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Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 1
Adrian Eissa QC - MC ChambersAdrian is an outstanding all-round barrister who makes persuasive arguments before the Court of Appeal. He is truly a titan at the criminal Bar.
Ranked: Tier 4

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Leading Silks

Adrian Eissa QC - MC ChambersAdrian is calm, methodical and totally unflappable under pressure. A charming advocate whom juries like.
Ranked: Tier 2

Chambers is a boutique specialist Criminal Defence Set based in Staple Inn.



Michael Wolkind QC

Ranked: Tier 1

Call: 1976

QC: 1999

After 20 years at 2 Bedford Row, Michael Wolkind QC is one of the most sought after and experienced Criminal Defence Silks in the country. He has defended in countless high-profile cases such as the 7/7 Bombings, the Tony Martin appeal, the Kingsnorth 6 Greenpeace trial.  He is instructed internationally. Michael is currently instructed in the largest drugs importation case in British history.



Call: 2015

Catherine Daly worked alongside Michael as his legal assistant for a number of years prior to being called to the Bar in 2015. She now has her own busy practise defending in the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.


In 2019, Michael and Catherine both left much larger Sets to set up MC Chambers which prides itself on prompt response, excellent client care and persuasive advocacy. There is a 24-hour dedicated phone line and all enquiries are responded to speedily and compassionately.


Chambers has expertise in the whole range of criminal law from minor driving offences to murder, large scale drug allegations and serious organised crime.


Michael recently led Catherine in a trial where the accused faced a charge of inflicting GBH with intent. The complainant sustained 7 stab wounds and had to have his spleen removed. The jury swiftly acquitted.


They also acted together defending a man charged with historic sexual offences. The evidence  may have begun dramatically with a tirade of screamed curses against our client, but it ended smoothly with  immediate verdicts of “Not Guilty”.


Despite being a small, boutique Chambers that does not currently take pupils, we are of course still committed to Equality and Diversity.  

  1. MC Chambers’ Equality and Diversity policy commits Chambers to: 
      • The practical application and promotion of principles of equal opportunity and diversity, and 
      • The communication of that commitment and those principles to Chambers’ members, employees, other workers, service users and the public at large. 

2.    Equality legislation, principally the Equality Act 2010, is designed to promote fairness including in relation to employment, promotion and the provision of services.  

3.    In accordance with the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 Chambers will avoid discrimination on the grounds of: 

      •  Age 
      • Disability 
      • Gender re-assignment 
      • Marital or civil partnership status 
      • Pregnancy or maternity 
      • Race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins 
      • Religion or belief 
      • Sex, and/or 
      • Sexual orientation. 

COMPANY/FIRM: Michael Wolkind QC
TESTIMONIAL: I always knew that Michael was one of the best barristers around, however I never thought i’d need to use him. When a family member of mine found themselves on the wrong side of the law, I knew instantly that Michael had to be instructed. From the very beginning, Michael has been absolutely incredible. A true gentleman, he is easy to communicate with, kind, compassionate and patient. Something you normally lack from QC’s of his level. Nothing is ever too much for him, he makes a stressful time a whole lot easier. The outcome achieved by Michael in my family members case was a miracle. What an honour to watch this man fight so passionately in court.

COMPANY/FIRM: Michael Wolkind QC
TESTIMONIAL: Whilst his reputation and success are well noted I would like to highlight Michael’s humanitarian side a true gentleman with a willingness to help others and a great ability to read between the lines in seeking the truth.

COMPANY/FIRM: Michael Wolkind QC
TESTIMONIAL: I found myself in a troublesome situation worried and in an area of life unknown to me (on the wrong side of the law) I contacted Michael’s office and he called me back very shortly after to personally speak to me. He was extremely kind, took his time to listen and explain everything to me I was telling him about. I found peace of mind after speaking to Michael as I now understood how things work and the correct steps to take. I would HIGHLY recommend Michael to anybody.

COMPANY/FIRM: Michael Wolkind QC
TESTIMONIAL: There is no doubt in my mind that Michael was the only choice in our matter. He is without doubt an exceptionally easy person to communicate with and his character is that of a pure gentleman.
I cannot thank him enough for all of his assistance in our matter and I will always be grateful and indebted to him for the rest of my life.

CLIENT: MURDER CASE | November 2020
COMPANY/FIRM: Michael Wolkind QC
TESTIMONIAL: If you are seeking justice, then I urge you to contact Michael Wolkind QC. This is a man who wants justice as much as you do and will go above and beyond in order to get it. Other than being an expert in his field, I do believe one of his strengths and what makes him such a successful QC, is he actually has a conscience and a genuine empathy for his subject. He feels your pain and like a surgeon in a theatre, will fight for your life. I can only highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation – He won’t disappoint.

COMPANY/FIRM: Michael Wolkind QC
TESTIMONIAL: Michael was exceptional and went out of the way to help me. While being utmost professional, he had a very compassionate humane approach. I knew I was in the right hands straight away. He sorted out the case in no time and it was closed swiftly and efficiently. I could not have asked for a better team. He is simply the best.

COMPANY/FIRM: Catherine Daly
TESTIMONIAL: After a 8 month long ordeal fighting an ABH Section 1 case… Being imprisoned wrongly (Catherine was straight on the case to get me out which she did) I feel that she really cares about you as a person going through the situation. Always there to pick up the phone when you need her, brilliant legal knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. Catherine had won my acquittal so confidently and I recommend her to anyone. 5 Stars No Doubt!

COMPANY/FIRM: Catherine Daly
TESTIMONIAL: Prior to Catherine taking over my case, I only found solicitors/barrister who would not talk to you about your case before they discussed price for talking. When I found Catherine, she picked up the phone, called me and explained to me everything and even advised me on the strategy to adopt in my case (ABH charge), and that’s even before i officially met her ! Catherine will defend you like if you were defended by a close member of your family. She is honest, committed, hardworking, clever and down to earth. Always quick to respond, even on Saturdays… You will feel reassured, and fully confident that you can rest , someone cares. She improved my bail conditions, she always preferred to limit the cost by sending letters rather than costly hearings, she relentlessly pressed the court to list my case asap. She was amazing during the trial and I was eventually acquitted, so much in my life was at stake. May god reward her for her good work.
Thanks Catherine

CLIENT: Harry Mangan
COMPANY/FIRM: Buxton Ryan & Co
TESTIMONIAL: Catherine has acted in a large number of cases for our firm. She has an outstanding way with all our clients and they routinely volunteer excellent feedback about her. She is caring and empathetic with clients, articulate and persuasive with courts.