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Cornet Vincent Ségurel
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Cécile ROUQUETTE-TÉROUANNE worked in Washington, D.C. for the firm of Baker & Miller in 1997. Upon moving back to France, she was called to the Bar in Lyon and spent five years as an assistant in the commercial law firm of Courtillié, Chauviré, Grange & Linares. Cécile ROUQUETTE-TÉROUANNE joined Cornet Vincent Ségurel (first in the Nantes, then in the Paris offices) in 2007. She has been in charge of the property law department in the Paris office and became a partner in 2013.

Cécile ROUQUETTE-TÉROUANNE holds a specialised degree in property law and is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. She devotes her practice to property law, advising all parties, nationally and internationally (investment funds, real property companies, asset managers, promoters, and other parties in construction, landlords, operators, industrial and commercial companies, public bodies) in all areas of property law.

Her area of practice principally covers leases and property management (negotiation and preparation of lease agreements (commercial leases, short-term leases, short-term occupancy agreement, civil law leases, residential leases), management engagements, commercialisation, assignment of leasehold rights, lease terminations, revision or renewal of leases, negotiation of eviction indemnity), condominium arrangements, construction (negotiation and preparation of construction bids, agreements, preventive summary proceedings, negotiated or court-ordered fact-finding, claims under representations and warranties and liability of builders) and disputes and litigation relating to sales of real property (abusive termination of negotiations, claims for latent defects, forced sales, payments under penalty clauses, liability of intermediaries, etc.).

With her team and together with the other resources of the Firm, she participates in audits of real property assets (properties/assets, equity securities of companies, capital leases) in connection with more complicated acquisition and sale transactions.

Cécile ROUQUETTE-TÉROUANNE is married and the mother of five children.


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