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Brazil > Wealth and succession planning Tier 1

Abe Giovanini Advogados has firmly established itself as a market leader for wealth management and succession planning. The firm represents a broad mix of business owners and entrepreneurs from across a wide range of sectors, and is regularly referred work by private banks and financial advisers. Asset protection was high on the agenda throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, during which time the firm has been busy providing advice to clients on investing in foreign real estate throughout Europe, the US and Japan. Renato Giovanini Filho heads the practice, and in addition to wealth planning, he also offers strong support on related M&A and venture capital issues. Key associates include Isabella da Mata Oliveira and Lúcia Alonso Falleiros, and for tax matters, Lucas Barducco.

Practice head(s):

Renato Giovanini Filho


‘Abe Giovanini is a firm dedicated to its clients. The level of detail, knowledge and involvement of lawyers is impressive.’

‘They do an outstanding job in formulating their opinions and recommendation alternatives. Because their research is first rate, they do that with deeper insight and certainty and with a clearer explanation to the clients than other firms.’

‘All very competent and dedicated, and available 24/7.’

‘Renato Giovanini is an excellent and dedicated lawyer. His experience and care with every detail in the structure of his clients’ assets impress. And his willingness to help is captivating.’

‘Renato Giovanini is master lawyer with exceptional skills, and knows wealth planning in depth.’

A high-level team and personalized service, understanding all the elements that involve the customer’s cause.’

Brazil > Corporate and M&A Tier 5

The 'very skilled and creative team' at Abe Giovanini Advogados is highlighted for its 'extensive negotiation skills' and its 'ease in dealing with complex issues and with complex clauses'. The firm has a strong profile in mid-market M&A, and has recently been particularly active in deals in the agribusiness, technology and education sectors. Marcos Seiiti Abe's 'reputation for ethics and strategic vision precedes him'; in addition to his broad corporate and M&A practice, he also leads the firm's D&I awareness programmes. Flavia Cantinho Pinheiro and Daniel Afonso Franzin, key members of the corporate and M&A team, coordinate the firm's pro bono projects, where they work alongside other lawyers in the team to provide corporate, tax and labour law advice to social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. Other key practitioners include Fernando Zanotti Schneider, 'strategist and innovator' Renato Giovanini Filho, William Joji Nakasone and Marcela Rocha Maroccola.

Practice head(s):

Marcos Seiiti Abe; Fernando Zanotti Schneider; Renato Giovanini Filho


Personalised service, always accompanied or executed by a partner! Very skilled and creative team, tailor made solutions for any demand. William Nakasone and Marcos Abe: impeccable lawyers, with ability to understand and deliver all contracted demands, simple and creative solutions! Extremely committed to deadlines and negotiations.’

They respond very quickly to requests and are always available not only by email, phone but also whatsapp. They are complete as an office so the point of contact with a person who manages the demands helps a lot. Renato Giovanini stands out in corporate and M&A. He defends the company’s interests a lot and thinks about the long-term consequences not only in the corporate but also tax impacts that a certain action can have. He thinks about the long term.

Background of the partners, ability to create value, expertise and seniority of the partners, credibility and reputation, principles and values, recognition and continued training. Dr Abe: ability to discern and mitigate risks. Dr Giovanini: strategist and innovator including being the creator of legislation in his area. Dr Taparelli: victorious theses in tax planning. Dr Ricardo Rocha Neto: exceptional negotiator and knowledgeable of the minutiae of legislation.’

The firm seeks to understand the client’s needs and offers options for solutions and detailed explanations of its developments, so that the client can take the best option, in a very transparent and didactic way for the layman.’

The quality of the work of the firm’s corporate and M&A team, led by Marcos Abe, was noteworthy. I drew my attention to the diligence in analysing the documentation, as well as the strategic view of the situation. Marcos Abe, who I consider to be a great lawyer, differentiated from the others in the market for his technical capacity and tranquility to conduct complex corporate matters.’

Leading team, business-oriented and strategic vision: these are traits that distinguish Abe Giovanini from the rest of the market. Marcos Abe is one of the most brilliant and versatile Brazilian lawyers. His reputation for ethics and strategic vision precedes him. Fernando Zanotti and Daniel Franzin complete the team well. Both technical, hands-on and very efficient. They make the job easy.’

Their service is very client-oriented and they follow up very well after providing the services. The firm has a Japan Desk and has an attorney who is very fluent in Japanese. In addition, they are very familiar with the culture and internal system of Japanese companies. Therefore, the communication is very smooth.

I believe that many aspects make Abe Giovanini Advogados very different from others: Very close and very effective service; Extremely in-depth legal understanding, with ease in dealing with complex issues and with complex clauses; Easy access to partners and lawyers with quick response time; Extensive negotiation / communication skills with lawyers from the other party for the quick resolution of conflicts. Fernando Zanotti Schneider quickly understands all the demands that were presented, explains very easily the paths we would follow. Rogério Soler is also quick in understanding and executing the necessary demands, in addition to having a super fast legal understanding.’

