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Employment Tier 2

ADER HABER focuses primarily on employment litigation, though the team also advises on staff transfers and dismissals, international mobility matters, regulatory compliance, collective bargaining, strikes and trade union negotiations. Counsel Tetyana Ivanovych heads the practice and is 'an expert legal counsel with great experience in labour law issues'. Clients appreciate the 'scrupulousness and responsibility of the lawyers'.

Practice head(s):


‘The firm has shown a high level of professionalism, competence in all tasks addressed and proactivity in resolving all the issues that have arisen.’

‘Experts from the employment team of ADER HABER have a strong client focus and a solid reputation of being great professionals who constantly prove their competence and enhance the spheres of growth.’

‘Their key qualities are their comprehensive approach, 24/7 work in our best interests, flexibility in communication, meeting of set requirements, and advice of the highest standards.’

‘We definitely recommend ADER HABER as a trusted legal partner and professional team able to provide extra high-quality legal services.’

‘The efforts of Tetyana Ivanovych and her team brought us the necessary results.’

Key clients

Local subsidiaries of INDITEX GROUP

A local subsidiary of NESTLE Company

Local subsidiaries of YANDEX N.V.

AVK Company




Private client Tier 2

ADER HABER has been highly active advising high-net-worth individuals on wealth management, tax and matrimonial matters. The practice is 'the best choice if you want to deal with all your problems right away in one place'. Practice head Tetyana Ivanovych is praised for 'exploring each case very thoroughly and paying attention to the details'.

Practice head(s):


There is a very distinctive feature of the private client practice of ADER HABER that makes it unique: its expertise encompasses three key competencies – private structuring issues, matrimonial issues, and succession issues. Moreover, the lawyers have litigation experience, which enables them to consider and evaluate potential and actual litigation risks.

In one team, they can provide more qualified advice, explore clients’ issues profoundly and build a complex strategy fit to satisfy the particular needs of the client.

The distinction of ADER HABER from other firms on the Ukrainian legal market is that others do not possess all the necessary competencies at once, instead having only some of them. In contrast, ADER HABER presents a complete system of legal services.

I would name Tetyana Ivanovych as a trustworthy counsel in private matters, because she is totally on the same page with me on all issues addressed, which is a paramount quality, in my mind, for private counsel.

Tetyana Ivanovych understands the nature of the client’s request, indicates weak spots, and defines specific methods of risk mitigation connected with such weaknesses.

Tetyana Ivanovych can clearly see the targets, manages matters in a timely manner and always delivers the expected results, sharing responsibility for her work.

Tetyana Ivanovych is a great expert in her field, both in international and national legislation, which follows many years of practice in court cases and pre-trial mediation. Her hardworking attitude to every aspect of the case confirms her top position as a private client counsel.

ADER HABER has been supporting me in private equity issues, banking and finance issues, tax planning and cross-border structuring for more than 12 years. Since the beginning of our partnership, I have been very satisfied with the quality of their services.

I admire the ability of ADER HABER to work with confidential, sensitive issues and support high moral and ethical standards.

Every person I communicated with treated me with great professionalism and provided all-round support.

I valued the resourcefulness, ethics and humane qualities of the staff I dealt with. Their knowledge of the law and level of intelligence, including emotional intelligence, is simply amazing.

They are professional, respect their clients and, most importantly, they deliver.

The team consists of very high-level professionals. Everyone I had contact with was very attentive and considerate, with knowledge of all the legal nuances and procedures. All services were performed on a turnkey basis with maximum efficiency, as well as complete confidentiality, privacy and in accordance with business ethics.

The team members informed me in full about all the points and made the most of the opportunities provided by the current legislation for my protection. They provided full assistance and protection within my wishes. I am very pleased with the co-operation with the company. ‘

This is a team with human values, an individual approach, customer care and incredible legal qualifications.

Tatyana Ivanovich and litigator Dmitry Shahirmanov’s integrated approach, high level of qualification and full legal support meant we won all the disputes that I had.

I trust them because of their moral qualities, values, mission and reputation. I was very pleased and will continue to work with them in the future.

