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The firm: Curare Legal is a leading multi-disciplinary law firm with offices across major economic and business centres in India and extensive tie-ups with firms across the world. The firm prides in its distinct approach through an amalgamation of client centric work ethics and incisive legal advice from its insightful team; the firm is proud to have leaders who actively lead their respective teams and are committed to remain responsive and solution centric.

Areas of practice: The notable areas of practices include corporate, commercial, competition and anti-trust law, regulatory services, employment, environment, litigation & dispute resolution, capital markets, banking & finance, projects and energy, intellectual property, real estate, tax, and Telecom Media and Technology, within the framework of in-depth, constructive, proactive and efficient practices.

Mergers and acquisitions: Curare Legal advises in broad spectrum of transactions including private M&A, public takeovers, FDI, hostile takeovers and complex corporate restructurings. The firm extensively handles a variety of M&A transactions including negotiation and drafting of transactional documents, managing corporate and regulatory compliances, conducting extensive due-diligence, guiding on taxation issues & regulatory processes and risk management. The firm leverages on the strength of its multi-disciplinary team with expertise in varied areas of practice to provide end to end assistance.

Dispute resolution: Curare Legal has extensive pan-India and overseas dispute resolution practice. The firm maintains a resolution centric approach and advises and represents its clients. The firm represent the Clients in Supreme Court and all High Courts in India, NCLT, NCLAT, IPAB, CGAT, ITAT, CESTAT, TDSAT, PMLA Tribunal, AAR, AFT, NGT, RCT, CGIT,  DRT, DRAT etc. The firm also advises and represents clients in Domestic and International Arbitrations. The firm is also distinguished in representing domestic clients in foreign courts and tribunals with its team of associate Attorneys and Barristers across major jurisdictions.

Real estate: The firm offers complete range of services and advises on real estate laws, rules and practices. The firm caters to complex aspects of Real Estate law which encompasses legislations formulated by Government of India, State governments and Municipal regulations as well as from the Real Estate Regulators and statutory development authorities. Curare Legal has advised, lead and successfully guided its clients for approvals to major real estate projects. The firms offices as well as stand-alone regional and local teams handle real estate due diligence including title verification, taxation, Foreign Direct Investment and other investment vehicles.

Niche and upcoming: Ms Mazumdar personally leads the new and upcoming practice team of the firm. This unique legal domain acts as an incubator for the upcoming practice areas. The firm engages in the evolution of such specialised areas with its hands on approach. This provides the flexibility of the firm to hive off a new discipline  after it matures as an extensive practice area.

Criminal: Curare Legal represents clients on matters attracting criminal liability originating from violation of laws, rules and regulatory orders, this includes criminal matters arising from violations in the course of regular business functions, financial misdemeanours, Money Laundering, insider trading, foreign investment violations and anti-corruption. The firm has a team of criminal law experts with expansive knowledge and experience in handling criminal trials, bail, investigations and appeals. The firm also regularly advises its clients in criminal investigation and trials. The attorneys of the firm regularly engage with state and national investigative agencies including Directorate of Enforcement, Central Bureau of Investigation, Serious Fraud Investigation Office, Department of Revenue Intelligence, National Investigative Agency etc.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Esha Mazumdar +91-9873968037
Head-Corporate Setu Niket +91-9873109672
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Ms Esha Mazumdar  photo Ms Esha Mazumdar Managing Partner
Mr Setu Niket  photo Mr Setu Niket Partner
total lawyers : 32
at this office : 15
Mumbai office : 12
Goa Office : 5
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Contact: Esha Mazumdar : Founder and Managing Partner:
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Esha Mazumdar, Managing Partner

Ms. Mazumdar elaborates on the future strategy of the firm, discusses leading work and describes efficient practices with client centric long-term solutions.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Curare Legal from your competitors?

The Firm’s solution centric practice is how it differentiates from its peers (other law firms are not competitors of the Firm). The team members are focused to tackle every issue with the same solution centric approach. The firm takes up projects as challenge to the abilities of the members of the firm and uses structured and resolution-oriented methodology.
Client satisfaction remains the core of work systems and processes and the firm takes pride in this approach.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

The firm anticipates significant increase in dispute resolution as well as corporate restructuring. With the current economic situation due to COVID-19, the firms dispute resolution team has seen uptick in issues and concerns anticipating and arising out of lockdown and closure of businesses. The firm also has seen increase in corporate insolvency and restructuring as another area of practice which would retain focus for next 12 months. In practices which are unrelated to pandemic, the firm also anticipates significant increase in data security and privacy bring as another leading practice which would see significant growth in firm’s business in the next 12 months.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

We have worked on empowering the young members of the team and prepare them to be future leaders in the sector. We have brought about vital changes in the working mechanism which has provided exposure to various challenges which the young members would face as leaders. All the associates of the firm are attached with the Senior partners on 1+1 basis for a fixed time frame which gives them an opportunity to acquire and hone their skills to be future leaders.
The firm also decided during the current crisis to enhance our ability respond to issues on a real time basis. The Managing Partner led in encouraging the partners and associates to formulate stable and long terms WFH (Work from Home) model which would be consistent with our work-life balance policy.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Technology has been a huge catalyst to innovate the way the Firm can provide services to its clients; the firm has been in the forefront of utilizing the available technologies to find cutting edge solutions to the complex issues raised by the clients. The firm is leading on engaging with upcoming technological changes leading from simple changes such as use of technology to make access to clients easier. The firm also has deployed real time work solutions which provides the client with access to information about the projects the firm is handling. The firm is also seeking aid of complex technological solutions such as cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

The firm’s practice is focused on providing precise advice on complex issues. The dispute resolution team advises on “litigate or settle” as well as “go/no-go” with clarity of logic and reasoning in the advice. One of the major health care providers was embroiled in complex litigation relating to major claims arising out of a contract, considering the material the firm advised that the claims against the client are not likely to succeed and advised to continue with the litigation and the matter was eventually adjudicated in favor of the client. One of the other major news media company which was embroiled in high stake copyright dispute sought the firm’s advice in possibility of recovery of royalty from the claimants. The firm advised to litigate, and the monies were successfully recovered from the claimants.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

The clients are looking for strategic direction from the firm, the current situation has increased the challenges of the firm as the clients look towards the firm to provide guidance on the complex issues which have arisen. The firm is expecting significant growth in business despite challenges arising out the pandemic. The firm with its four offices in North and West India would be expanding to another 6 offices in East, Central and South India due to expand support in these regions. The firm is resetting its approach to provide more cost-effective solutions to the otherwise cash strapped sectors in India.