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The Chambers of R Sivagnanam & Associates (“RSA”)
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The Chambers of R. Sivagnanam & Associates or the “RSA Chambers” as we have come to be known, was established in 1.7.1999. We stand in an alliance with The Chambers Group and Sorin Global.

In 2012 we established a presence in Singapore and London to advance our cross border activity.

Our practice was built on our traditional expertise in employment and administrative law. In the 20 over since our formation, we have grown into a full service boutique firm which offers a complete spectrum of legal services to an established and influential client base, in almost every sector of the economy. Our clients include PLCs, GLCs, MNCs, statutory bodies and institutional investors. We pride ourselves with a partner led practice which is known for innovation, speed and depth both in the field of advisory services and dispute resolution.

Our practice divisions today spans Employment Law, Public Law, Commercial Law, International Sale of Goods, commodity sales contracts, Construction Law, Civil Litigation, disputes arising from investment agreements (inclusive of Corporate Finance, structured finance and the law relating to pension funds), contracts for the sale of business, joint venture agreements, the law relating to fiduciary duties of shareholders and directors and Company law.

Our offices are first class in terms of library, equipment, file management and support staff. We observe a strong work culture in a partner driven practice environment. Through our alliances with the Chambers Group and Sorin Global, we are able to bring a high quality of support and complementary services, which are especially relevant Clients who venture out of their home jurisdiction. We aim to and have succeeded in giving them a home ground advantage wherever they operate.

Practice Divisions

Civil Litigation

As part of our Dispute Resolution practice, we guide our clients in formulating essential strategy and key decisions. We represent our clients in a full range of civil litigation at all levels of the Court hierarchy and at arbitration. Apart from acting for our own clients we are regularly instructed to act as counsel by other firms and by firms of solicitors abroad. Frequently we are engaged well before a matter matures into litigation, enabling us to work closely with clients in managing an evolving dispute.

Dealing with complex situations has been a hallmark of our firm for many years. Our practice has brought us into a variety of situations involving commercial and contractual disputes, including those arising from financial instruments such as guarantees, performance bonds and trusts as well as other commercial agreements in general.

On a more specialized basis we deal with disputes involving technical transactions, for the sale and installation or upgrading of plant, machinery and equipment or the sale and delivery of commodity items in the construction and manufacturing industries. Increasingly and in order to support our clients’ merger and acquisition initiatives, we have handled a wide range of disputes arising from the sale of business operations as a going concern.

With the growing awareness for governance and standards, the law concerning the fiduciary obligations of directors, joint venture partners and senior management has gained a new focus and traction. We have a long track record in this field of work.

Almost all our associates are of course conversant with the usual common law practice comprised of the law of contract and tort, inclusive of negligence, property law, trespass and defamation.

Corporate Litigation

We have represented companies and shareholders in a wide range of issues in this area. This includes compliance with the statutory provisions in company and securities legislation and the fiduciary obligations of directors.

At a more contentious level we have represented clients in shareholder disputes, oppression petitions, disputes raised by minority shareholders or joint venture partners and related disputes which emanate from take-overs and mergers. Our involvement in this regard extends to the representation of our clients in judicial review proceedings or other such public law proceedings involving Regulatory bodies.

With the advance of company legislation and the general enhancement of the standards of governance of companies, this is an area of law which we expect to grow in importance and in depth in the coming years.

Employment Law

Employment law is one of our traditional areas of specialization. We cover the full value chain of advisory support and representation. We have earned the reputation of being the to go firm, especially when a situation is complex and multi dimensional or when large trade unions are involved.

Apart from regulatory and compliance issues, on a more bespoke basis, our services encompass the structuring and drafting of contracts of employment, collective agreements and terms and conditions of employment. We have an extensive track record of establishing policy documents for the promotion of fiduciary standards, the regulation of conflicts of interest, fraud, sexual harassment, and others.

In disputes over dismissals (be it that of an individual or a class of persons) we provide extensive close hand support from the grievance stage or from the point at which disciplinary proceedings are contemplated, through the proceedings at the Industrial Court stage and beyond. We appreciate and give significant weightage to the value of sound guidance in and throughout the process, including corporate investigations, domestic inquiries and to reinforce the efforts of management in collating and analyzing evidence. In terms of representation we act for our clients at all levels including judicial review proceedings in the High Court and thereafter in the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Malaysia.

