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White-collar crime Tier 1

ZKS Law Attorneys’ practice attracts praise for its ‘in-depth expertise in relation to criminal cases of an economic nature’. The team handles a wide range of fraud, corruption, bribery and tax misconduct mandates, and is increasingly focusing on due diligence and criminal risk analysis issues. The department’s client base spans public officials, business owners and senior executives. Managing partner Denis Saushkin has substantial white-collar crime experience, while Andrey Grivtsov and Maria Korchagina contribute to the firm’s expertise in investigations; Korchagina joined the team in 2019 from a position in the public sector. Alexey Kasatkin and Sergey Malyukin are also noted. Tatyana Nozhkina  was a new arrival in 2020.

Practice head(s):


In-depth expertise in criminal cases of economic nature.

I would like to note the high professional level of ZKS Law Attorneys’ team, its well-coordinated competent work, and extensive experience in white-collar criminal cases.

Attorneys of ZKS Law Attorneys are distinguished by their thorough knowledge of both the law and the principles driving the law enforcement authorities and the judicial system.

Team members have significant experience, which allows them to give a realistic assessment of the problem and act as efficiently as possible under pressure from the police.

Andrey Grivtsov is extremely attentive to details, meticulous in calculating risks and preparing for speaking in court, and always achieves great results.

A tenacious leader, Denis Saushkin always understands our issues and solves them quickly and in a creative manner.

Denis Saushkin fully lives up to his reputation as a strong criminal law attorney who has impressive experience in projects at the intersection of criminal and tax law. He can rightfully be considered one of the best attorneys for businesses – he is equally aware of the specifics of the work of law enforcement authorities as well as the complexity of a company’s business management.

Sergey Malyukin provides understandable analysis of issues and provides practical recommendations.

Key clients

OOO Yastro

We R. Signs

Olga Evstafieva

Alexander Yarchuk

Stanislav Kuner

OOO Promselkhozinvest

Mikhail Maksimenko

Denis Voronenkov

Alexander Shestun

ZKS Law Attorneys specializes in criminal law. We represent our clients in criminal proceedings on charges of economic and white-collar crimes.

We protect Russian and foreign clients’ interests in criminal cases involving fraud, corruption and bribery charges, official misconduct, tax misconduct, bad faith conduct in bankruptcy proceedings, contract default, including public contracts; and corporate conflicts with a criminal element. We represent our clients in pre-trial investigations and in court, both as alleged offenders and witnesses. We protect our clients’ businesses against interference of law enforcement agencies, including dawn raids, advise on criminal due diligence and help with internal investigations. We also provide defence in criminal proceedings conducted in foreign jurisdictions or at the international level including extradition procedures.

All of our attorneys have worked as investigators across a number of internal state and investigative organs making up the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Investigation Committee and Prosecutor’s Office prior to joining the firm.

Developing the practice of legal support in criminal cases at international level, ZKS included as a partner Mrs. Maria Korchagina. She speaks English and French and acts as a counsel for both Russian and foreign clients.

Professor Gennady Esakov also joined the ZKS as a counsel. He acted as an a expert in Russian and foreign courts and international jurisdictional bodies. In recent years, he worked as an expert with Baker McKenzie, Debevoise & Plimpton, Clifford Chance CIS, FBK Legal, Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasyev & Partners, Sberbank and other large Russian and foreign companies. Professor Esakov provides legal support on issues of Russian, foreign, and international criminal law.

We provide legal assistance in business sphere including

  • defence of Russian and foreign business structures in criminal proceedings complicated by international element
  • protection of business structures from unlawful and/or unreasonable intrusion of authorities in business activity
  • protection of business structures from fraud
  • audit and minimization of risk of criminal investigation as to business activity
  • implementation a strategic program of protection from risks of criminal nature in a company

We provide legal assistance to individuals including

  • defence of Russian and foreign individuals in criminal proceedings complicated by international element
  • defence of individuals in criminal proceedings conducted in foreign jurisdictions or at the international level including extradition procedures
  • criminal defence, legal assistance to witnesses and victims in criminal cases
Department Name Email Telephone
White-collar crime Denis Saushkin +7 (495) 660-37-60
White-collar crime Andrey Grivtsov +7 (495) 660-37-60
White-collar crime Maria Korchagina +7 (495) 660-37-60
White-collar crime Gennady Esakov +7 (495) 660-37-60
Photo Name Position Profile
 Alexey Bukanev photo Alexey Bukanev Attorney-at-Law, Partner
 Victoria Buklova  photo Victoria Buklova Attorney-at-Law, Junior partner
 Sergey Dyakin  photo Sergey Dyakin Attorney-at-Law, Partner
 Gennady Esakov  photo Gennady Esakov Counsel, Doctor of Law, Professor
 Andrey Grivtsov photo Andrey Grivtsov Attorney-at-Law, Senior partner
 Maria Korchagina  photo Maria Korchagina Attorney-at-Law, Partner
 Anastasia Lukyanova  photo Anastasia Lukyanova Attorney-at-Law, Junior partner
 Kirill Makhov photo Kirill Makhov Attorney-at-Law, Partner
 Sergey Malyukin  photo Sergey Malyukin Attorney-at-Law, Partner
 Tatyana Nozhkina  photo Tatyana Nozhkina Attorney-at-Law, Senior Partner
 Denis Saushkin photo Denis Saushkin Attorney-at-Law, Managing partner
 Daria Shulgina  photo Daria Shulgina Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Number of lawyers : 16

ZKS Law Attorneys cooperates with the National Fund of Rehabilitation Development, the main purpose of which is to help children, adolescents and young adults with disabilities by unlocking their potential and assisting them to integrate into society.

ZSK helps the Fund to develop the project “Workshop of Good”, in which teachers teach student the basics of computer design and typesetting of printed materials. The second aim of the project is training in various skills in the workplace.