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Radcowie Prawni Spó?ka Partnerska
Moniuszki 6/2, 31
513 Kraków

Banking and finance Tier 6

FinTaxLegal is a Krakow-based firm with a focus on cutting edge areas of financial services. Its group has a high level of expertise in the fintech arena and is called upon by clients to advise on the regulatory aspects of their operations. The team is co-led by founding partners Zbigniew Długosz and Konrad Stolarski.

FinTaxLegal (ftl) co-managed by partners Dr. Zbigniew Długosz and Dr. Konrad Stolarski is a Krakow/Warsaw legal and consultancy firm composing of specialist lawyers and lawyers/economists with over a decade long experience in the field of financial law and regulation of emerging technologies markets. The Financial Services Department of ftl to this day remains its driving force in the portfolio of the law firm’s projects, as all lawyers even if primarily engaged in other practice areas all share a deep practical understanding of the financial, banking and payment markets. Ftl is also well known for its ability to handle multijurisdictional projects subject to more than one national legal system. ftl advises both international and Polish market leaders and incumbents as well as emerging entities in the initial stage of growth.