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The firm: Hamad Alyafei Law Firm is a Qatari Law Firm based in Doha. We dare to say that we are uniquely positioned as a pioneer in legal practice, we have had a varied and prestigious client base from the very beginning and continue to maintain our position as one of the best-reputed firms in Qatar.

Why Choose Us
We have a good reputation for providing an excellent legal service. This solid reputation was earned with the firm’s experienced lawyers who strive to provide solutions tailored to the clients’ needs, underpinned by the finest legal thinking and various expert business knowledge whether it’s on a delicate transaction or in a complex courtroom battle. We are the bannermen you want.

Being abroad does not matter. We are available to provide the needed assistance whether by E-mail or by phone. Also, if you are in Qatar and in a need of abroad legal assistance, we are glad to serve you through our worldwide network

Areas of practice: Hamad Al Yafei Law Firm is a full-service law practice. The firm provides various legal and transaction services. Moreover, the firm delivers advisory services concerning many fields of law, such as construction law, mergers, and acquisitions of companies, and private equity. Also, the firm’s expertise encompasses labor law and labor-related contracts. We specialize in tax law, real estate, and property sell and buy procedures and contracts, as well as commercial and civil dispute resolution. Recently, many maritime issues and intellectual property cases have been handled. We have a wide range of corporate and commercial legal and transactional services.

Construction contracts: This is undeniably one of the most complex industries where contractual arrangements and disputes can have some of the most devious elements to navigate. Our experience in construction law ensures that we cover the wide range of legal issues that may arise in conjunction including contract law, negligence, guarantees and sureties, liens, tendering, claims, consultancy arrangements, etc., employers, sub-contractors, suppliers, surveyors, architects, and public authorities.

Commercial law: We have an excellent team of expert litigators who advise on and manage all types of civil and commercial proceedings, as well as all appeals, at all phases and instances before the Qatari courts. Our understanding of our clients’ business enables us to defend their position in the manner best suited to their interests.

Corporate matters: We provide comprehensive advice on corporate law matters to companies on their incorporation and up to the extinguishment of their legal personality, providing recurring advice and assistance and seeking solutions to any legal needs that may arise in their day-to-day operations. Starting with companies formation; the reform and update of bylaws and internal regulations; capital increases and reductions; analysis of the legal issues relating to the transferability of shares or interests; and, in general, support for, or guiding the performance of, company secretary duties for boards of directors and other corporate governing bodies.

Arbitration: Our arbitration team has acquired his expertise through his local and international practice, our team is dedicated to rendering full-arbitration-support service.

Our services include:

  • Advising on effective arbitration strategies.
  • Handling the process of commencing arbitral proceedings.
  • Handling cases of recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.
  • Filing arbitral awards annulment cases before the competent courts.
  • Advising on ideal arbitral clauses and agreements.

Intellectual property: The intellectual property department is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of lawyers. A professional team that provides clients with integral advice on intellectual property matters relating to the legal protection and commercial misuse of all types of intangible assets and, in particular, those subject to IP legislation.

Maritime law: With Qatar’s significant LNG industry, and ever-expanding maritime import and export services, our firm has and continues to advise on maritime-related matters.

Our services include:

  • Cargo loss litigations.
  • Claiming damages that may arise in different incidents, such as grounding and
  • Cases of Non-performance of cargo contractual obligations.

Criminal litigation practice: Our lawyers have excellent investigative skills, are extremely resourceful in locating the requisite evidence to establish claims as well as providing solid arguments to defend our clients.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of liability of the wrongdoer in personal injury, wrongful arrest.
  • Quantification of the damages for which the wrongdoer is liable.
  • Conducting litigation on behalf of the injured party.
  • Handling debts’ cases that lead to criminal prosecution, travel bans, asset freezes.

Tax law: Our tax law-specialized associates’ expertise in local regulations, international and bilateral agreements enable them to deliver advisory services regarding local and abroad taxes to avoid any possibility of double taxation for local, foreign and multinational groups, in addition to advice on individuals’ cases.

Our approach is to handle closely our clients’ business interests in tax matters, allowed us to acquire affluent expertise and a high level of flexibility that enables us to match the client’s needs in different business areas.

Labour law practice: Our labor law department has through the years built a reputation for service excellence in all aspects of labor law.

Our services include:

  • Labour court and labor appeal court litigations.
  • Drafting of employment contracts.
  • Drafting recognition agreements.
  • Advising on labor implications of mergers and acquisitions.

Sports law: The popularity of sports, the internationalization of events, and the increasingly innovative sports facilities and media outlets have given rise to a demanding multi-billion Riyal industry in Qatar which in parallel has increased legalities of the industry.

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation - Arbitration Hamad Alyafei Manging partner 44150777
Civil and Commercial Litigation – Arbitration – Commercial Law – Construction – Maritime Law Mustafa Basyoni Senior Associate 44150777
Litigation – Arbitration – Construction – Contract Law Ahmed Gaballah Associate 44150777
Arbitration, Contracts and Corporate Matters. Basel Zeitoun Associate 44150777
Civil litigation Amro Dawood Associate 44150777
Criminal law
Civil litigation Ibrahim shouman Associate 44150777
Managing aprtner : 1
Senior assocaite : 2
Associates : 10
Paralegal : 4
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CLIENT: Nassimeh Behrooz Soleymani
COMPANY/FIRM: Executive Director of HR at Hamad Medical Corporation
TESTIMONIAL: Once again I am grateful to super professional services I receive from Mr. Al Yafei and his team.

CLIENT: Janet King
COMPANY/FIRM: Qatar Foundation
TESTIMONIAL: That’s great! And yes of course, I shall be pleased to recommend your services in future to any friends and former colleagues who may need them. Thanks again for all your help and support. I am very happy to have had such a successful outcome.

CLIENT: Tamer Othman
TESTIMONIAL: I thank you for your feedback and I look forward to receiving an update from you once you have clarity on the final outcome. I would really appreciate your firm’s efforts to expedite a final resolution to the matter.

COMPANY/FIRM: Dogus Insaat Ve Tic A.S
TESTIMONIAL: We are glad to hear that news. Thank you very much for all your great efforts. We really do appreciate you and Mr. Hamad Al Yafei for your support.

CLIENT: Tevfik Ergun
TESTIMONIAL: Congratulations! That’s great news. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and sincere thanks to Mr. Alyafei, yourself and all team for support and help provided to us.