Key clients








Top Engenharia


Work highlights

  • Advised major pet industry player DogHero on the merger with Petlove.
  • Advised Liber on the acquisition of corporate control of a fintech company.
  • Advised GEF Capital on the acquisition of a majority stake in a high-profile coffee producing company.

Brazil > Labour and employment Tier 5

With 'excellence in procedural and advisory issues', Abe Giovanini Advogados has a focused team led by highly rated partner Fernanda Garcez, who has strong credentials in contentious and non-contentious labour law matters. The Covid-19 pandemic forced a greater shift to the consultancy side of the practice as clients grappled with a range of issues, including reduced salaries and working hours, home-working agreements, and health and safety for on-site workers. This came in addition to the firm's regular stream of administrative and judicial proceedings, including public civil actions and class litigation.

Practice head(s):

Fernanda Garcez


‘Abe Giovanini since the beginning presented a high degree of professionalism, its professionals know very well the issues related to Labour and Employment and whenever requested, it delivered very well-guided and enlightening recommendations.’

‘Abe Giovanini Advogados has excellence in procedural and advisory issues.’

‘The firm acts in the proactive way to decrease the amount of claims. When there are demands, it seeks to offer solutions and explains them clearly so that the client can make the most appropriate decision about each case.’

‘Fernanda Garcez is a very active partner and always available for discussing strategies and recommendations.’

‘Fernanda Garcez is a lawyer with excellent and deep technical knowledge, who can apply her theoretical training and experience to provide us with specialised legal advice, which makes all the difference for our company. She is a flexible professional with extreme ease of verbal and written communication.’

Key clients

Marisa Lojas

Confidence Corretora de Câmbio

Mitsui & Co. (Brasil)

International School Serviços de Ensino, Treinamento e Editoração, Franqueadora

Nitto Denko América Latina

Fujitsu General do Brasil

Revelo – Contratado Tecnologia

Crescimentum Consultoria Pessoal e Empresarial

Panificadora CEPAM

Fleming Educacional

Work highlights

  • Assisted Instituto Interelos in developing a plan for managing the labour liabilities of the Families Schools of Amapá.
  • Representing Marisa Lojas in a public civil action.
  • Assistance to Confidence Corretora de Câmbio in the negotiations to reduce employees working hours/wages with various workers’ unions.

Tax > Tax advisory Tier 6

Abe Giovanini Advogados is a popular choice with clients for strategic tax consulting advice and litigation. Versatile practice head Gustavo Barroso Taparelli handles a varied mix of contentious and non-contentious proceedings at the municipal, state and federal levels. The strategic advisory and transactional side was further strengthened by the recruitment of partner Juliana Cardoso from Ernst & Young. Clients also rate senior associate Lucas Barducco.

Practice head(s):

Gustavo Barroso Taparelli


‘Excellent skills in meeting the demands requested, whether urgent or not, with quality and within the deadlines, ability to listen to the client and provide customised services with technical quality and clarity according to the real need.’

‘They deeply understand the most current laws and manage to bring an opinion with great security on complex matters.’

Gustavo Taparelli is an excellent person and professional. He is always focused on meeting demands with quality – technical and administrative. Even with a busy schedule, he is always present.’

‘Lucas Barducco is excellent. He knows a lot,  is creative and deeply understands our need. With this he can generate good insights.’

Lucas Barducco and Maira Cristina Madeira: Excellent people and professionals who seek excellence in customer service. Differentiated availability.’

As a main quality, I recognise at Abe Giovanini the excellent knowledge of the subject, and what distinguishes the firm from others is the trust it conveys to us in the relationship and treatment of our tax issues.’

Multidisciplinary team with whom you can discuss issues from different perspectives.

The tax area is very good. They deeply understand the most current laws and are able to provide an opinion with great confidence in complex matters.’

Key clients

Penske Logistics

Coexpan Brasil Embalagens

Agrícola Boa Esperança

Rema Tip Top


Splice Group

Dow Group

Iharabras Indústrias Químicas

Mauricio de Sousa Produções

Mitsui Group

Work highlights

  • Advised Banco Bradesco on the acquisition of fintech company DinDin.
  • Advised Penske in the defence against a federal tax assessment related to PIS and COFINS.
  • Advised Bahema Educação with a proceeding related to the NJP (Negócio Jurídico-Processual).

In July 2019, Abe, Rocha Neto, Taparelli e Garcez Advogados and Giovanini Filho Advogados decided to merge their practices and set up a new firm: Abe Giovanini Advogados.

Underpinned by the same principles and values that have guided us so far, we have pooled our complementary skills to set up a robust and complete structure to offer excellent technical legal services in a simple and speedy fashion.

We offer legal services in general to both individuals and companies. We advise national and foreign companies in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, tax and labor law, strategic civil litigation, arbitration, real estate and contracts. Our expertise also caters to the needs of individuals with regard to tax planning matters, succession planning, wealth protection, including mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance for family business groups and entrepreneurs from innovation companies.

