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Founded in Germany in 1990, CONSULEGIS is a growing international network of quality independent mid-sized and boutique commercial law firms and other advisory professional firms, as well as in-house counsels, that provides clients with access to the knowledge, experience, skills and resources they need to thrive on a global scale.

CONSULEGIS stays absolutely current on changing global market trends in order to offer clients an effective and seamless advisory experience that incorporates not only sound legal advice from top firms –including The Legal 500 and Chambers ranked firms– but also access to the best accounting and tax firms, consulting firms, IP agencies and M&A firms.

Our members stand by our values of collaboration, strong ethics, a deep respect for confidentiality, mutual trust, honesty and friendship. They also share a strong commitment to the growth of CONSULEGIS, since it benefits our clients to continually expand the range of expertise and geographic coverage available.

New member firms are recruited mostly by way of recommendation, and all candidates are carefully vetted before they are invited to join our network.

Our approach is fresh and innovative. We cultivate creativity and forward-thinking among our members by immersing them in new ideas and technology, and by surrounding them with passionate colleagues everywhere in the world who share their strong desire to learn more about their business and that of their clients.

Exchange between members is fundamental to our growth and success, and we provide year-round opportunities for engagement in different locations to ensure that everyone participates, including:

  • Two global conferences that include annual meetings
  • Participation in specialist and business sector groups that cover organisational matters and substantive law developments
  • International networking and other career-boosting opportunities
  • Additional seminars, tradeshows, etc.

CONSULEGIS is a relationship-based professional network. Mutual trust is fundamental to our success, and this is evident in the level of closeness and cohesiveness among all our member firms – and this cohesiveness is directly felt by clients, who stay in close contact with a team of local and global advisors. The results of CONSULEGIS membership are immediate and quantifiable. We help member firms to achieve faster growth and greater profitability, be more visible to and attract ideal clients, offer clients the personal suport at partner level that big firms cannot match, retain profitable clients with sophistcated cross-border needs, retain and attract the brightest talent and keep up with the latest legal and technology developments worldwide.


We are one of the few truly multidisciplinary networks of quality advisory firms that connects members to exactly the business-critical advisory services their clients need- both locally and globally. Withinour members we have professionals with vast experience in all practice areas of the legal,accountancy and Intellectual Property fields, including but not limited to: Administrative and Constitutional Law, Corporate Law, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Anti-Corruption and Compliance, Banking and Finance, Asset Management & Protection, Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Blockchain, Audit & Assurance services, Business Valuation, Commercial law, Criminal law, Cybersecurity, Employment law, Media & Entertainment law, Protection of IP,White collar, Accountancy support services,etc.

Being growth-minded is what generates our dynamism,business flow and strength as a network and we are equipped to effectively resolve any challenge associated with doing business internationally.

CONSULEGIS members leverage our Practice Group and Sector Group meetings,where experts in each field come together to discuss hot topics,share recent experiences and increase their understanding of how sector-specific issues are approached in other countries.Our main practice groups are Corporate & Tax, International Litigation & Arbitration, IP/IT/Entertainment, Labour & Employment, Public Regulations and Sports. Our main sector groups are Brexit, Fintech, Data & Privacy, Real Estate, Automotive, Aviation, Energy & Environment, Food, Health, Insurance, Private Equity, Retail, Family & Estate and White Collar & Government Enforcement, Accounting & Tax. We have other groups.


CONSULEGIS is not just a legal network, it is a highly-effective solution to doing business across borders. It combines personal relationships and mutual trust with a collective knowledge of legal systems, trading practices, licensing protocols, tax structures and other business complexities.

CONSULEGIS is currently active in 40 jurisdictions across the five continents, and always looking for new member firms that share our vision and values and meet our membership criteria.

Only in 2019, 11 new members have joined our network, increasing out presence in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

We count with several regional groups (LATAM Group, Asia-Pacific Group and EMEA Group) that meet physically twice a year and virtually – through phone calls – at least two more times. These groups are formed by member firms who have offices in the specific regions, but also by some other members who very often refer work to these countries or received work from clients there.

During the regional meetings, members meets to share knowledge on various fields and discuss the challenges of the current business scenario in their regions. These meetings are highly effective for members and, at the same time,bring visibility and recognition to Consulegis within the local business world.

CONSULEGIS has increased its presence around the globe by participating actively in major events and conferences.Some of the events we have been in are European Legaltech Conference,IBA, UIA, IPBA and many others industry related.

As part of our global reach, we have established collaboration agreements with important institutions around the world,such as the IE Business School,with whom we co-organized a seminar on Fintech in Madrid. We are currently working on further collaborations with more institutions,such as Legal ®Evolution,and major legal magazines,as well as with in-house lawyers.


What differentiates CONSULEGIS from other networks that provide legal and professional networking and referral opportunities is its seamless and personal approach.Consulegis members are highly engaged with our network. This is something that can be seen in their active participation: members attend most conferences and seminars, write articles for our webpage, act as panelists during conferences, inform the Management oftheir firm’s milestones, recent activities and collaborations between members, and give any feedback that can be useful to make the most of their networking experience.

This active participation – together with the well-thought structure of our conferences, which combine focused work with plenty of time for leisure and team-building activities- provides members with all the tools they need to establish very strong, long-lasting business & personal relationships. Personal relationships generate trust and camaraderie, which are key for referrals to be successful. The Management provides members with enough space & time to brainstorm and put ideas together regarding all activities that take place in the network. The managing team listens to all members, engages in conversations with them, asks for feedback verbally and through digital surveys. We are proud of our personal approach,which differs from that of other larger networks.

Apart from the practice groups, sector groups and regional groups mentioned above, CONSULEGIS offers space and visibility for Young Lawyers,through their own Young Lawyers Committee. Young Lawyers get involved in the network, receive mentoring from senior lawyers and bring along an innovative vision of how to do business today. Young Lawyers consider the network to be a fantastic and secure platform to learn the skills they need for their jobs.

Last, but not least,it is also important to mention the strong working relationship between the Managing Director and the Advisory Board. They meet physically at least three times a year, during the conferences, and they also have several conference calls in between to keep all managing details up to date.

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Managing Director Caroline Chetrit
President Fernando Hernández Gómez