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White-collar crime Tier 3

Rustam Kurmaev & Partners provides boutique dispute resolution advice, and has also seen a steady increase in instructions from clients involved in white-collar crime investigations and cases. Managing partner and 'reputable litigator' Rustam Kurmaev leads the wider dispute resolution group and has significant experience in defending financial institutions and large corporations. The 'highly competent' Dmitry Gorbunov heads up the white-collar crime practice and specialises in defending clients in criminal proceedings, particularly arising from fraud allegations; and Dmitry Kletochkin has niche expertise in white-collar crime work relating to restructuring and insolvency mandates.


This is the best team to have on your side in any criminal dispute in Russia.

The team has great experience in dealing with the Russian state authorities. If a client hires them, they know that things are under control at all times, as the team is on top of the situation. Another strong advantage of the practice is timing – team members know the rules of this game so well, which allows them to anticipate certain scenarios ahead of time and to make sure necessary that proactive steps are being taken.

Rustam Kurmaev is a very strong and efficient negotiator and a great team leader. His client portfolio speaks for itself.

Dmitry Gorbunov and Dmitry Kletochkin are very impressive, both are exceptionally committed, professional and motivated lawyers.

Key clients

Baring Vostok Capital Partners

PJSC Mechel

Dispute resolution: Litigation Tier 4

Areas of notable strength for dispute resolution boutique Rustam Kurmaev & Partners span commercial litigation, corporate conflicts, and criminal proceedings. The team also excels in contentious bankruptcies, as well as construction and insurance disputes. Name partner Rustam Kurmaev acts for domestic and foreign companies, financial institutions and large corporations, and specialises in the criminal defence of businesses and enforcement proceedings.

Practice head(s):


Rustam Kurmaev has built a unique team of dedicated professionals, and they have quickly become our go-to lawyers for any dispute resolution matters in Russia. Their response time and commitment are second to none, and when we instruct the firm, we can always trust that their billable hours will be reasonable. It has been a great experience working with these lawyers.

Brilliant and hard-working lawyers, who are very client-oriented, creative and smart.

Rustam Kurmaev is a strong litigator and a true leader; he is always closely involved in all matters and this hands-on approach to handling cases is truly commendable.

Key clients




Baring Vostok Capital Partners

Baker Hughes

Jones Lang Lasalle

Abbott Russia

Volkswagen Group


Yamaha Motor CIS

Mareven Foods

ING Bank



Boris Dubrovsky





Terra Group

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Top Soft

Restructuring and insolvency Tier 4

Rustam Kurmaev & Partners has established a solid reputation for its boutique dispute resolution practice with expertise in white-collar crime matters and criminal defence; the team is also increasingly active in bankruptcy-related proceedings. Particular sectors of focus include the automotive, mining and metals industries. Practice head Oleg Permyakov is the main contact; name partner Rustam Kurmaev and Dmitry Kletochkin are also key names to note.

Practice head(s):


High level of service, coupled with creativity and a result-oriented approach to issues.

Rustam Kurmaev’s team is prepared to assist anytime by providing top-quality legal advice tailored to the specific purpose of the client.

Dmitry Kletochkin and Oleg Permyakov are also very efficient in providing legal support during complex disputes involving bankruptcy and criminal defence.

Key clients



Norecom GmbH

Venerable (Cyprus)

Hikoki Power Tools Rus

Maxim Averin

Igor Zyuzin

Volkswagen Group


Yamaha Motor CIS

The firm: Rustam Kurmaev & Partners was established in 2017 by Rustam Kurmaev, formerly a senior partner and head of dispute resolution at Goltsblat BLP. The firm’s team is comprised of 20 lawyers specialising in dispute resolution and criminal defence for businesses.

Rustam has extensive expertise representing Russian and foreign companies in arbitrazh (commercial) courts and courts of general jurisdiction, including the Supreme Arbitrazh Court and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. He is also a recognised specialist in enforcement proceedings and criminal defence for businesses. For many years running, Rustam has been ranked among recommended dispute resolution lawyers by The Legal 500 and Chambers, and has also been included on the list of Russia’s best courtroom lawyers compiled by the Russian legal community, according to the Best Lawyers 2012-2017 international legal directory.

Rustam Kurmaev & Partners specialises in the resolution of complex disputes, criminal defence for businesses, corporate dispute resolution, bankruptcy proceedings and government relations. A creative approach to every challenge faced, a focus on achieving specific results, and the determination to zealously advocate the clients’ interests all lie at the heart of the firm’s reputation and the high standards of its legal services.

Areas of practice: The firm’s partner, Dmitry Kletochkin, specialises in corporate conflicts and disputes with government bodies, and leads this area of practice within the firm. Dmitry is ranked among recommended corporate investigation lawyers by Global Investigation Review 100.

Dmitry Gorbunov, also a partner at Rustam Kurmaev & Partners, is a specialist in criminal defence for businesses. He has extensive expertise interacting with law-enforcement authorities and efficiently represents his clients from the beginning of an internal investigation until the offending parties are brought to justice.

Oleg Permyakov is head of bankruptcy and insolvency. For many years, Oleg has focused on providing support in bankruptcy proceedings, counteracting asset stripping, and defending clients from fraudulent actions in bankruptcy proceedings.

Vasily Malinin is head of commercial dispute resolution in the areas of real estate, construction, land relations, natural resources, investment projects and other proprietary and contractual disputes.