White-collar crime Tier 2

The 'strong and experienced team' at ADER HABER joins the ranking. It has two prominent practitioners in managing partner Yuriy Petrenko and senior associate Eleonora Salova (who is 'a specialist in criminal procedure and international criminal law'). Their work includes risk assessment, the defence of business owners and senior management, representation in courts and before law enforcement agencies, and arrests on accounts in Ukraine and abroad.


A team under Eleonora Salova lead has experience, complies with international standards in its work, and is highly qualified in the criminal process.

I recommend Eleonora Salova. She has a high level of professionalism, a constant desire for self-education and versatility in criminal proceedings.

Eleonora Salova’s team has extensive experience and numerous victories in cases, which confirms their professionalism.

Eleonora Salova has established herself as an experienced manager in economic crime cases and white-collar crimes. During collaboration, she showed a high level of professionalism and stress resistance. I also want to note her high qualification in providing expert opinions in published articles in relevant publications.

The team has established itself as a group of specialists who understand all issues of criminal law and the process both in Ukraine and in the EU.

The team of ADER HABER in business defence is distinguished by non-standard thinking. It is pleasant to work with them since, in the process, they comply with all quality and communication standards.

Eleonora Salova has established herself as a high-class specialist in criminal proceedings. Working with her, I can note her extensive experience in this field, as well as indicate that in her work she can make non-standard decisions that focus on result and quality.

Eleonora Salova as the head of the team of business defence established herself as a specialist in international criminal law, in the process of joint work on various projects proved to be a team leader. I can note a high level of communication with clients and quick achievement of results planned.

The team that we engaged with works harmoniously, quickly and efficiently. Each team member has a clear knowledge and understanding of both the business processes of our company and the criminal process. All team members are interchangeable, which is why everything was always done on time on the project.

Eleonora Salova heads a business defence team that encompasses specialists with strong knowledge in business defence and white-collar crime. The team specialists are pragmatic, find concrete solutions and know how to link the day-to-day and legal theory. Eleonora’s team has established itself, as specialists, with good skills and experience that helped solve problems in the legal field as quickly as possible.

Eleonora Salova has established herself as a lawyer with a high level of responsibility, an unconventional approach to solving legal situations, which quickly led to the result and solution of the company’s problems.’

Eleonora Salova is exceptionally responsive and meticulous, highly skilled in a range of white-collar crime areas and renowned for her prowess as a business defence litigator. She is well-known for all the right reasons. Her reaction is always spot-on, and she is a great negotiator.

Key clients

FUDMEREZHA, LLC (ТМ “Velyka Kyshenya”)


I&U Group

Real estate and construction Tier 3

ADER HABER handles a growing number of high-value matters, counting among its clients private equity investors including Dragon Capital and construction company Merx. Practice head Aleksandra Fedotova has extensive experience in the fields of construction and real estate, land and agrarian law; her work also encompasses land and water issues relating to sea and river ports. The group also handles commercial and residential developments, real estate investments projects, financings and leasings.

Practice head(s):


ADER HABER has been supporting me in real estate and construction issues for over 12 years. Since the beginning of our partnership, I have become very satisfied with the quality of their services.

ADER HABER has been supporting me in real estate and construction issues with the help of partner Aleksandra Fedotova. Ms. Fedotova has been a valuable and trust-worthy partner for the whole period since the beginning, and has created a strong impression of a well-experienced specialist. Ms. Fedotova has been advising on all issues arising from potential and forthcoming legislative changes in real estate, land, construction and agribusiness sectors.

Vitaliya Fedotova supports all land issues arising from real estate purchase and development projects, ensuring time-effective and organisationally efficient procedures. More importantly, her team is very hard-working, and her management skills are perfectly shown within the communication with her and members of her team within the projects.

Key clients







Tax Tier 3

ADER HABER is highly regarded for tax litigation and has also been developing its tax consulting and accounting services. Tatiana Daniltseva leads the insurance and tax disputes practice, which frequently acts for clients in the retail, FMCG, banking and finance, TMT, agribusiness and industrial sectors. The tax consulting group handles tax structuring in M&A deals and asset sales, tax planning, audits and the submission of tax reports to supervisory authorities. Clients praise its 'high  level of professionalism, competence in all tasks and proactivity in resolving all issues'.

