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ABPA - Apelbaum Bendavid Poincloux Associés
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75008 Paris

Dispute resolution: White-collar crime Tier 3

ABPA - Apelbaum Bendavid Poincloux Associés is a new white-collar crime boutique. Founded in January 2020 by three promising young partners, namely David Apelbaum and Michaël Bendavid, who were previously practicing at their own respective firms, and Margaux Durand-Poincloux, who was counsel at TNDA: Tuffal-Nerson Douarre & Associés, the boutique is often retained by individuals; namely entrepreneurs, high-level executives, elected members, audiovisual producers and high-net-worth individuals. The group also represents several leading industrial companies involved in major transport accidents. The busy caseload includes matters from the financial, political and industrial sectors, with a number of tax fraud evasion cases where high financial amounts are at stake. It also acts in a major bankruptcy-related case and handles noteworthy matters in the art sector. Finally, the team also takes on matters involving press law proceedings and criminal employment law.

Practice head(s):

David Apelbaum; Michaël Bendavid; Margaux Durand-Poincloux


‘The firm shows excellent and fast understanding of issues, swiftly responds and offers a strategic vision that goes beyond procedure matters but takes into account reputation risks.’

‘The firm demonstrates exceptional professionalism; it understands clients’ strategic issues, and provides particularly relevant and audacious recommendations. The firm has the ability to understand the impact of geopolitical issues surrounding a case and adapt its recommendations accordingly.’

‘A very good, dynamic and efficient team willing to do the job. They are efficient and highly experienced. They are able to handle strategic matters.’

‘A young and dynamic firm. Lawyers have great expertise and technique.’

‘The firm is particularly responsive and responds very quickly to requests. The firm is at the forefront of IT and modern means of communication.’

 ‘David Apelbaum has remarkable expertise. He is dynamic, responsive and highly professional. He is able to manage high-stakes international cases for high-profile clients. He is highly available and very invested in matters. He provides excellent advice.’

‘Michael Bendavid is brilliant. He is very present and available at any given moment. He is practical, quiet and accurate. He is determined to serve his clients’ interests in the best possible way. He has great strategic skills; he understands very well the way judges work and can anticipate how they will approach a case. He has remarkable pleading skills and tactical sense.’

‘Margaux Durand-Poincloux demonstrates fine analysis skills, is highly knowledgeable and provides excellent advice. She demonstrates great tactical sense and masters facts and legal issues of her files in an outstanding way.’

Key clients

Aldi Marché


Nadav Bensoussan

Olivier Carvin (Maranatha Group President)

Church of Scientology

M’jid El Guerrab

Hedios Patrimoine

Otis Elevator Company

Sylvain Perlstein


Pratt & Whitney


Sergeï Pugachev

SNCF Réseau


Photo Name Position Profile
 David Apelbaum photo David Apelbaum Associé
 Michaël Bendavid photo Michaël Bendavid Associé
 Margaux Durand-Poincloux photo Margaux Durand-Poincloux Associée

ABPA works in an international environment. Attorneys are up-to-date with evolving rules of international criminal law, especially of the always-increasing importance of European Union rules – notably with the creation of the European Public Prosecutor Office in 2020.  

 Team and skills 

ABPA’s attorneys speak and work in French, English, Spanish and Italian. We are regularly instructed on: 

  •  Cases investigated in France with a strong international aspect, mostly in financial and tax crime matters; 
  • Mutual legal assistance procedures conducted by French judicial authorities abroad; 
  • Mutual legal assistance procedures conducted by foreign judicial authorities in France; 
  • Extradition and European Arrest Warrant procedures. 


Our international clients are foreign companies (European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore) and foreign individuals or French individuals living abroad (European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Russia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Israel, Syria, China, Thailand) 

While making French criminal procedure understandable to clients from other legal backgrounds and cultures, we endeavor, by all means specific to international criminal lax (safe-conduct, mutual legal assistance, videoconference hearings, European mechanisms of judicial supervision and asset freezing), to establish strategies tailored to particular situations. 


ABPA has a network of trusty law firms, specialized in white-collar criminal defense, in most European Union Member States (notably through the European Criminal Bar Association, of which ABPA is a member), as well as in the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland. 

All lawyers at ABPA provide pro bono legal assistance on a permanent basis. They act as counsel to disadvantaged and unemployed people accused of major crimes or victims of serious offences.

ABPA partners and associates regularly assist deprived people subjected to immediate appearance hearings (“comparution immediate”) or brought before an investigating judge for potential indictment. In line with these commitments, they also intervene before criminal courts for those people.

Separately, ABPA advises political activists and non-governmental organizations fighting for the environment and against racism and xenophobia.

Lastly, ABPA lawyers also contributes to the Conseil National des Barreaux with respect to the elaboration of guidelines for the promotion of human rights in the workplace

CLIENT: Etienne Huré, group general counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: Otis Elevator Company
TESTIMONIAL: A great expertise in the fields for which we seek their advice, an in-depth knowledge of our company and its environment, a notable work capacity and a fantastic availability, a reactivity we appreciate: for all these reasons, we enjoy working with ABPA.

CLIENT: Alain Pancrazi, senior adviser
TESTIMONIAL: I would like to express my warmest thanks for ABPA’s involvement in the management of my cases.

ABPA’s lawyers are always one step ahead on the procedure. They have an acute knowledge of financial mechanisms, a great sense of human contact, and are able to adapt perfectly their strategy to the difficulties that arise. In addition, the team is particularly responsive.

CLIENT: Hacène Chibane, elected official
TESTIMONIAL: I want to express my satisfaction with the outcome and the way in which ABPA handled my cases.

Their listening skills, their involvement in these cases, their excellent knowledge of law and their extraordinary pleadings undeniably influenced the outcome of these complex instances.

I therefore wanted to thank them and convey to them the pleasure I had for having entrusted my interests to this firm.

CLIENT: Lise Choisnet, group general counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: Church of Scientology France
TESTIMONIAL: ABPA is excellent. We always appreciate the promptness and the precision of their work. This is a professional office, with talented attorneys, who are dedicated to work to offer you the best solutions.