We stand at the forefront of Collective trade disputes. This has entailed the representation of companies or on an industry basis, the representation of trade unions of employers in trade disputes over collective agreements and general terms and conditions of employment. We have acted for the Association of Insurance Employers, the Malayan Commercial Banks Association and the Sarawak Bank Association. We pioneered the advancement Productivity Linked Wage Systems (PLWS) to outplace the conventional wage model.

We have a strong presence in services related to change management. This includes the change of ownership of businesses, take overs and mergers as well as the restructuring of businesses and business assets and their implications on the manpower position. We have extensive experience in dealing with complex situations involving unionized entities.

Public Law

Our public law practice grew from our regular appearances in the appellate and special powers division of the High Court of Malaya in judicial review applications against awards of the Industrial Court of Malaysia.

Our role in this area has since grown to encompass our representation of certain statutory bodies in regard to whom legislation provides for rights of appeal or the judicial review of decisions of regulatory bodies, planning authorities and local councils.

We are also involved in representing clients in appeals for compensation in land acquisition cases. In such matters we work closely with specialized and reputable valuers who render their guidance and assistance as expert witnesses and in the preparation of valuation reports and other related documentation.

Joint Ventures – Engineering Contracts – Construction Law

This represents the fastest growing segment in our cross border practice.

The clients we represent come from all sides of the spectrum and include developers, specialist service providers, owners and operators. The projects range from housing development projects, to large scale commercial developments, hotels, hospitals, energy, mining, minerals and infrastructure development projects. In fact some of the leading developers and internationally recognized service providers now form part of our regular clientele. Our scope therefore costs across a wide spectrum in the engineering field, this would include civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering as well EPC contracts. We are able to render advice and support such activity either on a direct basis or as part of a Joint Venture structure or PPP (Public Private Partnership) model.

In this particular area of practice we are deeply involved from an early stage of the evolution of the project. This has entailed the rendering of advise, the drafting of correspondence and notices, vetting of agreements and supplemental agreements and such like.

We have also represented our clients in direct negotiations and multi-party conferences in order to establish the initial working platform and to support the process inclusive of any dispute resolution matter arising resolve issues during or after the implementation process.

This area of law has required us to work with overseas counter parts in regard to projects which involve parties of various nationality. We have todate represented clients in a wide range of projects in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, the UAE, Bahrain, India and the UK.


The emergence of Arbitration as a preferred means of dispute resolution in the construction and projects sector and an ever widening range of commercial agreements has increasingly drawn us into the field of Arbitration.

We are able to provide a full range of services in this regard in Malaysia, Singapore and in the Middle East. Our activities encompass the presentation and defence of claims, making applications for interim relief and the full spectrum of preparation in terms of putting together experts and other professionals to collate supporting evidence and to undertake all necessary investigations and verifications of facts and figures.

Our close association with key professionals in material jurisdictions such as the Asia Pacific, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom has provided us with a significant advantage in being able to offer effective representation in arbitration proceedings in these jurisdictions.

Non-contentious / Advisory Practice

  • Conveyancing
  • Corporate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Wills and Succession
  • Corporate Finance
  • Trade Finance
  • Pension Funds
  • Trusts

Corporate Advisory Services


We provide a full range of Corporate Services to complete the value chain to our Corporate clients. These services cater for established corporations as well as new and emerging businesses.

We are able to support our Corporate clientele through a full suite of advisory and support services ranging from:

  • establishment of structures and vehicles;
  • formulation of shareholder agreements and joint ventures;
  • transactions for the acquisition of shares and assets whether in our respective jurisdictions or on a cross border basis;
  • rendering and facilitating advise on Regulatory and Corporate governance issues in jurisdictions that are relevant to a transaction.

Corporate Restructuring

In the field of corporate restructuring we have provided a full suite of services in the following areas:

  • advising companies and facilitating the divestment or the segregation of non-core activities to improve their corporate structure, bankability and receptiveness to investors;
  • advising companies during economic adversity to evolve into a more sustainable position by restructuring their facilities and adopting a more conducive corporate structure;
  • to facilitate supporting and ancillary services to realize these objectives.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Our corporate services extend to the field of Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • acting for buyers and sellers on a full range of private and public company share and asset acquisitions and disposal;
  • advising target companies and bidder on takeovers or significant acquisitions and placement of listed company shares;
  • advising acquiring companies and target companies of regulatory issues or on a more contentious level, representing corporations in public law proceedings against regulators and defending proceedings by minority shareholders;
  • advising Corporations on optimal and strategic terms of sale and post-sale obligations including resort to dispute resolution provisions through forums of international arbitration eg SIAC, ICC, UNCITRAL etc.

