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Christine Bunting leads a ‘highly efficient, professional and supportive’ team at Hyphen Law. It currently manages over £110m of combined client assets and over £4m combined clients’ annual income. The team is known for supporting clients nationwide who are in receipt of substantial compensation claims due to severe and complex injuries. It also helps lay deputies and acts in a number of joint deputyships with lay deputies. Many of its clients are children.

Practice head(s):

Christine Bunting

Other key lawyers:

Kelly Knight; Elizabeth Metcalf


‘I have been instructed by Kelly Knight, who was very easy to work with and displayed real excellence in the overlap between financial private client matters and the Court of Protection. I would recommend her and the wider team when a complicated matter arises in this area’.

‘They are responsive and keep to the timescales agreed. The reports I have had are balanced, careful and considered. I have worked a lot with Christine Bunting and I find her clever, willing to listen’.

‘A friendly and very well informed team with excellent communication every step of the way. Honest and open yet sensitive advice always. Elizabeth Metcalfe particularly impressive with modern day, dynamic and timely communication’.

‘Kelly Knight and Christine Bunting: great team to work with, very empathetic deputies who try very hard to understand the individual circumstances of the client. Professional management of the client’s fund and open communication’.

‘Top of their game. Excellent Court of Protection Specialists. Knows the market inside and out. Christine Bunting is phenomenal – deputyship expert of choice. Incredibly detailed and thorough. Formidable in court and blows the competition away’.

‘Christine Bunting – her attention to detail is second to none; she is highly experienced and is very supportive to her clients. It is a pleasure working with her and with the team who support her’.

‘We instruct Hyphen Law purely as experts in Court of Protection costs, for inclusion in large personal injury claims relating to brain injury‘.

‘I work with Hyphen Law in relation to clients for whom they provide a Deputyship role. All of the team members that I work with are approachable, skilled, excellent communicators, and creative practitioners who always seek to find the best possible outcomes for their clients’.

Hyphen Law is a specialist deputyship practice and is best known for supporting clients nationwide who have received or go on to receive substantial compensation awards as a result of severe and complex injuries. These clients usually lack the necessary mental capacity to manage their property and affairs by reason of a catastrophic brain injury or severe mental health difficulties.  Hyphen Law also support, advise and assist lay deputies. Hyphen Law act in a number of joint deputyships with lay deputies.  Many of Hyphen Law’s clients are children.

The majority of the deputyships and trusts that Hyphen Law manage involve complex financial and personal arrangements with substantial sums under management, these include deputyships with property and other assets held abroad or where the protected party lives abroad. All clients have acquired their funds as a result of damages claims and the majority involves the management of multimillion pound awards. Hyphen Law is known for its breadth and depth of experience in this field and for consistently offering a flexible, responsive and client centered approach. For example the deputies at Hyphen Law are happy to work jointly with lay deputies, where this is in the best interests of the client.

Christine Bunting is highly sought after as a deputy, expert witness and leader in her field.

Kelly Knight, who was promoted to Director in November 2021, has worked with Christine since 2012 and was closely involved with the setting up of Hyphen Law and its growth and strategic development. She is highly regarded within the profession and increasingly sought after by clients in her own right.

Sarah Green joined recently, as Associate Legal Director. She has extensive experience in brain and head injuries and helping individuals under the care of the Court of Protection. Previously, Sarah was Deputy Services Manager for Headway Cambridgeshire and a Court of Protection specialist at the Thalidomide Trust.

Elizabeth Metcalfe is also new to the team and brings to her role as Associate Solicitor significant experience in private client work including the preparation of Wills and the creation and registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Court of Protection and Deputyship Christine Buntingcbunting@hyphenlaw.co.uk
Court of Protection and Deputyship Kelly Knightkknight@hyphenlaw.co.uk
Court of Protection and Deputyship Elizabeth Metcalfeemetcalfe@hyphenlaw.co.uk
Christine Bunting photo Christine BuntingDirector
Kelly Knight photo Kelly KnightDirector

Encouraging and celebrating diversity means recognising the individual contribution that makes up the potential of the organisation as a whole.