Practice head(s):


ADER HABER has shown a high level of professionalism, competence in all tasks and proactivity in resolving all issues.

Experts from the tax team of ADER HABER are constantly proving their expertise and competence by performing quality work. Their communication with various state authorities and controlling and supervising entities is conducted in our best interests, along with the representation of our interests in administrative and court proceedings with the authorities.

ADER HABER is a trustworthy and diligent partner capable of highly qualified provision of legal services.

Tatiana Daniltseva is a highly respected expert with an extensive track record in tax litigation. She is worth recommending for her precise business attitude towards every case and her diverse legal background, which allows her to present various strategies to protect our interests.’

Tatiana Daniltseva shows exactly how a partner of a law firm should be: a professional both in the legal sphere and in management, sharing her great expertise and making a huge impact in reaching success in every case.

It is important to mention Stanislav Karpov, an experienced senior associate with a huge litigation practice. Stanislav shows a dedicated attitude to every case and makes all the efforts necessary to win it.

ADER HABER has been supporting me in private equity issues involving tax planning and cross-border structuring for more than 12 years. Since the beginning of our partnership, I have been very satisfied with the quality of their services.

The tax expertise of ADER HABER’s partners has encouraged me in trusting them with my most sensitive matters, alongside day-to-day tax issues.

I admire the ability of ADER HABER to work with confidential, sensitive issues and follow the high moral and ethical standards of the legal profession, therefore I have repeatedly recommended their services to my partners and friends.

Ms Daniltseva has high-profile expertise, a responsible, personal approach towards the issues, openness, and a willingness to achieve the most favourable result. She represents ADER HABER in the best possible way as a well-trusted partner and a patient and experienced manager, communicator and adviser, creating a truly trustworthy attitude and assuring me of her ability to resolve my most private issues in a time-efficient way.

There is a highly responsible team of tax lawyers and tax consultants that supports Ms Daniltseva, ensuring efficient service provision.

The major strength of Ader Haber is their attention to detail and the deepest research into the matter in question.’

We have received from Ader Haber the best possible analysis and advice on our case.

Anastasiia Hlushchenko, Yuriy Petrenko, Aleksandra Fedotova, Stanislav Karpov and Yaroslava Lahan were highly available to our requests and provided quick replies.

Key clients

Local subsidiaries of INDITEX GROUP

Local subsidiaries of NESTLE Company

British American Tobacco

Yandex NV

I&U Group

FUDMEREZHA, LLC (ТМ “Velyka Kyshenya”)

AVK Company




Panda Claim

ADER HABER is a team of experts that has been working in the legal market of Ukraine since 2006 and has gained a reputation as a reliable legal partner for leading international and national companies.

High standards of service quality, a wide international network, deep knowledge of the Ukrainian market and extensive expertise in various sectors of the economy are the advantages that make our team successful today.

Our main mission is to provide high-quality expertise for the development of Ukrainian business and the economy.

The key goal is to be a priority counsel for our clients, both in legal matters and in matters of corporate development and security.

Our corporate values:

  • Transparency and flexibility for changes in the world of technology and innovation;
  • Brave and inspired approach to the work;
  • Priority of the client‘s interests and focus on the business result;
  • Responsibility for our work and team;
  • High-quality expertise and professional technology;
  • Culture of the continuous development of ourselves and society.

Our business model is a service system focused on solving business problems of modern companies and their owners. Our services are based on the three basic needs of each business: the creation of a business and the launch of operational processes, the development and reliable operation of the company’s system, and risk management.

We are actively developing an industrial service model that is focused on creating business products to represent the interests of the clients of specific industry. This allows us to understand the needs of each company correctly and form adaptive solutions according to the specifics of the business.

