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UBM Plaza No :26 - 19 Mayis Mah.

Insurance Tier 2

KN & PARTNERS specialises in insurance arbitration and litigation, advising insurers and a number of fleet sector companies on insurance claims relating to damage and road accidents. The team also advises a number of insurance and wealth funds on operational matters, including corporate issues. The practice is led by Mehmet Burak Küçükislamoğlu , İbrahim Can Narin and Meryem İpeklioğlu.

Practice head(s):

Mehmet Burak Küçükislamoğlu; İbrahim Can Narin; Meryem İpeklioğlu

Key clients

Hedef Araç

Atako Destek Araç

Ldr Turi̇zm

Altur Turi̇zm Servi̇s

Bor Holdi̇ng

Si̇xt Rent A Car

Mez Otomoti̇v

Fevzi̇ Gandur Loji̇sti̇k

Netlog Loji̇sti̇k

Ortaköy Otomoti̇v

Ekol Otomoti̇v Petrol Nakli̇yat

Petrol Ofi̇si̇

Albayraklar Holdi̇ng

Küçükislamoglu | Narin & Partners (“KN & Partners”) is a full service law firm located in Istanbul, Turkey.

As of 2019, the firm has taken over the flag from Nesil Law Group and as of 2020 the firm merged with the Studio Legale İstanbul, which one of the best Maritime/Insurance law offices in Turkey.

Services include corporate and commercial law, personal data protection and security, banking and finance, employment, social security law, regulatory compliance, white collar crimes, real estate and construction, accounting and audits, dispute resolution and arbitration, and more.

With its dynamic, expert and experienced team; KN & Partners serves local and international clients and has earned professional recognition for its legal work.

KN & Partners, which is based on the motto “all together, to the farthest“, continues with its guiding principles that include innovative ideas and passion, combined with productivity and service.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Mr. Mehmet Burak Küçükislamoğlu +90 (212) 852 84 36
Partner Mr. İbrahim Can Narin +90 (212) 852 84 36
Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Gülseren Küçükislamoğlu +90 (212) 852 84 36
Finance and Adminstrative Processes Assistant Mrs. Nurcan İnci +90 (212) 852 84 36
Senior Associate Ms. İlayda Ocak +90 (212) 852 84 36
Marketing Intern Ms. Seren Kocaoğlu +90 (212) 852 84 36
Photo Name Position Profile
 Ms Gizemnur  Şahin   photo Ms Gizemnur  Şahin  Legal Counsel
Ms Sahil Altay photo Ms Sahil Altay Legal Counsel 
 İpek Atlı  photo İpek Atlı Legal Counsel 
 Ms Betül Aynacı  photo Ms Betül Aynacı Legal Counsel 
 Doğukan Aytaç  photo Doğukan Aytaç Legal Counsel 
 Ms Zeynep Eröztekin  photo Ms Zeynep Eröztekin Legal Counsel
 Sezin Ergüner  photo Sezin Ergüner Legal Counsel 
 Ms Müberra Elif Gürüf  photo Ms Müberra Elif Gürüf Legal Counsel
 Ayben Kılıçarslan  photo Ayben Kılıçarslan Legal Counsel 
 Mehmet Burak Küçükislamoğlu  photo Mehmet Burak Küçükislamoğlu Partner
 Mr Çağrı Kaya  photo Mr Çağrı Kaya Legal Counsel
Mr Fırat Can Keskin photo Mr Fırat Can Keskin Legal Counsel
 Ms Sena Keskin  photo Ms Sena Keskin Legal Counsel 
 Necati Berk Koç  photo Necati Berk Koç Legal Counsel
 Ms Tuğba  Kukara  photo Ms Tuğba  Kukara Legal Counsel 
Mr Nesimi Meydancı photo Mr Nesimi Meydancı Legal Counsel
 İbrahim Can Narin  photo İbrahim Can Narin Partner
 İlayda Ocak  photo İlayda Ocak Senior Partner
Mr Mert Can Sahin photo Mr Mert Can Sahin Legal Counsel 
 Ms Pınar Seyhun  photo Ms Pınar Seyhun Legal Counsel
 Yelda Uçar  photo Yelda Uçar Senior Associate 
Ms Beyza Varel photo Ms Beyza Varel Legal Counsel 
 Mr Fatih Murathan Yenitepe  photo Mr Fatih Murathan Yenitepe Legal Counsel 
Partner : 3
Manager : 2
Corporate : 10
Litigation : 15
Istanbul Bar and Turkish Bar Association
Leaders in Law

In today’s world; we encounter changing values and evolving societal views. In this sense, People perveice and bring the significance of individuality, self, personality, identity one step forward. People accept their pure-selves so get more confident, more self-respected. Thus, at the present time, rights of individuals and respect the differences which we have inherited or chosen to adopt; are top priorities. This view pushed everyone in the society and especially the companies and firms that recruit people and provide environments which several people from different backgrounds interact with each other. This became a responsibility which concerns everyone and especially the Law firms carries this responsibility even more because the values and principles which universal law enshrines put law firms in a position to accept all differences and treat each person equally and not to discriminate.

