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Work Department

International Arbitrator



Arbitrator and Expert in International Investment Law in MENA region & Expert and researcher in Arab arbitration laws. He has several books on comparative arbitration law and international research in this field.

He belongs to a large group of international institutions, federations and institutes in international arbitration around the world, and holds positions within the specialization in several countries, and has practiced arbitration in 154 cases around the world

He specializes in drafting and review of major construction contracts and practices the fields of International Investment Law and International Trade and Dispute Resolution.

He is regularly involved in cases arising from

  • International construction law,
  • State and private commercial investment agreements
  • Bilateral and multilateral international treaty negotiations and agreements
  • Public Private Partnership Contracts (PPP)
  • Concession, Partnership & Technology transfer contracts
  • Review and Scrutiny of oil and gas agreements (DPSA & EPSA Agreements)


Arabic , English , Norwegian


  1. Professional Membership, American Society of International Law ASIL USA
  2. Individual Member, International Bar Association, “IBA” UK.
  3. Associate American Bar Association “ABA” USA.
  4. MEMBERSHIP Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Member ID: 6004266 UK.
  5. Member The Florida Bar, International Law Section, USA
  6. MEMBERSHIP International Criminal Court Bar Association “ICCBA” “ABCPI” Holland .            
  7. Dispute Board Leader, The Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) USA.
  8. MEMBERSHIP Center of American International Legislation, “CAIL” USA.
  9. Individual membership, London Court for International Arbitration, “LCIA.” UK.
  10. General Membership International Commerce Court of Arbitration, , “ICCA.” France.
  12. Current Assistant – Secretary-General for the Arab Federation of Engineering Arbitration,
  13. Assistant Secretary General for European Countries Arab Center For Arbitration.
  14. International Consultant Emirates Aviation Association EAA. UAE .
  15. MEMBERSHIP Association of International Arbitration, “AIA.”
  16. MEMBERSHIP Stockholm International Arbitration Institute.


Bachelor: Computer Science and Networking, 2006-2007. UTM University.
Masters: Integrity and protection of information – Information Security, 2008-2009.UTM University.
Doctorate: Management of Routing Information – Information Security, 2009-2010.UTM University.
American Contract Law I Yale University. 
AI & Law Lund University.
International Cyber Conflicts The State University of New York.
Introduction to Intellectual Property University of Pennsylvania.
Privacy Law and Data Protection University of Pennsylvania. 
An Introduction to American Law University of Pennsylvania. 
Children’s Human Rights – An Interdisciplinary Introduction
University of Geneva. 
International Law In Action Investigating and Prosecuting
International Crimes University Leiden. 
International Law in Action the Arbitration of International Disputes University Leiden. 
Legal Foundations for Entrepreneurs University of Maryland, College Park.
Introduction to ADR , Associated with Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) 
FinTech Law and Policy ,DUKE University .
Professionalism and ADR.The Florida Bar .
Balancing Wellness and The Ever-Present Demands of Technology, The Florida Bar .
Mediation Perspectives From Business Litigation to Bankruptcy ,The Florida Bar .
Applying Project Management Principles to Arbitration Practice
,APMPAP Associated with Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) 803725 .
British Board for Professional Engineers, CPE, Certified By British Board of Professional , ID: 421535. UK
British Board for Professional Information Technology Expert, CTIS, Certified By British Board of Professional , ID: 836167. UK
British fellowship in Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified by Board of Professional, ID: 239737. UK.