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Meirelles Milaré Advogados comes highly recommended by a wide mix of clients. Litigation makes up approximately 70% of the firm's workload, but the team also advises on tax planning and transfer pricing issues, including direct and indirect tax matters at the municipal, state and federal level. Morvan Meirelles Costa Junior is well regarded.


‘Meireles & Milaré has a very custom and individual approach, always listening carefully for the client requests.’

‘Out of the box solutions for our complex tax structure.’

‘Strong team approach: regardless who is the contact person, I could feel that all members of the squad that was managing our case were absolutely on board.’

‘Exceptional FUP: thorough follow up process after meetings done on a regularly base, keeping the client well informed by the use of great status templates. Speed to action: whenever needed I have seen accurate speed to action coming from the team.’

‘Deep knowledge of Brazilian tax regulations. Direct applicable recommendations. Straight to the point, compared with other Tax / Legal firms giving ambiguous recommendations.’

‘Morvan Meirelles is outstanding. Very technical and knowledgeable. Very easy to reach no matter when needed.’

Key clients

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MeirellesMilaré is a law firm with embracing performance that believes it is possible to challenge the growing commoditization of legal services, characterized by a continuously automatic and standardized assistance, not supportive and relevant to the problems and challenges of the client.

We challenge the commoditization of the legal services by enduring sustainable, dynamic and less formal partnerships with our clients, based on ethics, trust and respect.

For this purpose, we simply establish an open, timely and efficient communication with our clients, this allows us to understand what is really important for each one of them, anticipate their unique and specific needs, as well as offer them customized and complete solutions.

In this sense, we bring security, foreseeability and economy to our clients, which, in turn, brings opportunities for improvement in their businesses and optimize their results, assuring, consequently, more return over the investment in retaining us.

Practice areas
Tax and social security law: With the leadership of partner Morvan Meirelles Costa Junior, MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients in the optimization of their tax and social security practices, in the recovery of fiscal credits and in the defense against questionings of public authorities regarding federal, state or municipal taxes.

We act in:

  • advice regarding the interpretation and implementation of tax, social security and fiscal classification legislation, including for international transactions concerning treaties, investment funds, financing, customs legislation, transfer pricing, licenses, royalties and foreign investment transactions in Brazil;
  • advice regarding tax aspects relating to foreign investment transactions in Brazil, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity investments, capital markets and real estate transactions;
  • national and international tax planning, aiming at the reduction of the tax burden, renegotiation of tax debts, protection of assets or avoiding double taxation-related problems;
  • tax structuring of business in Brazil and abroad;
  • assessment of contingencies (due diligence);
  • review of tax proceedings;
  • installment programs;
  • advice concerning foreign exchange, import and export transactions;
  • administrative and judicial proceedings, including  the ones relating to the granting of tax incentives, retrieval and offsetting of charge credits.

Arbitration, mediation and strategic litigation: With the leadership of partner Gustavo Milaré Almeida, MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients to prevent or solve civil, commercial, corporate/M&A and real estate litigation conflicts, through the sole or joint identification and implementation of the fastest, most efficient and adequate measures to the optimization of their businesses.

We act in:

  • preventing conflicts;
  • negotiating agreements;
  • recovering credits;
  • administrative and judicial proceedings, mediation and arbitration (domestic and international);
  • committees for dispute boards;
  • enforcement or homologation of foreign decisions in Brazil;
  • effectiveness of foreign jurisdictional acts;
  • assessment of contingencies (due diligence).

Corporate and corporate governance: With the leadership of partner Juliana Maria D’Macêdo, MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients (individuals, companies, business groups, investors, entrepreneurs, private equity funds, venture capital funds, asset managers and financial institutions) to plan their businesses in a secure, profitable and informed way, through advice, planning and structuring that subsidize their decisions and offer them new opportunities.

