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Rashed R. Al Marri Law Office in Association with Claudia el Hage
Grand Hamad Street- Al Fardan Center -Floor 3
P.O.Box: 15786

The firm: Rashed Raja Al Marri Law Office licensed since 2011 has a diverse team of specialized lawyers that provide legal consultancy to international and local firms and institutions and represent them in court litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

“Why fit in when we can stand out”
Our practice evolves with the legal market changes while continuing to provide legal services in a diligent and assiduous manner and solving problems in innovative, insightful and creative ways with resilience, persistence and dedication to achieve client solutions.

Ethics: From inception, our growth and business ethics have been rooted in the firm belief that our work is only as meaningful as its impact on our community – clients, people, and society alike. Our power collective, business, and longstanding client relationships are anchored in our core values.

Trust: Our longstanding relationships with our clients and within our organization are deeply rooted in the solid ground of mutual trust and integrity. We operate with utmost transparency, confidentiality, and privacy in safeguarding our clients’ and community’s interests, rights, and needs.

With a strong presence in Qatar and selected affiliated and correspondent offices in France, Oman, Lebanon and the UAE, our law office can provide adequate legal support to the various needs of its diversified clients.

Corporate social responsibility
Pro-bono services:
Rashed Raja Al Marri Law Office are volunteers for the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre pro-bono services. We believe the right of defense and the right to resort to justice are sacred principles and constitute the guarantees of the individuals and the most important pillars of the rules of justice and principles of fairness. As a law office our aim at establishing justice by providing legal opinions and defending rights, thus doing pro-bono work falls under the spirit of the profession of lawyers and we at Rashed R. Al Marri Law Office believe that the pro-bono work fulfils the professions objective to serve the society.

Internship opportunity: Rashed Bin Raja Al Marri Law Office offers an internship program to law students in local universities who are looking to put their knowledge and theory acquired in the classroom into practical application. The internship offers career exploration and development as well as the opportunity to learn new skills and get a feel for the legal environment. If you are interested to know more about this opportunity, please feel free to contact us.

Department Name Email Telephone
Business Development Claire Holloway +97444430651
Photo Name Position Profile
 Majida Al Alawiya  photo Majida Al Alawiya Paralegal
 Assaad Al Banan Taj Al Asfiyaa  photo Assaad Al Banan Taj Al Asfiyaa Senior Associate
 Fatma Al Deeb  photo Fatma Al Deeb Paralegal
 Rashed Raja Al Marri  photo Rashed Raja Al Marri Founding Partner
 Hossam Saleh Mohamed Ali Atik  photo Hossam Saleh Mohamed Ali Atik Senior Associate
 Amale El Baba photo Amale El Baba Senior Associate
 Claudia El Hage photo Claudia El Hage Managing Partner
 Helene Loutfi  photo Helene Loutfi Senior Associate
 Zain Al Abidin M. Al Idrissi  photo Zain Al Abidin M. Al Idrissi Senior Associate
 Nourhan Mansour  photo Nourhan Mansour Associate
 Sylvana Matar photo Sylvana Matar Associate
 Chafic Nehme  photo Chafic Nehme Partner
Lawyers : 13
Business Support : 6
English (fluent)
IBA (International Bar Association)
IBA Arbitration Committee