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Legis Chambers
Legis Chambers
Fitz Eylwin House, 25 Holbon Viaduct

Legis Chambers is a modern forward looking set.

Our barristers have a wide range of expertise and experience. Whether you are seeking help with civil disputes, criminal litigation, or immigration, family, employment law, we are here to help. We are pleased to have a set of highly motivated, well established and successfully acclaimed barristers.

Here at Legis Chambers, we are committed to delivering not only a high quality service including personal and professional legal advice and excellent advocacy in court, but also extra client care.

We are located in the heart of London, in the midst of London’s legal fraternity. This enables us to stay in touch with recent developments in the law and to access the courts for urgent and or routine work.

Most of our barristers can be instructed by direct access.

Photo Name Position Profile
 Mohammed Akbar Ameen  Babul  photo Mohammed Akbar Ameen  Babul
 Fiaz Hussein  photo Fiaz Hussein Barrister
 Abdullah  Kahloon  photo Abdullah  Kahloon Barrister
 Mehtab Malhotra  photo Mehtab Malhotra Barrister
Mr Nazar Mohammad  photo Mr Nazar Mohammad Head of Chambers
 Al Mustakim  photo Al Mustakim
 Jala Patang  photo Jala Patang Barrister 
 Sugun Praisoody  photo Sugun Praisoody Barrister
 Mehedi Rahim  photo Mehedi Rahim Barrister
 Abdur Rizzaq-Siddiq  photo Abdur Rizzaq-Siddiq Barrister 
 Nicholas Sadeghi  photo Nicholas Sadeghi Barrister
 Sadia  Shakir  photo Sadia  Shakir Barrister
 Dingyue Shi  photo Dingyue Shi Barrister
 Jerry Sodipe  photo Jerry Sodipe Barrister
 Priyamvada Tomar  photo Priyamvada Tomar Barrister 
 Jonathan Trussler  photo Jonathan Trussler Barrister
Chinese (Mandarin)
Hindi (and several Indian regional languages)