Real Estate & Conveyancing

We represent clients in a wide range of property and construction related matters and at every stage of the construction process. Our Clients come from all sides of the spectrum and include leading developers, specialist service providers, owners and operators who are engaged in projects which range from residential development projects, to large scale commercial development, hotels, leisure and wellness.

At the developmental stage we provide an end to end service encompassing the drafting of contracts, correspondence and all other related legal instruments, inclusive of sub- contracts and all disputes arising thereto. At the post developmental stage, we are able to administer sale and purchase transactions and all related end financing.

We have undertaken such services for leading developers. These encompass high end properties in Malaysia and other jurisdictions. We have also structured and implemented joint ventures for the development of various classes of real estate assets.

Over the years we had in collaboration with our affiliates been able to provide bespoke services in:

  • Contractual structures & mechanisms, including complex structures for the acquisition of, investment in and the divestment of real estate assets, in Malaysia, the Asia Pacific Region, London and Europe generally;
  • Procuring market access for developer clients outside Malaysia to divest their development products;
  • Structuring financial models for developers and purchasers of high end assets especially those from overseas in relation to the mobility of their funds and the procurement of finance.

We are able to facilitate the purchasers of high end properties via the establishment of private wealth structures, these include:

  • The establishment of vehicles that are either on shore or off shore for the holding of the asset;
  • The securitization of the asset for cash buyers who wish to monetize the asset after purchase;
  • To advise upon systems for the appropriation of rental income for Overseas buyers;
  • Providing the necessary interphase for overseas buyers to raise finance either from Malaysia or from other major financial capitals. We have strong working relations with financial institutions in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the UK and Middle East.
Department Name Email Telephone
Head of Chambers Rutheran Sivagnanam
Head of Corporate & Converyancing Cindy Lim
Contracts & International Joint Ventures Rutheran Sivagnanam
Labour & Industrial Law Rutheran Sivagnanam
Administrative Law & Judicial Review Rutheran Sivagnanam
Company Law Cindy Lim
Conveyancing, Property Law Land Acquisition Cindy Lim
Land Acquisition Cindy Lim
Law of Trusts Rutheran Sivagnanam, Cindy Lim
Pension Funds Investment Funds Cindy Lim
Investment Funds & Scheme Cindy Lim
Common Law Rutheran Sivagnanam, Cindy Lim, Teh Wen Miin, Teoh Hoay Ying
International Trade Law Rutheran Sivagnanam
Commodity Sale Contract Rutheran Sivagnanam, Cindy Lim
Private Wealth & Private Client Cindy Lim
Trusts & Succession Rutheran Sivagnanam, Cindy Lim
International / Cross Border Services Rutheran Sivagnanam
Photo Name Position Profile
 Cindy Lim Choon Moi  photo Cindy Lim Choon Moi
 Rutheran Sivagnanam  photo Rutheran Sivagnanam
IBA (International Bar Association)
General Council of the Bar of England and Wales

CLIENT: Lee Yeow Seng (Group CEO)
COMPANY/FIRM: IOI Properties Group Berhad
TESTIMONIAL: The IOI Group shares an association of 25 years with Mr Sivagnanam. Having been with us through key phases of our growth, we too witnessed him and his firm grow in strength and stature. In the field of dispute resolution and advisory services, they are force to be reckoned with, having successfully represented us in amongst the most important transactions and disputes we had faced. These include their successful intervention and defence of public law proceedings against the market regulator, commodity trades claims and disputes, international arbitration, claims for compulsory land acquisition and increasingly to support us in our joint ventures and acquisitions domestically and abroad. They distinguish themselves with their ability to adapt and rise to a challenge and to mobilize the full range and depth of resources whether domestically or on a cross border basis. We look forward to their continued growth and success in the years to come.