Our advantages:

  • 13 years of experience on the Ukrainian legal market;
  • In-depth understanding of the specifics and development of adaptive solutions for each industrial sector;
  • Full range of services: legal expertise, tax and consulting services, GR-analytics and public-private partnership, business planning;
  • Ability to solve complex issues that require both legal and technical expertise – financial, economic, auditing, etc;
  • High level of involvement of partners and counsels in the project work, communication with the client 24/7;
  • Internationally and nationally recognized expertise of the company and key specialists;
  • Reasonable price, which correlates with the business result for the client.

Our guarantees:

  • Respect for the acknowledgement of conflict of interest in client work;
  • Any actual legal service activities are only carried out after prior authorization;
  • Our professional liability is insured according to the insurance policy issued by ALC “Allianz Ukraine” (part of international insurance company Allianz Group). The limit of insurer’s liability makes UAH 5 000 000. The territory of insurance extends to the territory of Ukraine (except the territory of Donetsk, Luhansk regions, Crimea).
Department Name Email Telephone
Agribusiness Aleksandra Fedotova
Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring Oleksandr Udovychenko
Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring Yuriy Petrenko
Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring Andrii Hvozdetskyi
Business Defence Yuriy Petrenko
Business Defence Aleksandra Fedotova
Business Defence Eleonora Salova
Compliance and Financial Investigations Tetyana Ivanovych
Corporate and M&A Aleksandra Fedotova
Corporate and M&A Aleksandra Fedotova
Enforcement Proceedings Alexey Solomko
GR Yuriy Petrenko
GR Alexey Solomko
Insurance Tatiana Daniltseva
Tax Disputes Tatiana Daniltseva
Insurance Stanislav Karpov
Tax Disputes Stanislav Karpov
Labour and Employment Tetyana Ivanovych
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Yuriy Petrenko
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Oleksandr Udovychenko
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Alexey Solomko
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Andrii Hvozdetskyi
Private Client Tetyana Ivanovych
Real Estate and Land Law Aleksandra Fedotova
Photo Name Position Profile
 Tatiana Daniltseva  photo Tatiana Daniltseva Partner
 Aleksandra Fedotova  photo Aleksandra Fedotova Partner, Attorney, PhD
 Andrii Hvozdetskyi  photo Andrii Hvozdetskyi Counsel, Attorney
 Tetyana Ivanovych  photo Tetyana Ivanovych Counsel, Attorney
 Stanislav Karpov  photo Stanislav Karpov Counsel, Attorney
 Yuriy Petrenko  photo Yuriy Petrenko Managing Partner, Attorney
 Alexey Solomko  photo Alexey Solomko Counsel, Attorney
 Oleksandr Udovychenko  photo Oleksandr Udovychenko Counsel, Attorney, Phd
Partners : 3
Counsels : 5
Lawyers : 24
English (fluent)
Ukrainian Bar Association
American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine
European Business Association

CLIENT: V. Mykhailo, Chairman of the Management Board


TESTIMONIAL: All services are provided timely and in appropriate quality. Employees of the company professionally perform their duties, provide high-quality and comprehensive legal advice.

CLIENT: I. Dushko, Chairman of the Management Board

COMPANY/FIRM: Retail Group 

TESTIMONIAL: We express our gratitude to ADER HABER for the fruitful cooperation, professionalism and quality in providing legal assistance for our company.
During the long-term cooperation, we have been convinced of the high level of professional knowledge and considerable experience of the employees of ADER HABER. We are pleased to recommend ADER HABER as a reliable partner.

CLIENT: ?. Gnydka, Head of Legal


TESTIMONIAL: We have been cooperating with ADER HABER for a long period, and are certainly impressed with the level of service provided, which is confirmed by our repeated requests for legal assistance in various fields.

CLIENT: I. Shevchenko, CEO Yandex Ukraine

COMPANY/FIRM: Yandex Ukraine 

TESTIMONIAL: During our work together ADER HABER showed high-level professionalism, competence and proactivity in dealing with our matters.
Experts at ADER HABER prove their competence each time by performing quality work, namely providing complex analysis of all circumstances, elaborating legal model of rights protection, and its realization in judicial and extrajudicial ways.
In accomplishing our goals, ADER HABER is focused on asserting our interests, constant control of high quality and timeliness, which confirms ADER HABER as trust-worthy and diligent partner capable of highly qualified provision of legal services.