We act in:

  • incorporating privately held or publicly held corporations, limited companies, joint ventures, investment funds, consortiums, associations, foundations and corporate organizations;
  • interpreting and applying the corporate and commercial law, including advice for startups and incubators regarding alternatives for investment and conversion of financing into equity (seed money, angel investments);
  • negotiating, elaborating and reviewing articles of association and bylaws, shareholders’ or quotaholders’ agreements, subscription agreements, investment agreements, asset purchase and sale agreements, put/call options purchase and sale agreements;
  • elaborating amendments to articles of associations and bylaws and corporate minutes of meetings of shareholders and management;
  • planning and implementing corporate reorganizations, mergers, spin-offs and transformations;
  • advising with the compliance of fiduciary duties by publicly held companies managers and investment funds managers;
  • structuring the corporate governance of limited companies and privately held or publicly held corporations;
  • representation in general meetings of shareholders or partners or debenture holders;
  • formation of committees, relationship with shareholders/partners, organization of boards of directors with independent members, analysis of scenarios involving conflict of interests and in related party transactions;
  • assessment of corporate contingencies (due diligence);
  • defending partners’ and shareholders’ rights in administrative and judicial proceedings, mediation and arbitration, in Brazil and abroad.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A): With the leadership of partner Juliana Maria D’Macêdo, MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients (individuals, companies, business groups, investors, entrepreneurs, private equity funds, venture capital funds, asset managers and financial institutions) to plan, negotiate and close strategic transactions for expansion, sale or development of their businesses.

We act in:

  • share/quota or asset purchases and sales;
  • leveraged buyouts (LBOs);
  • management buyouts (MBOs);
  • investments and divestments;
  • joint ventures;
  • mergers;
  • corporate reorganizations;
  • fairness opinions;
  • assessment of contingencies (due diligence);
  • pos closing consultancy.

Compliance and anti-corruption: MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients to identify and reduce risks, to optimize their investments and to equate their businesses to the legal and institutional conduct patterns required in Brazil and abroad.

We act in:

  • the prevention of corruption, fraud and anti-competitive practices;
  • the mapping of risks and costs, based on indications, percentages, values and alternatives;
  • the elaboration and implementation of practical, effective and customized programs;
  • the organization of anti-corruption and competition training for members of the board of directors, board of officers and employees;
  • conduction of internal investigations, in order to secure confidentiality and independence;
  • assessment of contingencies (due diligence);
  • negotiating leniency agreements;
  • administrative and judicial liability proceedings.

Consumer: MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients to prevent or manage consumer claims in social media and administrative or judicial agencies, as well as to avoid any harm to the image or to the businesses of the clients.

We act in:

  • the adequacy of client-consumer relationship;
  • the elaboration, review or analysis of consumer agreements and operational manuals;
  • the assessment of contingencies (due diligence);
  • the implementation or operation of e-commerce and call center/telemarketing;
  • the conduction of recalls;
  • the execution of agreements for adjustment of conduct (TAC – Termo de Ajustamento de Conduta/CAC – Compromisso de Ajustamento de Conduta) with consumer defense agencies in Brazil;
  • consumer proceedings or lawsuits, individual or collective, before regulatory agencies, PROCONS (Brazil’s consumer protection agency), small-claims courts and regular courts in Brazil.

Contracts: MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients with the elaboration, review and analysis of agreements of any nature, national and international, in order to guarantee their support and safety for the success of the clients’ businesses.

We act in:

  • real estate and asset rental agreements and real estate and asset purchase and sale agreements;
  • structuring of guarantees agreements;
  • services agreements;
  • distribution, agency and commercial representation agreements;
  • partnership agreements;
  • confidentiality and non-compete agreements;
  • trademark registration and assignment agreements;
  • franchise agreements;
  • e-commerce and internet agreements;
  • supply agreements, built to suit agreements, turn-key agreements, cost sharing agreements, request for proposals (RFPs) agreements, engineering agreements, procurement and construction agreements (EPCs).

Wealth management and estate planning: MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients (wealthy individuals,  families, family offices and multifamily offices) to plan, negotiate and define family agreements with efficiency, security and rentability for their wealth.

