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Real estate Tier 2

MB Abogados' sizeable 19-strong practice advises real estate companies on a range of transactions, including M&A, joint ventures, project finance and general corporate governance. In addition, the team advises public and private investment funds (and property owners) on real estate project-related issues. Focused on real estate project financing and development, Carolina Menichetti heads the real estate team, which also includes widely-respected real estate specialist Ignacio Bolelli. Strong growth in 2019 saw real estate project development and finance expert Benjamín Salas becoming partner and the hiring of senior associates Francisca Rodríguez and Cristóbal Silva from EY Chile and Carey, respectively. Further support is provided by senior associates Diego Yavar and Sybil O’Reilly.


Basically what differentiates them is the presence of the senior partners in each work issue. The team is highly experienced in real estate in a broad sense, including a deep understanding of business and associated legal, tax and accounting implications.

They are pro-business! They maintain order, follow up and provide both legal and commercial advice.

They become a team with the client, without neglecting efficiency and effectiveness.

The difference is made by partner Carolina Menichetti, who has a global vision of issues that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Benjamín Salas has a lot of real estate project finance experience, which makes it easier to close these types of contracts. By meeting the banks, and the counterparty attorneys, it is easier to reach agreements with him and his team.

I highlight the professionalism of Benjamín Salas and senior associate Cristóbal Silva in urban and real estate issues. In terms of leasing contracts, Ignacio Bolelli should be in the top three in Chile for his vast experience in working with real estate rental funds.

Key clients

Rentas Patio I

LV-Patio Renta Inmobiliaria III

Valle Hermoso

Patio Comercial

Desarrollos Comerciales

Patio Residencial

Clínica Meds

Patio Industrial

Padre Hurtado Rentas

Banking and finance Tier 4

Founded in 2010, MB Abogados was originally established to advise clients from the real estate sector, but the firm has expanded its client portfolio to include clients from the retail, healthcare, investment fund, hospitality, and food and beverage sectors. In addition to real estate financing and refinancing, the team assists with project finance, loan agreements and debt issuance. Partners Carolina Menichetti and Ignacio Bolelli, along with recently promoted Benjamín Salas are the primary contacts. Sybil O’Reilly assists at senior associate level.

Key clients

Patio Comercial

Grupo Patio

LV-Patio Renta Inmobiliaria VII

Rentas Patio I

Padre Hurtado Rentas

Inmobiliaria Mirador Azul Uno

Desarrollos Comerciales

Fondo LV-Patio Renta Inmobiliaria I

Patio Foster

Corporate and M&A Tier 5

MB Abogados was founded in 2010 and is highly specialised in corporate and real estate-related matters. The client portfolio has extended beyond real estate to cover retail, healthcare, investment funds, hospitality, food and beverages. The 19-strong corporate team, which includes partners Carolina MenichettiIgnacio Bolelli and Benjamín Salas, advises company clients on M&A, joint ventures and corporate governance, as well as related project finance. Senior associate support comes from Sybil O’Reilly and Diego Yávar.


They are a small but very cohesive and hardworking team. They are very business oriented and very detailed. They have great negotiating skills and are very creative in finding solutions. I would especially highlight the multi-disciplinary approach, deep understanding of business, closeness to clients and full involvement of partners. These characteristics differentiate MB Abogados in the market.

In MB there are professionals who are highly trained in this area and have a lot of knowledge. They have huge availability, are willing to work long hours, even weekends, and they work very well as a team. They have a very cohesive team, in which they know how to divide the tasks very well under the command of the partner in charge.

It compares favourably with other teams and they have great experience. At MB, before lawyers, they are great people, very empathetic and know how to put themselves in the client’s place. We were not just another client as in other firms – we formed a team where together we carried out a titanic task.

Their best qualities are knowledge, experience, working under pressure and finishing successfully and on time.

An extraordinary partner is Carolina Menichetti, her high knowledge and expertise attracts a lot of attention. She is very capable and an exceptional lawyer – among the most complete professionals I know. She is a brilliant person who is characterised by her committed advice to clients. She is also a very skilful negotiator, who integrates deep financial knowledge and a complete understanding of business.

Benjamín Salas is a young partner with a bright future.

Key clients

WEG Capital

Rentas Patio I

Patio Comercial

Inmobiliaria y Constructora Alonso de Córdova

Fondo de Inversión Privado Mall Pie Andino

Achelat Familiy

Jalaff Family

Abumohor Family

The firm: MB Abogados is a law firm specialized in the real estate and corporate area. Founded in 2010 by attorneys Ignacio Bolelli and Carolina Menichetti, the firm offers committed legal advice with a business focus, which integrates the real estate and corporate experience, with the knowledge of the financial and real estate business developed by its partners, throughout more than 15 years of practice.

The team is fully equipped to advise companies on all types of transactions including M&A, joint ventures, financing projects, and general corporate governance.
Furthermore, they advise public and private investment funds and property owners on matters related to real estate projects.

The firm’s lawyers are 100% dedicated to complex work including stock purchase agreements, capital increases, mergers and acquisitions of companies, and loan agreements.

In addition, they have vast expertise in the development of real estate projects, including the definition of the structure of the operation, due diligence, contract negotiation, and legal analysis.

Carolina Menichetti: Partner. Her practice is focused on real estate project financing and development, corporate reorganizations, merger and acquisition of companies, private negotiations for the purchase or sale of assets and companies, joint ventures, public and private investment funds structuring, shareholders’ agreements, options, capital and debt issuance, derivatives.

She previously worked at Carey in the M&A and Capital Markets Group (2003-2008) and at Barros y Errázuriz in the Tax Group (2008-2010).

Carolina is currently a member of the International Steering Committee of the Women in the Profession (WIP) Program.

Ignacio Bolelli: Partner. His practice is focused on real estate project financing and development, corporate reorganizations, merger and acquisition of companies, private negotiations for the purchase or sale of assets and companies, joint ventures, public and private investment funds structuring, shareholders’ agreements, options, capital and debt issuance, derivatives.

He previously worked as General Council of Grupo Patio SpA (2005-2010), and former vice-president of Miradas Compartidas Foundation, for people with intellectual and mental disorders (2013-2016).

Ignacio acts as legal advisor to several board of directors.

He is also a member of the Legal Committee for Latin America of ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centres) and in the last ICSC Commercial Real Estate Law Forum 2019, held in Lima, Perú, Ignacio Bolleli was appointed as the new president of The ICSC Latam Law Forum. And is also a member of the Legal Committee of the Chilean Shopping Center Association.

Benjamín Salas: Partner.

His practice is focused on real estate project development and financing, corporate and personal restructuring, mergers and acquisitions of companies, private negotiation for the purchase or sale of assets and companies, joint ventures, public and private investment funds structuring, shareholders agreements, options, capital, and debt issuances, and project financing.

He previously worked at Cariola, Díez, Pérez Cotapos & Cia. in the Banking, Finance and Capital Markets Group (2012-2014) and at Larraín, Rencoret and Urzúa in the Corporate Group (2010-2012).

Since 2019, Lawyer Benjamín Salas is partner of MB Abogados, standing so out his career in the firm and his commitment to the companies’ growth.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate Carolina Menichetti +562 3274 7900
Real estate Ignacio Bolelli +562 3274 7900
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Ignacio Bolelli  photo Mr Ignacio Bolelli Partner
Ms Carolina  Menichetti P.   photo Ms Carolina  Menichetti P.  Partner
 Benjamín Salas photo Benjamín Salas Partner
Number of partners : 3
Number of other lawyers : 17