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Schultz Carrasco Benitez's practice is led by Edesio Carrasco, a former Chilean Environmental Assessment Agency legal division head; and Rodrigo Benítez, who previously served as both vice minister and legal division head at the Ministry of the Environment. The team is highly rated for its experience in environmental audits and project assessment of projects, as well as community matters and the principles of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention. The firm fields a strong second line through senior associate Alejandra Estay, and associates Ingrid Henríquez (who joined from Moreno Sáez & Avilés in October 2019), Ana SasCarlo Sepúlveda and Graciela Venegas. Estay, Sepúlveda and Venegas can all draw on past experience at the Chilean Environmental Assessment Agency.


The ability to truthfully interpret problems distinguishes the group from other law firms.

Its main difference with other law firms is the customisation of services and the ability to find solutions in the short term.

An excellent work team with competent professionals who are committed to their clients. They clearly provide a more personalised service than other law firms and show good co-ordination between their members.

This office stands out because in its team two characteristics come together that are often found separately, but not together. These are legal rigour and strategic capacity. They also differ in that they have innovative approaches to addressing problems. It is common for other law firms to be able to identify risks, but their conservative approaches prevent them from identifying innovative solutions.

Great team – I have worked mainly with Edesio Carrasco but I know that his partner Rodrigo Benítez is also great. I really like that they have the experience of having been on the other side, that is, they worked in the audit entities and therefore they really know how the inspection entities work and so they suggest the best answers. Furthermore this is a newer area of ​​law in our country and therefore larger firms do not necessarily have better people. You require a team with more specific knowledge and the team of Schultz Carrasco and Benitez have it.

Edesio Carrasco stands out above the rest because he worked in the Environment Ministry and therefore is much better prepared than other lawyers, knowing the state apparatus from the inside, which allows him to prepare the best defence strategy and to anticipate how the authorities will react. That is very valuable both for obtaining permits and for facing sanctioning processes. They are really special – you don’t need a bigger firm or a second opinion.’

Edesio Carrasco has extensive expertise of the legal issues surrounding indigenous communities, and has a pragmatic and timely approach.

Rodrigo Benítez has solid experience in environmental regulations and the evaluation of projects for environmental qualification. He has great analytical capacity and risk identification skills, but also proposes innovative solutions.

Key clients

Sierra Gorda

Vias Chile

Sociedad Concesionaria Américo Vespucio Oriente

Aguas Pacífico

Aguas de Antofagasta

Mina Invierno

Compañía Minera del Pacífico

Inmobiliaria Fundamenta

Inmobiliaria Aitué

El Bosque

Empresa de Transporte de Pasajeros Metro

Andes Mainstream

Jaime Illanes y Asociados-EPSA

Schultz Carrasco Benítez is a boutique law firm in Santiago, Chile. It was founded to provide legal advice with high specialization standards to entities and people seeking a personalized and efficient service in environmental and natural resources law, as well as corporate/M&A and general practice matters, backed by a litigation department in those areas. The firm identifies problems and also seeks to solve them in a strategic manner that adds value for its clients. Furthermore, the firm provides an innovative and reliable solution for its client’s legal disputes or conflicts.

The firm focuses on both immediate and long-term goals with its clients, helping them address and anticipate challenges across a changing environment giving them strategic and innovative solutions to their necessities. Additionally, the firm’s collaborative culture allows the firm to work as a team, permanently sharing its insight and experience with clients. The firm’s clients include local and international companies with operations both in Chile and abroad.

Corporate and M&A: Our team advises individuals and companies on corporate matters, including joint ventures, national and international associations, as well as on structuring mergers and acquisitions of companies of different sizes, such as open or close corporations, investment funds, national or foreign entities, whether or not they are under a regulated market.

We have experience in national and international financing transactions, involving simple credits and/or syndicated ones, including financing and structuring of projects and the issuance of bonds or other debt securities and their placement in Chile or abroad. The above includes advice on debt restructuring and investments to and from Chile.

Environmental and natural resources law: We advise our clients strategically on all matters relating to environmental and administrative regulations, including environmental audits and the assessment of activities or projects within the Environmental Impact Assessment System. We have experience in advising our clients regarding the rules, principles and standards of ILO Convention No. 169 – Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention (1989) and the early assessment of indigenous communities and factors to be considered in the development of a project.

Also, we provide advice to mining, energy, agro-industrial, and real estate projects, accompanying our clients in case of an inspection or sanctioning process conducted by the Superintendence of Environment or other authority, and also taking charge of their administrative and judicial defense.

Litigation: We defend our clients in a number of administrative special procedures necessary for the development of a Project, before any court or administrative agency, including the Courts of Appeal, the Supreme Court, as well the recently established Environmental Court.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate Carlos Schultz +56 2 2385 0001
Environment Rodrigo Benítez +56 2 2385 0011
Environment Edesio Carrasco +56 2 2385 0002
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Rodrigo Benítez  photo Mr Rodrigo Benítez Partner of the Public Law and Natural Resources Group
Mr Edesio Carrasco  photo Mr Edesio Carrasco Partner in charge of the Public Law and Natural Resources Group
Mr Carlos Schultz  photo Mr Carlos Schultz Partner in charge of the Corporate Area, Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital…
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