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Labour and employment Tier 3

Founded by Raúl Fernández and Felipe Sáez in 2016, Sáez & Fernández is a labour, employment law and immigrations-services focused boutique. The seven-strong practice is highly regarded for its assistance with labour law-related dispute resolution, union relations, collective bargaining, and social security matters. Previously at Alessandri & Compañía AbogadosAndrés Dighero was hired as partner in June 2019; and notable support is provided by attorneys at law Isaías Rodríguez (former Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate trial attorney), and Pablo Fuenzalida.


The differentiating factor is its ability to analyse from a legal, practical and political point of view.

In addition to Felipe Sáez’s technical knowledge, we appreciate his contacts with the authorities and multi-disciplinary approach to unions and companies, incorporating political and realist variables.

Saez & Ferndez Abogados is a boutique firm specializing in individual and collective labor law and social security. Founded in 2016 by the Academic of Labor Law and Social Security of the Faculty of Labor Law of the University of Chile, Felipe Sáez and Raúl Fernández, with the aim of providing national and foreign companies with a service of excellence in time, form and quality. Lawyers with outstanding professional and academic experience.

Our firm is highly specialized in legal and strategic advice to companies regarding labor relations and litigation. Our firm is consolidated nationwide, providing advice and litigation in the field of individual and collective labor law and social security. Saez & Fernández advises several companies in the mining, transportation, banking, telecommunications and health sectors, having participated in some of the most important labor demands, worker restructuring processes and collective bargaining in recent years in these sectors.

Our team is based on the pillars of professional excellence, diversity and ethics. We have a joint composition of professional specialists in labor law, endowed with strong ethical values ​​and focused on providing a service of excellence and professional relationships aimed at generating value from a strategic perspective and with a strong sense of loyalty to our clients.

Department Name Email Telephone
Labor & Employment assessment Luis Felipe Sáez Carlier +56 9 9509 9209
Labor & Employment assessment Raúl Audito Fernandez Toledo +562 326 39540
Labor & Employment litigation Raúl Audito Fernandez Toledo +562 326 39540
Collective Bargaining Luis Felipe Sáez Carlier +56 9 9509 9209
Labor & Employment litigation Andres Dighero +569 76180003
Photo Name Position Profile
 Diego Avendaño  photo Diego Avendaño Associate
 Andrés Dighero Eberhard  photo Andrés Dighero Eberhard Partner
 Raúl Fernández Toledo  photo Raúl Fernández Toledo Partner
 Pablo Fuenzalida  photo Pablo Fuenzalida Associate
 Josefina Hidalgo  photo Josefina Hidalgo Associate
 Jimena Lizama  photo Jimena Lizama Associate
 Gabriela Montoya  photo Gabriela Montoya Associate
 Felipe Sáez Carlier  photo Felipe Sáez Carlier Partner