CLIENT: Dato’ Zainal Shaari
COMPANY/FIRM: Tradewinds (M) Berhad
TESTIMONIAL: RSA Chambers have been our trusted legal advisors for their deep knowledge of the law, thoughtful guidance and sheer commitment to client service. Their professionalism and deep understanding of the business leads to consistent delivery of sound legal strategy, approach and advice.

CLIENT: Dr. Johann Strahlhofer (Member of the Advisory Board)
TESTIMONIAL:We as VAMED Austria are working in Malaysia over 30 years in the health care sector. With your esteemed law firm we are cooperating since nearly 20 years. I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to your law firm and to you personally for the excellent cooperation, your professionalism, your work ethics, timeliness and fruitful contribution to our business success in Malaysia. We are overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality and excellence of the work and cooperation with you and your team. I’m thanking you for your excellent service to our company and looking forward for a further long lasting and fruitful cooperation.

COMPANY/FIRM: Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad
TESTIMONIAL:Throughout our experience of working with Mr Rutheran Sivagnanam of Messrs R. Sivagnanam & Associates, he has always provided us with legal advice that is backed by a strong analysis of the situation, taking into consideration both the practicalities of the matter at hand and balanced with the sensibilities of the business needs. The approach that he takes where client servicing is concerned is truly commendable as he avails himself in accordance to our schedule and requirements and this is one of the factors that make for a positive customer experience.

CLIENT: Kavin Lim
COMPANY/FIRM: Hong Leong Bank Berhad
TESTIMONIAL: I have known Rutheran for some time now and he is an extremely capable lawyer. He has vast knowledge and experience in his area of expertise and stands apart from others due to his ability to comprehend complex issues yet offer clear and sharp strategies. Rutheran is very articulate, with good communication skills and this makes it easier when dealing with challenging clients at times. He is easily accessible and dependable when it comes to my company’s legal needs. With his sound business perspective and analytical skills, he adds value and remains the preferred go to lawyer for complex issues.

CLIENT: Dr. Daniel Yeoh
TESTIMONIAL:Having been dealt with a multitude of lawyers throughout my career, I will not hesitate to say that Rutheran is one of the finest lawyers I have known, equipped with vast industry experience and insightful commercial understanding. He has an outstanding ability to provide lucid and succinct perspectives of a case in various aspects – from the perspective of a client, of a judge, and of a plaintiff/defendant.I am impressed by his ability to identify the most critical issues of a case, and his acuteness in providing the probable outcomes of the case. I place my trust in Rutheran.

CLIENT: En. Ismail Yusoff / En. Ahmad Syakir
COMPANY/FIRM: Padiberas Nasional Berhad (BERNAS)
TESTIMONIAL: It is a pleasure having worked with Rutheran on matters related to Industrial Relations Cases for the past 3 years and counting. He has supported the company in providing legal advices, solutions and end-to-end support. As an HR practitioner, it is crucial for me obtain advices that will enable me to make decisions not only from a legal perspective but also from a practical standpoint. With his vast experience, Rutheran is able to understand the dynamics of business management and provide solutions that supports the company’s needs. This in my opinion separates Rutheran from others that I have worked with.

COMPANY/FIRM: GKN Driveline Malaysia
TESTIMONIAL: GKN Driveline is a global automotive supplier which is focussed on drive system technologies. we operate in a very challenging jurisdiction where the automotive policy Is fast evolving. We have been acquainted with Mr Sivagnanam for over a decade, we found him and the Chambers Group to be a strong partner. They had supported us in ground breaking negotiations and had defended us successfully in important trade dispute proceedings. Mr Sivagnanam distinguishes himself with a sound knowledge of the law, an in depth appreciation of economic principles and the trends in our industry.

CLIENT: Dato’ LK Shun
COMPANY/FIRM: Menang Development Group
TESTIMONIAL:We had engaged Mr Sivagnanam as Lead Counsel for a trial and subsequent judicial review proceedings. We found him to be a Counsel of outstanding stature in Court and an effective Managing Partner of his firm. Apart from his razor sharp attention to detail and his style of cross examination, he had an obvious flair for research and submissions. He stands out above others for his understanding of the practical and operational challenges of public corporations and their governance structure. He is effective in his ability to translate that knowledge with ease and fluency in his handling of cases.

