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Since its establishment in 2018, procurement boutique Ulfsdotter Law has built a sizeable practice in this space, advising a broad client base including central purchasing bodies, municipalities, state-owned entities, and prominent suppliers. The team handles procurement processes across the healthcare, housing, and transportation sectors; for contracting authorities, it provides input on the design of procurement documents and the evaluation of bids, while it advises suppliers on the preparation of bids. The practice is also active in contentious cases, representing both sides in review procedures and damage claims. Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell leads the team and is highly regarded for her experience in this sector.

Practice head(s):

Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell

Other key lawyers:

Elin Nilsson


‘I would say that the thing that makes Ulfsdotter Law stand out from the rest of the specialist counsels/lawyers in public procurement is the totally unique competence and expertise that Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell herself holds: she has experience as a judge, legal counsel in court, legislation assignments regarding public procurement laws from the government, specialist assignments and spoken of as the No 1 expert in public procurements in Sweden. Even though the law firm is still small in regards to the number of employers, she manages to hire the best of the best working with and for her. I can without any hesitation say that if you have got the most complicated case/dispute on your hands, Ulfsdotter Law is the number one choice when choosing a legal counsel or expert because they stand for integrity, skill, tact and competence AND they are outstanding when it comes to availability and responding.’

‘A small firm with lots of competence and very high service level. Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell is one of the most experienced lawyers in Sweden regarding public procurement.’

‘Ulfsdotter Law has demonstrated exceptional professionalism throughout their work. They are extremely thorough and don’t leave anything to chance. They always inform us as their client before the next step is taken and give us as much time as possible to respond. Furthermore, they always make the effort to weigh different alternative actions and their consequences against each other. If there is any new development in the cases they represent us in, they immediately inform us.’

‘I have mainly worked with Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell but her associates also contribute to the experience I have had with Ulfsdotter Law. Anna has a deep and profound knowledge in the field of public procurement, but her expertise also goes beyond the area. She answers every question you might have with as many details you might wish for, and she does so without delay. In comparison other firms I have worked with lack the in-depth knowledge and don’t give you the same service and attention to detail.’

‘Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell is business oriented and professional, yet very personal and easy-going. In addition, her knowledge in public procurement matters is exceptional and she is skilled in proactively explaining how the legislation could be applied in our business.’

‘I was impressed by Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell’s enormous knowledge, extensive experience from the procurement area and her high availability. We could quickly get answers to our more complicated questions even during summer and holiday times. Elin Nilsson impressed us with her excellent way of quickly getting through and coming up with good solutions and answers to claims from the other party. Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell and Elin Nilsson together form a brilliant duo, with the opportunity to assist in all difficult procurement law issues. Enormous knowledge and experience as well as very high availability. They are also very nice and easy to work with. I can strongly recommend Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell and Elin Nilsson.’

‘The Team has executed their assignments in a really skilled, accurate, educating, supporting and strategic way. I can highly recommend them in the different phases in public procurement processes. What makes their practice unique is Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell’s long experience and enormous knowledge within the practice area combined with the team’s high availability and excellent understanding of our market and organization. I am also very impressed by the team’s outstanding way of teaching our organisation the public procurement process and what we, as a supplier, must bear in mind. This is of great value to us as a client. A better team than Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell and Elin Nilsson must be hard to find.’

Key clients


Randstad Sweden Group AB

Mediplast AB

Municipality of Huddinge

Electrolux Hemprodukter AB

Karolinska Institutet

Municipality of Örebro

The Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Managemen

IBM Svenska AB

Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö AB

AB Scandinavian Motorcenter

Municipality of Eskilstuna

Akrima Bygg AB

Eskilstuna Kommunfastigheter AB

Work highlights

  • Advised SJ AB during the execution of a public procurement process and successfully represented SJ AB in an application for review case before the Stockholm Administrative Court.
  • Advised Randstad Sweden Group AB on participating in a public procurement for staffing services/IT services/office services.
  • Advised Mediplast AB on price negotiations during the term of a public contract.

Ulfsdotter Law is a law firm specialised within the public procurement field of law. Our team has extensive experience within the area and provides strategic procurement advice to our clients with the objective to help them achieve successful public business results.

Our clients are Swedish contracting authorities and entities as well as Swedish and international suppliers with businesses targeting the public sector.

Ulfsdotter’s ambition is to have long term relationships with our clients. We know their markets, we understand their needs and are therefore able to give the best possible procurement legal advice in every public transaction.

Lawyer and partner Anna Ulfsdotter Forssellanna.ulfsdotter.forssell@ulfsdotterlaw.com+46 (0)72 50 77 300
Anna Ulfsdotter Forssell photo Anna Ulfsdotter ForssellAnna Ulfsdotter Forssell, at Ulfsdotter Law, has more than 20 years of…