We do our utmost to provide a productive and healthy working environment where our team of dedicated professionals, committed to quality and precision, can grow and prosper.

Areas of practice
M&A/corporate: The practice is engaged in complex domestic and cross-border transactions. We have extensive experience in corporate law and M&A transactions advising national and foreign companies, their partners or shareholders throughout the stages of the transactions, including post-closing in Brazil and abroad.

We combine legal experience with business acumen and focus on mergers and acquisitions and restructuring plans. As we evaluate agreements in every detail, we carry out risk analysis that extends far beyond contractual transaction issues.

Our firm advises on the purchase and sale of companies, and on the opening and closing stages preparing all necessary corporate documents. We also help our clients out with everything from their everyday legal needs to the preparation of minutes of meetings, shareholders’ agreements and joint venture contracts.

Tax: Our tax team has in-depth knowledge of the complex Brazilian tax legislation and is fully prepared to advise clients on the mishmash of tax issues affecting business transactions. Acting in tax litigation and advisory, the team focuses on designing the best strategy to achieve the most significant results for clients.

The practice has a strong tax litigation team working on clients’ tax assessments and other matters related to liabilities and tax recovery. The firm is also seen as a trusted advisor guiding clients towards the most efficient tax performance in civil and commercial sales agreements, loans, and leasing transactions.

In collaboration with the corporate team, the practice develops the best tax strategy for mergers and acquisitions and fiscal due diligence.

Strategic civil litigation and arbitration: We have built a successful track record in strategic litigation and arbitration matters, representing clients in several types of disputes before administrative bodies and courts.

The practice specializes in issues related to commercial and civil law, such as business disputes, civil and administrative liability in general, including those arising from anti-corruption laws.

The firm advise investors and creditors on all matters related to companies in financial difficulties, in and out-of-court recovery, bankruptcy proceedings and debt restructuring.

Contracts: We offer our clients a multidisciplinary team with the necessary experience in the elaboration, negotiation and revision of the most different types of contracts.

We are specialized in the preparation and negotiation of contracts including the digital, e-commerce and intellectual property agreements and have the necessary expertise to bring safety and efficiency to the preparation of international contracts.

The firm provides assistance to our clients in the preparation and analysis of B2B and B2C agreements; banking and supply agreements for products and services, with or without collaterals; acknowledgement of debt; distribution and commercial representation.

Real estate: We advise our clients on real estate developments, structuring, negotiations and operations, including property registration and leasing that involve collateral issues, personal and fiduciary guarantees. We work to ensure proper management and effectiveness of operations to prevent litigation.

We also advise on various issues related to land subdivision and structuring of built-to-suit real estate operations.

Labor: Our Labor practice is best known for conducting strategic labor cases, providing technical advice, legal opinions and reports. The area is also recognized for acting in public civil actions, collective actions, and labor actions brought by senior executives.

We provide extensive legal advice on matters related to labor judicial and administrative litigation, helping clients in different types of disputes and litigation throughout the country.

The firm is strongly involved in the conduct of administrative actions pending with the Labor Prosecution Office, in defense of the clients’ interests in notifications of infringement still pending with the Ministry of Labor.

The team is strongly engaged in giving lectures and training to keep clients well informed and prepared to comply with the new labor legislation.

Wealth planning and related litigation: The wealth planning practice advises the segment consisting of entrepreneurs, family businesses and groups of partners and senior executives.

We offer legal services covering tax planning, succession planning and protection of wealth for individuals. The practice is oftentimes engaged in cross borders matters including tax planning prior to immigration.

We also provide litigation legal services in connection with related matters, such as disputes between heirs and partners and divorce, as well as individual tax lawsuits.

We have a team made of professionals with a diversity of legal specialities such as corporate law, contracts, civil law focusing on family and succession, tax and economic criminal law. The team works together to deliver a unique and comprehensive solution to each client.

Japan desk: Our firm has had strong ties with Japanese companies for many years and has set up a Japan desk to provide personalized services to Japanese and Brazilian entrepreneurs conducting businesses in Brazil and Japan.

M&A/Corporate Marcos Seiiti Abemarcos.abe@abegiovanini.com.br+55 11 3512-1303
Strategic Civil Litigation and Arbitration, Real Estate and Contracts Ricardo Pinto da Rocha Netoricardo.rocha@abegiovanini.com.br+55 11 3512-1303
Tax Gustavo Barroso Taparelligustavo.taparelli@abegiovanini.com.br+55 11 3512-1315
Strategic Civil Litigation and Arbitration and Real Estate Rafael Macedo Pezetarafael.pezeta@abegiovanini.com.br+55 11 3512-1376
Labor Fernanda Garcez Lopes Cunhafernanda.garcez@abegiovanini.com.br+55 11 3512-1310
M&A/Corporate Fernando Zanotti Schneiderfernando.zanotti@abegiovanini.com.br+55 11 3512-1303
Tax Juliana Cardosojuliana.cardoso@abegiovanini.com.br+55 11 3512-1300
Partners : 7
Lawyers : 25