, print inquiries for civil information, print mail notifications and orders of performance, send postal missions, make copies of all document, search on the Ministry of Justice website to find out the client’s status, prepare performance order files for submission, and prepare reports for companies and offices.
    • Program of customer support: This program offers our clients, small businesses and big companies, to permanently keep them updated about their cases.
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