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The firm: Trunov, Ayvar & Partners was established in 2003 by Dr Igor Trunov. Currently the firm has almost 70 attorneys and provides legal services to clients that range from individuals to global corporations throughout the world. Most of the attorneys are bi-lingual. Since its formation the firm’s main area of practice was criminal and civil litigation including representation of clients in complex multi-jurisdictional cases as well as legal support against extraditions, asset freezing orders and mutual assistance requests. Moreover, it is one the leading law firms in the area of wrongful death litigation in Russia. Our attorneys recovered millions of dollars for the families of victims of numerous terrorist acts as well as air crashes.

The firm conducts a large number of cases in the European Court of Human Rights, in the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of the Russian Federation.

Areas of practice: Trunov, Ayvar & Partners has carried out the following cases:

Act of Terrorism. Explosions of residential buildings in Moscow and Volgodonsk. The explosions took place on September 9 and 13, 1999. 1742 people were injured, 243 killed, 3000 people were recognized as affected.

Act of Terrorism on Dubrovka. “Nord-Ost” On October 23, 2002 at 9.15pm, the gunmen in camouflage gear rushed into the building of the Theatre Center on Dubrovka on Melnikov Street (former Cultural Center of the State Bearing Plant). There was a performance of “Nord-Ost” Nord-Ost Musical at that time; there were over 700 people in the audience hall. The use of unknown gas during the counter-terrorism operation resulted in 130 deaths

Act of Terrorism. The explosions near Rizhskaya Underground Station and at the run line between Avtozavodskaya and Paveletskaya Stations, 2004. Protection of interests of victims. February 6, 2004. The run line between Avtozavodskaya and Paveletskaya Stations. An explosive device went off in the second car. On August 31, 2004, the suicide bomber made the explosion near the entrance to Rizhskaya Station. Two bombs killed 51 people, over 300 people were injured.

The tragic death of Sergei Bodrov (junior) and the camera crew in the Karmadon Gorge. On September 20, 2002 in the Karmadon Gorge, Republic of Ossetia, there was a flow of surging glacier Kolka. It resulted in the damage of over 50 houses, some tourist camps, restaurants, road, etc. Over 16 people were killed in this tragedy. 132 people went missing. Living environment of over 1000 people was disturbed. There was a significant property damage. Sergey Bodrov (junior) ( “The Brother”, “The Brother-2” films) (born in 1971), Timofey Nosik (born in 1978) and the whole camera crew was killed.

Technogenic catastrophe. The roof collapse in Transvaal-Park Entertainment Center. On February 14, 2004, on St. Valentine’s Day, there was a collapse of reinforced-concrete cover roofing above the swimming pool and water rides in Transvaal-Park Entertainment Center. The catastrophe area amounted to 3000 sq.m. There were 400 people under the rubbles, 28 people were killed, over 100 people got seriously injured.

Protection of victims of unlawful acts of the Major D.V. Evsyukov, former Head of the Office of Internal Affairs of “Tsaritsyno” Moscow District , On April 27, 2009 in the time period from 12.30am to 1.20am, the Head of the Office of Internal Affairs of tsaritsyno Denis Evsyukov came to Ostrov Supermarket at the following address: 50 Shipilovskaya Street, Building 1, Moscow. The police officer fired over 15 shots from his gun in the people outside and inside the supermarket. The unlawful acts of Evsyukov resulted in 3 deaths and 6 injured people.

Act of Terrorism at Domodedovo Airport, 2011. Representing one of the victims.

Protection of victims and relatives of people killed in plane crashes Irkutsk plane crash of 2006, Donetsk plane crash of 2006, Perm plane crash of 2008, Petrozavodsk-Karelia plane crash of 2011, Yaroslavl plane crash with Lokomotiv Ice Hockey Team of 2011.

Department Name Email Telephone
Criminal Litigation Igor Trunov
Criminal Litigation Ludmila Ayvar
Wrongful Death Litigation Igor Trunov
Civil Litigation Ludmila Ayvar
Human Rights Violations Law Dmitry Gololobov
Tax Law Nikolay Maksimov
Labor and Employment Law Kazeev Vadim
Family Law Voronkova Kira
Inheritance Law Yudaev Alexey
International Law Sergei Bespalov (of Counsel)
Aviation Law Igor Trunov
Aviation Law Sergei Bespalov (of Counsel)
Real Estate Law Ludmila Ayvar
Intellectual Property Law Igor Trunov
Entertainment Law Sergei Bespalov (of Counsel)
Gaming Law Sergei Bespalov (of Counsel)
Commercial Law Pavel Gerasimov
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Prof Dr 2. Luydmila Ayvar photo Prof Dr 2. Luydmila Ayvar First Deputy Chairman
Mr  3. Sergey Obraztsov  photo Mr 3. Sergey Obraztsov Attorney, International law expert, the Vice-President of the Union of lawyers of…
 Mr 4. Vadim Kazeev photo Mr 4. Vadim Kazeev
Mrs Tatiana Alekseeva  photo Mrs Tatiana Alekseeva Lawyer
 Sergei Bespalov  photo Sergei Bespalov
 Daniel Gothier  photo Daniel Gothier Lawyer (International Specialist)
 Alexander Karasik  photo Alexander Karasik
 Plakhotnyuk Viacheslav  photo Plakhotnyuk Viacheslav Attorney of law.