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Chile > Labour and employment Tier 4

The ‘always available’ seven-member team at Del Río Izquierdo Abogados has significant experience in hirings, terminations, compensation packages and collective bargaining, along with migration issues, subcontracting, due diligence, and labour-related administrative and jurisdictional litigation. Its clients are predominantly from the mining, construction, technology, manufacturing, hotels and beauty sectors. With ‘an eye for detail’, founding partner Eduardo Izquierdo Bacarreza  heads up the labour practice group, while Francisco Bañados Geywitz is litigation practice group director.

Practice head(s):

Eduardo Izquierdo Bacarreza; Francisco Bañados Geywitz


Differentiates itself through response times and quality answers.

The lawyers take good care of their clients and their litigation.

They are always available for meetings and clarifications.

Eduardo Izquierdo Bacarreza deals with legal issues quickly, and has an eye for detail.

Eduardo Izquierdo Bacarreza is always available and has very good knowledge, not only of the legislation but of our business, which is a plus when compared with other firms.

Key clients

Unisys Sudamericana Corporation

Maestra Edificación

Grupo Maestra

Compañía Minera Nevada

Maestra Construcción

Grupo Maestra

Inversiones Barrick Conosur

Grupo Barrick

Mattel Chile

Tetra Pak De Chile Comercial

Parque Zoológico Buinzoo

Fundación Prohumana

Gestora Studio 3000

Mecalux Chile

Accor Chile

Work highlights

  • Assisted Compañía Minera Nevada with a collective bargaining process.
  • Assisted Unisys Sudamericana Corporation with a collective bargaining process.
  • Defended Gestora Studio 3000 against a lawsuit filed by four service providers.

Chile > Corporate and M&A Tier 6

With its key clients in the mining, manufacturing, construction and hotels sectors, Del Río Izquierdo Abogados‘ five-member department is experienced in the incorporation of companies, M&A, split-offs, stock exchanges and financial instruments. It also assists with reorganisations and winding-ups, along with licensing, franchising and distribution agreements. Alejandra Aguad Deik directs the corporate, real estate and compliance practice groups, while labour and real estate law expert Eduardo Izquierdo Bacarreza also has corporate practice experience. Former senior associate Francisco Prat left the firm in 2020.

Practice head(s):

Alejandra Aguad Deik; Eduardo Izquierdo Bacarreza


Complete, hardworking, detailed knowledge of all the legal issues in question – they properly look after the interests of the client and are good negotiators.

Excellent relationships with clients and a very collaborative team – 100% transparent billing.

The responses are on time and adapt to the needs of the client.

A disciplined team that is always at the client’s disposal.

The availability of the entire team makes a difference; they are quick and assertive in delivering their work, and always ready to propose new ideas – a quality service.

All of outstanding professional quality, very willing, and available to do what is requested.

Great for their ability to reach agreements with counterpart lawyers.

Highly regarded negotiation skills.

Key clients

Barrick Gold

Accor Hotels Chile

Tetra Pak De Chile Comercial

Mecalux Chile

Bravo Héroes Chile

TK Elevadores Chile

Tetra Pak De Chile Comercial

Parque Zoológico Buinzoo

Accor Chile

Work highlights

  • Assisted Bravo Héroes Chile (creator of a technology platform and an innovative model for the commercialisation and distribution of brands of several consumer products) with its creation and operation.

Chile > Dispute resolution: litigation Tier 6

Del Río Izquierdo Abogados' litigation and conflict resolution practice is regularly sought out by clients from the finance, mining, energy, construction, real estate, hospitality, retail and technology sectors. Director of the litigation practice group, Francisco Bañados G is a civil, commercial, bankruptcy and criminal-procedure specialist. Also integral to the practice are experienced partner Alejandra Aguad Deik (director of the corporate, real estate, legal and compliance practice groups), and founding partner Eduardo Izquierdo, whose litigation practice includes constitutional, civil and commercial matters. José Joaquín Meza Maggi is an experienced senior associate.

Practice head(s):

Francisco Bañados G; Alejandra Aguad Deik; Eduardo Izquierdo


We have been a client of this firm for several years now – we made the best decision when hiring them.

We fully trust their judgement, knowledge, experience and commitment.

The lawyers of this firm make up a cohesive and multidisciplinary team with knowledge of different areas of law, which allows them to provide comprehensive advice.

Great preparation and knowledge of the subjects they handle – doing so with very good judgement.

Open to listening to suggestions and proposals from the client.

Great human quality of its members and comprehensive knowledge of the matters dealt with.

Good treatment of costs and billings, with a clear format in fee collection.

Key clients

Tanner Servicios Financieros

Maestra Edificación

Maestra Construcciones

Maestra Buin

Maestra Santa Rosa

Avla Compañía de Créditos y Seguros

Servicios Financieros Factor Plus

Proinvest Promotora de Inversiones

Inmobiliaria Vallauri

Inmobiliaria Innuendo

José Gabriel Massuh Isaías

Diana Miryam del Carmen Valenzuela Méndez

Granja Marina Tornagaleones

BBVA Factoring

Work highlights

  • Defended Inmobiliaria Vallauri against a lawsuit filed by a bank.
  • Defended Granja Marina Tornagaleones against a claim filed by the largest electricity company in southern Chile.
  • Defended Diana Miryam del Carmen Valenzuela Méndez against a claim concerning the nullity of a corporate modification.

Del Río Izquierdo Abogados has its origins in the law firm Del Río y Morgan Limitada, created in the year 1997 as a result of a split of the Otero law firm. Since then, our working method and commitment to our clients has allowed us to offer specific solutions to the most varied legal matters, developing long-lasting client-attorney relationships founded on trust.

At Del Río Izquierdo Abogados we provide comprehensive advisory and legal services to individuals and entities, both local and foreign. We seek to add value offering simple, flexible and effective legal solutions through a personalized relation between our firm’s partners and attorneys and our clients.

We are a law firm with high ethical and excellence standards, with professionals that are proactive, creative, diverse, tolerant and empathic to our client’s matters.

Our hallmark is the level of involvement that our partners and attorneys achieve in connection with the business and industry of our clients, allowing us to truly understand their needs and thus achieve swift, creative and –specially- efficient solutions to their corporate and operational matters as well as potential contingencies related to their businesses.

At Del Río Izquierdo Abogados we provide integral and personalized legal services to a great number of national and foreign companies and corporate
groups, wealthy individuals, family offices and family businesses.

Our clients’ activities are in the industrial, commercial and services industries:

  • Groups of companies of the electric and gas sector
  • Groups of construction and real estate companies
  • International manufacturing companies (packages, technology, chemical, toys and beauty products).
  • Financial and factoring companies with operations in Latin America
  • International hotel groups
  • Multinational corporate groups of the mining sector
  • International groups of electric power companies
  • International companies of elevators and escalators
  • Companies engaged in the farming and commercialization of salmon and trout
Corporate Humberto del Río
Labor & Employment/Real Estate and Urban Development/Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Juan Eduardo Izquierdo
Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Francisco Bañados
Strategic Solutions Jorge Navarrete
Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution/Compliance/Corporate and M&A Alejandra Aguad
English (fluent)