KN & Partners since day one; is aware of its moral issues and acts in accordance with them. The firms vision is rooted in a world view which value every human being for just being the persons who they are. Moreover, KN & Partners does not just respect those rights but believes that it is crucial to encourage differences. KN & Partners believes that race, gender, age or any other difference between people are not genuine. The firm, has chosen the path of the combination of all the colors of rainbow. It puts freedom of life and freedom of ideas always at the top.

Through this sense; KN & Partners pursues the firms aims both internally and externally. The firm and especially the Partners are dedicated to help people who are in need of support and tries to give them a voice. In this regard, KN & Partners support many Non-Governmental Organisations and Charities. The firm also tries to ease these organisations ways by resolving their disputes and legally representing them.

KN & Partners is committed to spread diversity and representation across the world, opening up people’s understanding of diversity and experiences. The firm is aware of the fact that the best way to start the change and expand the visions from the smallest. KN & Partners sees this as its priority; to protect diversity at every stage starting with the recruitment process. The firm, supports diverse characteristics of its employees thus offers equal opportunities to all candidates in the recruitment processes and evaluates applications without bias. KN & Partners, tries to create every opportunity for the employees in order to maintain the comfortable work place without any kind of discrimination: gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, and disability etc. In this direction, its promotion policy offers all employees to get promotion on equality basis.

KN & Partners team has a wide range of age. The team, mostly consists of people who are young since KN & Partners believes in the strength and capacity of young minds, young generations, new ideas and innovative approaches. Through this the firm, encourages the teenagers and young-adults to take the very first step to their legal careers. The firm also, successfully grasps the importance of gender equality and aims to support women for them to become more active in the work field. The firm does not just adopts this vision but also acts in line with its commitment to gender equality. KN & Partners, is proud to state that more than half of its employees are females. The firm not only leans on the importance of gender equality, but also places a high significance on respecting the sexual orientations. KN & Partners is aware of the undisputable right to live in accordance with sexual orientations and knows it is a core pillar of a liberal and democratic society and also a core human right which needs to be accepted and protected without any exception.

It is noteworthy to remind the motto of KN & Partners: “All together to the farthest”. The firm, is proud of the inclusive nature of the phrase “all together” because it symbolizes the core vision of KN & Partners which is to accept everyone with their differences.

The Clients Include:



The Team:

85% Women
Between the ages: 18-55

Donations and Help:




KN & Partners is among the top law firms in Turkey which operates internationally as well as in the domestic market. The firm has been pursuing an agenda which prioritizes becoming a law firm that is able to provide its clients a best quality legal service in international level. The vision involves a deep understanding of the nature of international legal issues from the Contracts to the Execution Processes.

KN & Partners, carries out its mission with the sense that its clients’ deserve the best legal service in every corner of the world. The firm has been assisting its clients in almost every types of legal areas consisting not just companies but also individuals. Having set goals so as to protect its clients by putting the highest degree of effort and proficiency; the firm sees it as a top priority to help its clients in the international area. Since in todays world; a lot of companies and individuals get involve in commercial consumer relationships with firms located both in Turkey and overseas so often, the firm accumulated a significant expertise in dealing with international issues.

KN & Partners has formed a significant amount of relationships by collaborating with reputable top tier local law firms in a very diverse range of countries. Through this, KN & Partners successfully assist the clients on an international basis. The firm’s service includes the M&A processes, transactions and Joint Ventures across the globe. KN & Partners is well positioned to help its clients gain access into new Markets as well as advising them on emerging industries.

Apart from assisting Turkish clients doing business overseas; KN & Partners has a high ability and a significant experience in legal representation of international company branches of Turkey. Since Turkey has a great integration to international markets, the foreign investors get more attracted to the Turkish market so the number of foreign investments, increase day by day. As it is same with anywhere else in the world, working together with a local law firm that knows the domestic market and regulations well is so crucial for investing and operating safely in Turkey.

KN & Partners has a high confidence and a proving success in its abilities to tackle even the most complicated legal issues. The firm, has been giving legal service to international companies operating in Turkey and it has showed a significant success in doing so.