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Before joining chambers in December 2017, Paul was employed by West Midlands CPS for 11 years,  and prior to that he  was a Head of Department and Partner in defence practices in Humberside and the Midlands. He has been a Solicitor, Duty Solicitor, Solicitor-Advocate, Crown Advocate and Barrister during his 20-year plus career. Paul obtained his Higher Rights of Audience in 2005 via the exemption route.

Paul has advised and represented clients in Police Stations, Magistrates’ and Crown Courts, as well appearing before the Court of Appeal. He has a breadth of experience, both from prosecuting and defending, which means he not only has a firm understanding of the law but the constraints on criminal justice system stakeholders. Paul is able to offer realistic advice and address any tribunal with authority and clarity.

Paul has significant experience as Crown junior counsel:

  • R v K – partial skeletal remains discovered 3 years after disappearance. Financially motivated homicide by family member. Convicted of murder after trial.
  • R v S – cold case, extradition of the defendant and deceased’s remains never recovered. Sexually motivated case involving CCTV analysis and DNA evidence. Convicted of murder after trial.
  • R v R – financially motived murder of his best friend, assuming the identity of the deceased. Late night attack involving the throat being slit and discovered floating in lake. Timeline creation from CCTV, mobile phone evidence and stomach contents examination. Convicted after trial.
  • R v L, L & P others – honour crime committed by family members after their mother left the family for a former partner. Case involved a tracker device being placed on the deceased’s car and his death following complications from non-fatal injuries sustained. Pleas to manslaughter.
  • R v D, N & S – drug related ‘turf’ war dispute involving drive-by shooting. Issue of joint enterprise, CCTV and cell site evidence analysis. Plea to murder by the gunman and others convicted of murder after trial.
  • R v M – homicide committed during the burglary of elderly and vulnerable householder. Convicted of murder after trial following the use of footwear impressions evidence.
  • R v I – honour crime homicide following the breakdown of an arranged marriage. Convicted of murder after trial.

Since joining chambers, Paul has both prosecuted and defended in trials across the circuit, including drugs supply via drones into HMP Birmingham, multi handed burglary conspiracy of commercial premises and sexual assaults on a female teenager.

Paul is on the CPS list as a Grade 3 prosecutor and has a wealth of experience from his time as in-house Counsel advising the Police during live investigations, as well as on disclosure material, and routinely provided charging advice on a range of allegations, including manslaughter and death by dangerous driving. Paul has significant trial experience of drugs, sexual and violence related offences.


Called to the Bar in 2016.


Midlands Circuit

Criminal Bar Association