CLIENT: S. Borislavskiy, Head of Big Data & Revenue assurance & Fraud management

COMPANY/FIRM: Vodafone Ukraine 

TESTIMONIAL: We highly appreciate the quality of service provided by the company’s lawyers and we see the prospect of further partnership.
ADER HABER team can be characterized as professionals who are able to listen carefully and hear true wishes, deeply analyse the situation, explain the potential risks, possible consequences and ways to solve the problem in an accessible language.
The distinctive feature of ADER HABER is the efficiency and high qualifications of employees, the readiness to respond quickly to the task and provide quality services in a short time.

CLIENT: S. Naumov, Chairman of the Board


TESTIMONIAL: ADER HABER lawyers are responsive in their work, presenting a detailed project plan, taking into account all measures aimed at minimizing our costs to achieve the most effective result and obtaining the required success in the support of litigation projects.
ADER HABER experts provide quality, comprehensive and clear legal advice with a detailed analysis of the specifics of the banking system and the peculiarities of the application of profile legislation.
We are pleased to recommend ADER HABER as a high-profile representative of Piraeus Bank ICB in litigation projects and a reliable legal advisor for banks.

CLIENT: P. Wautelet, Chairman of the Board


TESTIMONIAL: ADER HABER is our partner in providing legal services and representing our interests in litigation and extrajudicial dispute resolution and in communication with public authorities.
ADER HABER experts professionally carry out their duties in good faith, promptly prepare the necessary documents and conclusions, provide clear advice on the planned methods of work and apply them effectively.
During our cooperation, ADER HABER has formed a strong impression of a highly skilled and competent team focused on achieving a positive result for their clients.
AXA Insurance strongly recommends ADER HABER as a professional legal adviser.

CLIENT: S. Pylypenko, CEO

COMPANY/FIRM: Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group 

TESTIMONIAL: We highly appreciate the cooperation with ADER HABER and are interested in strengthening business relations in the future.
The work of specialists ADER HABER makes a pleasant impression. It is worth noting high-quality and operational communication at all stages of the project implementation: lawyers provide comprehensive interim reports on request, and initially report on key successes.
Communicating with ADER HABER specialists creates a trustworthy attitude towards the team on our side, which in the future makes it possible to unambiguously decide to continue working with ADER HABER as one of the key legal counsel.
We are pleased to recommend ADER HABER as a leading legal counsel for the industrial and construction sectors!

CLIENT: S. Zakharchenko, Deputy CEO

COMPANY/FIRM: The State Enterprise «Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov» (YUZHMASH) 

TESTIMONIAL:ADER HABER lawyers analyse each practical situation qualitatively, identify potential and hidden risks, build complex strategies for solving identified problems, and propose the implementation of system solutions to prevent such risks in the future.
ADER HABER team demonstrates a responsible and professional approach to studying the circumstances of the projects, getting additional comments and clarifying explanations, building a strategy for representing interests before public authorities and achieving the required intermediate results.

CLIENT: O. Kozachok, CEO


TESTIMONIAL: We thank ADER HABER for the quality of the accomplished tasks and fruitful cooperation.
ADER HABER has established itself as a professional legal partner within the support of our projects in court and extrajudicial way and representation of our interests before the authorities.
ADER HABER team comprises of specialists who respond promptly to inquiries, provide comprehensive and exhaustive conclusions, reveal hidden risks and explain the issues competently.
We recommend ADER HABER as a highly professional and trusted legal partner!

CLIENT: V. Zakusilo, Owner


TESTIMONIAL: During our cooperation, representatives of ADER HABER made us confident in their ability to provide quality business services.
We are convinced of the high qualification of ADER HABER experts, their ability to respond quickly to all the nuances found during project support, the willingness to form an individual set of legal mechanisms to address our existing issues.
Communication with ADER HABER experts builds a trusting attitude towards the team from our side, which in the future allows us to make a clear decision to continue working with ADER HABER as a priority legal counsel.