CLIENT: Dato’ Dr. Jacob Thomas (Chairman)
COMPANY/FIRM: Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care Sdn Bhd
TESTIMONIAL:The Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care (RSDH) Group has been acquainted with Mr Sivagnanam for nearly 2 decades. We turned to him and his Company for representation in 2 major cases. We were impressed with their professionalism, depth and ability to turn around documents at rapid speed in legal proceedings that spanned civil suits, public law proceedings, industrial arbitration and appeals. I was then the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital and sorely responsible to handle this case. Though out this stressful journey for over 5 years, Mr Sivagnanam’s standing as a lead counsel and the machinery of the firm as a whole stood us though. We have come to know that the Chambers of RSA is a diversified full service practice which covered the breadth of our industry’s value chain, ranging from project development, equipment solutions, management, investment and others. Today we are sure and confident of high standards of advice in whatever matter we approach them.

CLIENT: Michael Khoo
COMPANY/FIRM: Atlan & United Industrial Group
TESTIMONIAL:We had the pleasure of having RSAChambers representing us in dispute resolution and industrial arbitration involving a national union disputes. Their excellent preparation, work and guidance have allowed our group of companies to reach a favourable settlement even before starting trial. The in-dept knowledge and direct involvement of the firm’s Managing Partner, Mr. Rutheran Sivagnanam have allowed us to save both resources and time, giving us back the focus on our business and growth. He has continued to represent us in establishing contractual structures with our partners and in our commercial dealings generally.

CLIENT: En. Mohd Syukri (Chief People Officer)
COMPANY/FIRM: AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad
TESTIMONIAL:I have worked with Mr Sivagnanam for nearly 2 decades in the context of the Association of Insurance Employers (AIE) and the AXA Group of Companies in Malaysia. We found him to be a Lead Counsel of considerable stature with the ability to handle hard cases and tense situations with multiple stakeholders. Apart from his command of the law and Court craft, his extensive knowledge of the financial services sector and its macro-economic dynamics gave us a tremendous advantage. Over the years he has acted for our Group in employment and public law issues and has supported Group companies at various stages of reorganisation and streamlining in a sector that operates under significant regulatory scrutiny.

CLIENT: Datuk Wira Azhar (Chairman)
COMPANY/FIRM: Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (FGV)
TESTIMONIAL: Rutheran Sivagnanam advised the Board of FGV Holdings Berhad for several months during a challenging period involving multiple legal issues and complex corporate matters. He was exactly the person we needed, deftly guiding the Board and a select group of senior management through potential legal minefields. His advice was precise and easily actionable, his knowledge of the law encyclopaedic and his experience in dealing with complex corporate issues invaluable. Rutheran made himself available throughout a period of several weeks, providing the crucial legal support required during a challenging period. His service was invaluable to us.

CLIENT: Dato’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir (Group CEO)
COMPANY/FIRM: AmBank Group Malaysia
TESTIMONIAL: Testimonial: R. Sivagnanam & Associates founder, Mr Rutheran Sivagnanam has extensive and in-depth knowledge in industrial relations and corporate litigation matters. He understands his client’s business and intricate requirements. Mr. Rutheran and his firm have acted proactively to advise and guide us on issues faced. Importantly, he keeps pace with us and has consistently simplified complex legal issues to help us achieve the best outcomes.

COMPANY/FIRM: Low Yat Group Malaysia
TESTIMONIAL:The Group has been engaged with the Chambers of R. Sivagnanam & Associates for the past 15 years serving the organization’s litigation, conveyancing and related needs of our diverse business divisions, spanning from property development and hospitality management to agriculture and industrial. The firm has uncompromisingly delivered professionalism and excellent service quality no matter the circumstances and challenges. Their founder and principal partner, Mr. Rutheran is not only a brilliant lawyer, but also an outstanding individual of high EQ and principals, possessing multiple competencies and aptitude, foremost being his strategic thinking, creativity and borderless knowledge


The Chambers of R Sivagnanam & Associates or “RSA Chambers” as we have come to be known, was established in July 1999. At the beginning we stood at the threshold of “Y2k” and the aftermath of the 1997 Economic crisis.

