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Cordeiro, Lima e Advogados

Cordeiro, Lima e Advogados is structured to advise its clients both on their high complexity cases and transactions as well as their most common needs in all areas of public and corporate law. The firm is highly recognized for its proactive approach and deep knowledge of clients’ businesses, resulting in an unquestionable capacity of delivering tailor-made legal solutions. The firm’s team is highly oriented to act as clients’ partners, assessing the actual company’s needs and seeking solutions that bring true effectiveness.

Established in 2008 by Leonardo Cordeiro and Ivan Lima, Cordeiro, Lima e Advogados advises both Brazilian and foreign companies from all economic segments. With a high technical performance team of professionals, endowed with substantial ability to understand business, Cordeiro, Lima e Advogados has been highly noticeable in the national legal scenario due to the commitment to deliver the best results to its clients.

Highlighted as a state-of-art firm on the public transport and mobility industry, Cordeiro, Lima e Advogados has been a central player in the largest and most important public transport projects in Brazil, with a peerless expertise to provide legal advice on all the aspects of the projects. From the design of the concession or the PPP project to the incorporation of the specific purpose company to operate the public contract, the experimented team of Cordeiro, Lima e Advogados is able to provide a wide variety of innovative solutions that suits each need of the project. The firm is also recognized as a leader in advising companies of public transport and mobility payment systems, electronic ticketing and other technology for public transport and mobility as well.

Cordeiro, Lima e Advogados plays a relevant role in M&A transactions and corporate reorganizations involving players of the regulated markets and subject to public contracts, developing creative and efficient structures to achieve the goals of its clients. With a solid legal background and knowledgeable in areas such as finance, accounting, administration and strategic negotiations, the firm’s team adds to these backgrounds the profound knowledge of the dynamic of the regulatory practice, allowing Cordeiro, Lima e Advogados to provide more assertive, rapid responses to the challenges faced to enable the transaction.

Leonardo Cordeiro
Founding partner. Specialist lawyer in tax law from PUC / SP, with LL.M. in Corporate Law by INSPER-SP. Broad experience in consulting and tax planning, corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), estate and succession planning and corporate restructuring. His activities also extend to the capital market and the structuring of investment funds. Former professor of tax legislation and tax planning in undergraduate and postgraduate courses at FECAP/SP. Lecturer in events on tax and corporate matters, Cordeiro has several articles published in newspapers of great circulation and specialized medias. Co-author of the book “PIS E COFINS NA TEORIA E NA PRATICA – Uma abordagem completa dos regimes cumulativo e nao-cumulativo”, MP Editora, 4th edition, 2016. (“PIS AND COFINS IN THEORY AND PRACTICE – A complete approach to cumulative and non-cumulative regimes”, MP Editora, 4th edition, 2016). Reporting Member of the Second Panel of the Ethics and the Disciplinary Court of the Sao Paulo Bar Association (OAB-SP) since 2010.

Ivan Lima
Founding partner. Specialist lawyer in civil procedural law from PUC/SP, postgraduate in Administrative Law from FGV-SP (GVLaw) and Attending Masters in Public Law from FGV-SP (GVLaw), with major experience in civil and administrative litigation and consulting. Former Advisor to the Judge in the Chamber of Public Law of the Court of Justice of the State of Sao Paulo. Former professor of Civil Procedural Law in postgraduate studies, preparatory courses for public careers and Bar examination and lecturer in specialized events. Reporting Member of the Second Panel of the Ethics and the Disciplinary Court of the Sao Paulo Bar Association (OAB-SP) since 2010.

Amauri Feres Saad
Partner. Saad holds Doctorate (2016) and Master’s (2011) degree in Administrative Law from Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo (PUC / SP). President of the Associacao Paulista de Direito Administrativo – APDA, Saad is an effective member of the Instituto dos Advogados de Sao Paulo – IASP, where he holds the position of Secretary General of the Administrative Law Commission. Professor of Law and lecturer in several events on Administrative Law. Co-author and organizer of collective works (i) “Direito Administrativo e Liberdade. Estudos em homenagem a Lucia Valle Figueiredo”, (“Administrative Law and Freedom. Studies in honor of Lucia Valle Figueiredo”), together with Sergio Ferraz, Celso Antonio Bandeira de Mello and Silvio Luis Ferreira da Rocha (Sao Paulo: Malheiros, 2014), and ” Direito e liberdade. Conservadorismo, progressismo e Estado de Direito”, (Law and freedom. Conservatism, Progressivism and Rule of Law), “together with Sergio Ferraz and Adilson Abreu Dallari (Sao Paulo: IASP, 2017). Author of the works “Regime juridico das politicas publicas” (“Legal regime of the public policies”) (Sao Paulo: Malheiros, 2017), “Do controle da administracao publica” (“Control of the public administration”) (Sao Paulo: IASP, 2017), and author of several articles published in specialized magazines. Member of the review body of the “Revista de Doutrina e Jurisprudencia” (“Journal of Doctrine and Jurisprudence”) of the Federal District Superior Court and Territories – TJDFT, of the “Revista Brasileira de Direito”, and of the “Revista de Direito Administrativo e Infraestrutura – RDAI”. Saad has wide experience in strategic litigation before the Courts of Accounts and regulatory agencies, notably in the defense of major Infrastructure and Public Services works, consultancy in the legal modeling of infrastructure projects (concessions and public-private partnerships) and in public law advisory.

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