We act in:

  • incorporation of family holdings, investment funds, trusts, foundations and offshores;
  • family protocols and shareholders/quotaholders agreements;
  • legal structures for the transfer of wealth among generations;
  • restructuring of assets;
  • income statements in Brazil and abroad;
  • statements of definitive departure from Brazil;
  • allocation of liquid resources abroad.

Real estate: MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients (buyers, sellers, investors, entrepreneurs, incorporators and administrators) to structure, develop or regularize their businesses involving urban and rural real estate in Brazil.

We act in:

  • analysis of sites for the installation of radio-based stations and the acquisition of installed towers through the concession of rights;
  • in businesses involving real estate acquisition (including agricultural lands), superficial rights, rental (including for condo hotels, exploitation of hotel unities, fractional, flats and long stay), construction, joint ventures, leasing, exchange, lending, payment in kind, mortgages and other forms of guarantees);
  • assessment of real estate contingencies (due diligence) related to real estate, real estate credits and assets as guarantees;
  • development of real estate incorporation, residential and commercial, including with the elaboration of the incorporation memo and in the institution and specification of the condominium;
  • legal real estate structuring of incorporations, condominiums, allotments, land subdivision of rural areas, real estate entrepreneurship of large scale, multiple use undertakings and shopping centers;
  • development of real estate structured businesses, including the expansion of retail networks, greenfield entrepreneurship, free standing stores, built to suit agreements and strip mall and self storage entrepreneurship;
  • regularization of urban and rural areas with the competent registries.

Capital markets and investment funds: MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients (individuals, companies, business groups, investors, entrepreneurs, private equity funds, asset managers and financial institutions) to structure their issuances of national and international securities, as well as to structure their investment funds.

We act in:

  • share and debt issuances;
  • structured financing;
  • securitization of receivables;
  • assessment of contingencies (due diligence);
  • consultancy regarding the financial and capital markets regulations, foreign investments in Brazil, exchange agreements, payment methods and derivatives;
  • structuring and registry of investment funds, including investment funds such as FIPs, FMMs, FIAs, FIIs and their relevant regulations and amendments;
  • sanctionable and administrative proceedings of regulatory agencies, especially the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen) and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

Intellectual property, technology and media: MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients to structure their new businesses, to obtain and protect their intangible assets, as well as to solve related disputes.

We act in:

  • registering trademarks, patents, industrial designs or copyrights with the competent agencies, in Brazil and abroad;
  • licensing products and in the negotiation, elaboration and review of licensing agreements of use and exploitation;
  • protection, storage and transfer of data, Big Data and internet of things (IoT);
  • negotiation, elaboration and review of internal information security policies and agreements concerning software, cloud computing, transfer of know-how, technology outsourcing, terms of use and privacy policies;
  • corporate structure for the joint or separate exploitation of intellectual property assets;
  • assessment of contingencies (due diligence);
  • unfair competition and commercial representation disputes.

Reorganization and insolvency: MeirellesMilaré assists its national and international clients (creditors, debtors, investors, private equity funds, hedge funds and investment banks) on overcoming possible financial-economic crisis or obtaining the best conditions for the receipt of their credits.

We act in:

  • the reorganization of debts, bilaterally or in syndicated transactions (structuring, negotiation and implementation);
  • in asset-backed or non asset-backed fundraising, in Brazil or abroad;
  • in enforcement proceedings, judicial and non judicial recovery, bankruptcy, out-of-court intervention and liquidation;
  • representation in committees and meetings of creditors;
  • search and seizure of illegally obtained assets, in Brazil and abroad;
  • assessment of contingencies (due diligence).
Department Name Email Telephone
Tax and Social Security Law Morvan Meirelles Costa Junior +551135692484 (ext. 12); +5511981876810
Arbitration, Mediation and Strategic Litigation Gustavo Milaré Almeida +551135692484 (ext. 11); +5511985838583
Corporate and Corporate Governance; Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Juliana Maria D' Macêdo +551135692484 (ext. 15); +5511981078589
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Lawyers : 5
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