The firm’s practice early practice revolved around employment and public law. We diversified quickly, aggressively and in a sustained manner across the field of dispute resolution and advisory services. Geographically we spread our wings across the Asia Pacific Region and key Middle Eastern and European jurisdictions. We now cover the full value chain of legal and consulting services, in a Partner Led practice that leveraged upon speed, depth and the ability mobilize across practice divisions in a short time and where required on a cross boarder basis.
In time we came to be known as the firm that handles “hard cases” and who had credible depth in research. We had the ability to lead in fast paced proceedings and manage multiple stakeholders. Our extensive and influential client base is a testament to a legacy of hard work and uncompromising standards.

Employment Advisory
Apart from regulatory and compliance work RSA structures complex contracts for C-Suite members, incorporating high-performance elements, the requisite weights, checks and balances. We also draft and advise upon collective agreements and terms and conditions of employment. We have an impressive track record for the establishment of bespoke policy documents for the promotion of fiduciary standards – conflict of interest, fraud, procurement integrity etc.

Individual Disputes
We have a long legacy of appearing at the Industrial Courts and all appellate levels. We have always appreciated the importance and value of sound guidance from the very outset. Hence we have been active in employment investigations and audits.

Collective Trade Disputes & Restructuring
RSA is a leader in this field having represented companies, conglomerates and trade unions of employers (on a national level) in trade disputes. The disputes principally concern the fixation of wages and rates of pay and benefits, which involves an indepth industry understanding of macro economic dynamics. We have been at the forefront of innovating change in remuneration systems and other terms of employment. In particular, this has entailed the development of of schemes for Productivity Linked Wage Systems (PLWS) and the phasing out the conventional wage model.

Change in Ownership of Business & Change Management
Much of our clients grew by acquisition and mergers. Key sectors such as the financial services sector faced a regulatory impetus to merger and consolidate. RSA placed a front line role in advise and consultancy over the change of ownership of businesses, takeovers and mergers as well as the restructuring of businesses and business assets. We have dealt with complex transactions involving unionised businesses with the encumbrance of legacy collective agreements, as well as the downsizing of operations on a large scale.



The Chambers of R Sivagnanam & Associates or “RSA Chambers” as we have come to be known, was established in July 1999. At the beginning we stood at the threshold of “Y2k” and the aftermath of the 1997 Economic crisis.

The firm’s practice early practice revolved around employment and public law. We diversified quickly, aggressively and in a sustained manner across the field of dispute resolution and advisory services. Geographically we spread our wings across the Asia Pacific Region and key Middle Eastern and European jurisdictions. We now cover the full value chain of legal and consulting services, in a Partner Led practice that leveraged upon speed, depth and the ability mobilize across practice divisions in a short time and where required on a cross boarder basis.

In time we came to be known as the firm that handled “hard cases” and who had credible depth in research. We had the ability to lead in fast paced proceedings and manage multiple stakeholders. Our extensive and influential client base is a testament to a legacy of hard work and uncompromising standards.


We have a fully developed dispute resolution practice encompassing both litigation, arbitration and adjudication. We are engaged in a wide spectrum of civil, corporate and commercial litigation, at all levels of the Court hierarchy. It is common for us to be actively engaged in a pre-litigation stage and to render close hand support in an evolving dispute. The subject matter of our briefs cover the full range of commercial and contractual disputes arising from an assortment of financial instruments, e.g. guarantees, performance bonds, corporate bonds, trusts as and other complex commercial agreements.

On a more specialized basis, we have been engaged in disputes arising from technical transactions, for the sale, installation or upgrading of plants, engineering and procurement contracts (EPC), or the sale and delivery of commodities and specialty goods. The construction and development sector is an important part of our clientele and with it we have supported prominent developers in the full suite of construction claims and disputes.

With the growing awareness for governance and risk management, the law concerning fiduciary obligations of directors, joint venture partners, and Senior Management Personnel have acquired a new prominence. This has been the subject of fiduciary investigations, audits and claims.


We have represented companies and shareholders in the law concerning adherence with transactional terms and compliance with governing legislation, and representation in proceedings involving regulators, e.g. the Securities Commission and Companies Commission.

At a more contentious level, we have represented clients in shareholder disputes, oppression petitions, disputes raised by minority shareholders or joint venture partners and a variety of disputes which emanate from takeovers and mergers. Our involvement in this regard extends to the representation of our clients in judicial review and other such public law proceedings against Regulators.

Appreciating the growing complexity of disputes and transactions our collaboration with the Chambers Group and the Sorin Group have been able to host a dynamic network of key professionals in related support fields.