At Hyphen Law we work hard to recognize the value of differences between our employees. We know that everyone has a part to play in our organisation, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, religious or political beliefs or other ideologies.

Our commitment to diversity is woven into our values and that of the Solicitors Regulation Authority competencies, encouraging all walks of like to play a part in our success.

Hyphen Law commits to:

Educating managers across the organization to create diverse teams that foster engagement, creativity and support

Implement effective recruitment, onboarding and development programmes that imbed diversity principles and reflect the clients that we serve

Provide all new employees with compulsory Diversity e-learning

Create an ‘employer of choice’ brand, encouraging talent to recognize that we are working hard to achieve these principles

Encouraging business relationships with groups, charities and organisations that champion and value diversity

Actively monitor diversity metrics to ensure we are working at our best to put these principles into practice

Using language that is free of bias


Our Senior Managers are responsible for driving these ideologies and principles down into the organisation, making it second nature for employees to treat each other with respect.

Our Managers will embrace these principles that encourage empathy, collaboration, creativity and kindness within their local teams.

Our Employees will be supported to be open, honest and transparent with each other.

Our Clients will benefit from our approach to diversity by feeling represented in not only a professional way, but in a way that appreciates their heritage and way of life.

Taking Action

As part of wide-ranging policy suite, our Equality and Diversity Policy enforces the importance of applying good principles in the workplace, and clearly outlines the consequences of breaching those principles. The right intervention will be applied to the right situation, whether it is done by following laid-down procedures, using mediation as a tool for resolution or by other means as necessary.

The message will be clear; we will not tolerate any instances of bullying and harassment made by or towards employees, managers, consultants, contractors or clients in any circumstance.

Any allegation of harassment, bullying or victimisation will be treated seriously, regardless of seniority and our principles will be applied robustly and consistently to ensure a thorough and transparent process is followed.

In summary

Hyphen Law will champion the value of diversity, in its many forms. It will encourage a transparent environment in which everyone can thrive, develop and be confident in their abilities. Our organization and in turn our clients can only benefit from this approach, now and in the future.

COMPANY/FIRM: David Goodheart, Adaptation Design
TESTIMONIAL: “As a specialist architectural and building surveying company, we are fortunate to work with several of the main law firms within this sector and therefore I feel we can generally ascertain the level of input that is required to keep all parties satisfied. Hyphen Law always go the extra mile.
Adaptation Design Ltd are very happy to work with Hyphen Law and their clients, Chris, Kelly and Tom and their colleagues are always professional, available and very much focused on their client’s specific requirements, which makes our role straightforward and tends to save time and resources, which can only benefit all involved.”

CLIENT: Deputyship
COMPANY/FIRM: Bolt Burden Kemp
TESTIMONIAL: “Christine and Kelly have been extraordinarily helpful in a highly complex case, by highlighting potential issues and putting forward constructive solutions, to inform the litigation strategy’. ‘Christine is highly experienced and knowledgeable and Kelly is extremely well organised, efficient and approachable. They make a great team’.
‘I have been particularly impressed with their handling of an extremely challenging and traumatised litigation friend, whose distress at her child’s injury made taking instructions and giving advice required unprecedented patience and sensitive communications’. ‘The staff at Hyphen Law are always generous with their advice and time and very responsive to calls and emails. It is a pleasure to work with Christine and Kelly’””.

CLIENT: Deputyship
COMPANY/FIRM: Lianne (Client’s mother)
TESTIMONIAL: “Christine has helped us as a family adjust to my son’s predicament with helpful ideas and ways to encourage him to live a full life. Christine and Kelly are always happy to listen to our ideas, always approachable and available. They treat my son as an individual”

CLIENT: Deputyship
COMPANY/FIRM: Harpal Sra, Barclays Wealth
TESTIMONIAL: “I have worked with Tom and the team at Hyphen Law for several years and my experience is that they take a very pragmatic approach in the support of their clients. This allows for clear and focused communication with no risk of ambiguity that can cause the client and their family to become frustrated. When supporting clients in difficult and complex situations the team will give true person-centred guidance based on the Mental Capacity Act. This approach also allows for a collaborative teamwork with clear roles and responsibilities to obtain the best outcome for the clients.”