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Dispute resolution Tier 4

The 'approachable, professional and reliable' disputes team at TKP Law represents a client roster of largely Malaysian companies in contentious corporate, commercial, civil, and criminal instructions. Calvin Khoo focuses on corporate and commercial disputes while James Joshua Paulraj handles a range of matters including commercial, corporate, and civil litigation; Palaraman Taneswaran is a name to note for criminal litigation.


The whole team was very professional and dedicated, easy to approach and always contactable. The responded to queries and requests very quick and without reminders.

Key clients

Dato’ Mohamad Rais bin Zainuddin (LSAB IBS Sdn Bhd)

Dato’ Seri Haji Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Rahim

XiddiG Cellular Communications Sdn Bhd

Foo Tuck Meng



Yang Berhormat Datin Paduka Dr. Tan Yee Kew

Aerohawk Air Sdn Bhd

Ikhtiar Seni Sdn Bhd

Juta Permai Sdn Bhd

APEC Global Resources Sdn Bhd

ACT Hubs Sdn Bhd

Aviation Corporation Development (M) Sdn Bhd

Surimas Lumayan Sdn Bhd (Member of the Exsim Group of Companies)

Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd (Member of the Exsim Group of Companies)

Cosmopolitan Avenue Sdn Bhd (Member of the Mammoth Group of Companies)

Ekowood Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Ekowood International Berhad

SCOMI Group Berhad and all its subsidiaries


QC Scientific (M) Sdn Bhd

M. S. Star Travel Agencies Sdn Bhd

Alstron Mining Sdn Bhd

Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association

TKP Law was established on 1.8.2015 when three young lawyers gathered their courage to embark on their own career with a joint-experience of 10 years as Advocates & Solicitors of the High Court of Malaya. On 3.10.2016, a merger took place with Messrs. Tanes & Co to form the present TKP Law oufit; consisting of Calvin Khoo, James Joshua Paulraj, and Taneswaran a/l Palaraman.

The concept and belief of TKP Law has always been to offer the best and most diligent legal services that a legal practitioner can offer. We understand that legal solutions are best served practically and efficiently; be it in terms of costs, time, or effort. Although it remains a dire need to constantly support the firm’s monthly upkeep, TKP Law understands that not all matters ought to be litigated and “dispute resolution” often also means, “settlement at the earliest possible”.

At TKP Law, we also strive to provide a 360-degrees legal service; corporate advisory, civil litigation, and criminal litigation. Disputes can come in any form and in this modern society, clients often demand that legal representation be made available at their fingertips; i.e. their problems are dealt with, with a simple WhatsApp message or an email.

To give a better insight, the work of our firm ranges from drafting, negotiating and structuring corporate matters which includes corporate advisory and land conveyancing; to general litigation in areas such as public law and constitutional disputes, corporate disputes, intellectual property disputes, banking, libel and slander, employment / industrial law, contract law, commercial disputes, land acquisition, land law related matters, aviation, medical negligence, offences under the Penal Code, offences related to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, and that of National Security.

Calvin Khoo is known for his vast work in corporate and commercial disputes, intellectual property matters, construction disputes, family disputes, and public policy matters. Calvin is currently the counsel and solicitor representing XiddiG Cellular Communications Sdn Bhd, the company currently responsible for advancing 5G technology and services across Malaysia. Calvin is also the counsel and solicitor for housing developers (Juta Permai Sdn Bhd, Merge Housing Sdn Bhd, Ikhtiar Seni Sdn Bhd); the Member of Parliament of Wangsa Maju (part of her legal team and initiative for legal assistance to the needy); SCOMI Group Berhad (one of the major contractors for the MRT Project in Malaysia); Man Hydraulic & Rollers Sdn Bhd (a member of Rohas Group), and many more. The high-profile corporate and commercial work of Calvin puts him at a different level in terms of time-management; files management; and most importantly, client management.

James Joshua Paulraj is presently involved in a matter against Yayasan Selangor (a foundation wholly owned by the State Government of Selangor) at the Federal Court of Malaysia; where substantial arguments were made on the issue of costs; setting a new benchmark in the interpretation of “costs” in Malaysia. James had previously also represented 1,065 Plaintiffs in a suit brought against Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Bank Negara Malaysia; at that material time, this matter was famously known as the “Genneva Gold Case”. Not forgetting, James also advised the public on possible “Phantom Voters” prior to the Malaysian 14th General Elections.

Throughout the end of 2018 until the start of 2019, efforts were put in place to expand the practice of TKP Law to cover the area of “personal injury and tortious claims”. This initiative is spear-headed by the “Criminal Law Division” partner of TKP Law; Taneswaran a/l Palaraman. The idea was simple; to standardise and professionalise all personal injury matters in Malaysia – going hand in hand with our belief that legal representation should be made easily accessible to everyone. Taneswaran also succeeded in moving a motion at the Bar Council AGM to introduce “Anticipatory Bail” under the Malaysian Criminal Procedure Code. Taneswaran also succeeded in securing the acquittal of his client over a murder charge, at the prima facie stage.

The recollection above clearly shows that TKP Law is on a constant growth in terms of clientele and experience. We have incorporated an online system where the partners will give instructions via an online platform and the office will incorporate these instructions into an online calendar / tracking system where everyone from TKP Law will be able to access. We have also begun to utilise emails and WhatsApp as a means of sending draft cause papers to clients for approvals and comments. The results were exceptional; respond speed is now at an all-time high and issues can be resolved almost immediately – allowing partners to move on to other files and not leave clients waiting too long for their briefs to be attended to.

All in all, what sets TKP Law apart from other firms can be summarised as follow:-

  1. The willingness to attend to Client’s needs on a 360 degrees basis.
  2. The ability to provide legal services on almost all aspects of the law.
  3. The expertise and experience to handle most matters due to the vast area of legal practice.
  4. Having a system that allows partners and the work force to work remotely and physically, without the worry of missing datelines or important matters.
  5. An integrated work-system that provides efficient and practical “dispute resolution solutions” to all its clients.

All in all, our Clients’ needs are our top priority.

Department Name Email Telephone
Civil Division Calvin Khoo
Civil Division James Joshua Paulraj
Criminal Division Taneswaran a/l Palaraman
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Calvin Khoo photo Mr Calvin Khoo Partner
Mr Taneswaran Palaraman  photo Mr Taneswaran Palaraman
 James Joshua Paulraj photo James Joshua Paulraj
Melisa Lim Ying Yee : Legal Associate
Neeshanthiniy a/p Krishnamoorthy : Pupil-in-Chambers
Sharhil binti Marzuki : Chief Clerk
Norinizar bin Abu Bakar : Logistics & Service Assistant
English (fluent)
Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)
Bahasa Malaysia
Hindi (and several Indian regional languages)
Rotary International