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Binenbojm & Carvalho Britto Advocacia

Public law Tier 5

Binenbojm & Carvalho Britto Advocacia 'is unique in strategic civil litigation' and is highlighted for its direct contact with senior partners, all of whom have 'solid knowledge and excellent performance in the superior courts'. 'Outstanding lawyer' Flávio Carvalho Britto is experienced in litigation involving complex constitutional and administrative law matters. Gustavo Binenbojm heads the department and is particularly active in the telecoms, energy and insurance sectors.

Photo Name Position Profile
 Gustavo Binenbojm  photo Gustavo Binenbojm
 Mariana Campos  photo Mariana Campos
 Flávio Carvalho Britto  photo Flávio Carvalho Britto
 André Cyrino  photo André Cyrino
 Francisco Defanti  photo Francisco Defanti
 Mateus Dias  photo Mateus Dias
 Liz Guidini  photo Liz Guidini
 Luísa Knebel  photo Luísa Knebel
 Arthur Lardosa  photo Arthur Lardosa
 Cesar Lima  photo Cesar Lima
 Rafael Lorenzo-Fernandez Koatz  photo Rafael Lorenzo-Fernandez Koatz
Ms Carolina Macedo photo Ms Carolina Macedo Partner
 Amanda Pessanha  photo Amanda Pessanha
 Filipe Seixo  photo Filipe Seixo
 Bernardo Serpa  photo Bernardo Serpa
 Laura Tanus  photo Laura Tanus
 Renato Toledo  photo Renato Toledo
 Alice Voronoff  photo Alice Voronoff