Department Name Email Telephone
Commercial disputes Rustam Kurmaev +74951500505
White collar criminal defence Rustam Kurmaev +74951500505
Litigation finance Rustam Kurmaev +74951500505
Litigation Vasily Malinin +74951500505
Commercial arbitration Vasily Malinin +74951500505
Real estate and constuction disputes Vasily Malinin +74951500505
Oil & gas disputes Vasily Malinin +74951500505
Corporate disputes Dmitry Kletochkin +74951500505
White-collar criminal defence Dmitry Kletochkin +74951500505
Restructuring and insolvency Dmitry Kletochkin +74951500505
White-collar criminal defence Dmitry Gorbunov +74951500505
Restructuring and insolvency Oleg Permyakov +74951500505
Number of lawyers : 20
British Russian Law Association

CLIENT: Igor V. Zyuzin, Chairman of the Board of Directors


TESTIMONIAL: We are thankful to Rustam Kurmaev and Partners for providing comprehensive legal support of our activities at the level meeting the highest international quality standards. Rustam Kurmaev’s team are reliable partners of PJSC Mechel who help us operate in the legal environment on commercially beneficial terms and represent our interests in cooperation with contractors and regulators. We are grateful to the firm’s partners Rustam Kurmaev, Dmitry Gorbunov and Dmitry Kletochkin for quick responses to our inquiries and commercially oriented approach to solving important legal issues facing our company.

CLIENT: Natalya Thotahewage, Legal Director Russia & CIS

COMPANY/FIRM: Abbott Laboratories LLC (

TESTIMONIAL: We have worked with this team before they set up their own firm and decided to retain them as legal counsel because we are happy with what they’ve done for us so far, and their rates are even more competitive now. They are practical, commercial and goal driven. They are available around the clock, approachable, pro-active and extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise. Their aggressive approach to solving complex legal issues is what distinguishes Kurmaev and his team in the market.

CLIENT: Natalya Frolova, Head of Legal and Compliance

COMPANY/FIRM: Toyota Bank (

TESTIMONIAL: I would definitely recommend this firm as top tier litigation team in Russia. The firm works like a machine: they are very well-organized and efficient, so we were never over-charged for any work they’ve done for us. Dmitry Kletochkin is one of the best litigators in his field and a pleasure to work with. He responds immediately to requests and is always available for a consult. He has an acute awareness of changing legal environment and his advice is always commercially driven. His support is based both on deep professional knowledge and ability to find quick, effective and remarkable escape from a difficult situation. It is great to be represented by a lawyer who understands your business so well.

CLIENT: Dmitry Kasiev, Director of Legal Affairs


TESTIMONIAL: I have worked with other law firms before and what really distinguishes RKP is the level of partners’ involvement. You know you are in good hands when the partners are handling your case closely. Kurmaev is a very reputable litigator, he projects confidence from the very first moment you meet him. Gorbunov is a great contact to have in your rolodex when it comes to criminal litigation in Russia. Kletochkin is well-known for his work on cases where government agencies are involved. If you’re facing even the most remote possibility of any kind of dispute in Russia these guys are easily the best team to have on your side. They are a true litigation powerhouse!

Rustam Kurmaev, Managing Partner

Formerly a senior partner with Goltsblat BLP, and currently a managing partner at Rustam Kurmaev & Partners, Rustam Kurmaev explains what it takes to open a law firm during a crisis, the challenges which small law firms face and how a litigation boutique law firm differs from an international law firm.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate rustam kurmaev & partners from your competitors?

In setting up the firm, we tried to create a product which would be unique on the market, allowing us to solve complex corporate conflicts and conflicts with the risk of criminal prosecution for our clients’ management teams.

For this purpose we have finely tuned our practice groups, engaging associates with highly specialised experience in various litigation areas.

The focus on the key areas is what sets us apart from bigger law firms. An independent practice allows us to give a fair evaluation to our clients’ issues from all possible perspectives and decide on the most effective methods to resolve those.

It means that a project team includes only the first class litigators with tons of relevant experience knowing every detail of the case. This approach gives us agility that many international law firms bound with internal unwritten policies and strict hierarchy cannot afford.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

First and foremost, we expect the white collar crime defence practice to grow even further. Despite working at full capacity, our criminal practice continues to give additional growth of 20-30% each year.

Businesses have also started to view the white collar crime defence as a necessity, making regular provisions for such legal services. Here is a good example: we receive an increasing number of requests for top management training on how to behave in emergency and/or extraordinary situations. We also expect our bankruptcy litigation practice to grow.

Despite the normally low percentage of funds recovered from counterparties who have gone bankrupt (usually only 2-3%), insolvency laws have seen some significant changes over the past year and our clients expect there to be a greater number of instruments available to hold dishonest beneficiaries of bankrupt businesses subsidiarily liable.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Well, we set up an independent law firm in October 2017. For many years we had enjoyed stable growth being the most profitable practice with a strong client following. But at the same time we felt that our clients often cannot rely on a big legal brand when it comes to a complex litigation.

Indeed, a litigation involving many parties very often infringes on the interests of another existing overseas client (especially in the case of disputes involving banks and financial institutions). The bigger you are, the more practice areas you cover, the less flexibility you can offer.

When setting up a boutique law firm specialising in litigation we followed our idea – to make clients’ interests our priority. The new format means that our clients will not wait weeks before we confirm our engagement. This is highly valued by our regular clients.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Jurisprudence is one of the areas which badly need innovations in automation and technology; however, due to the lack of initiative on the part of both lawyers and their clients, such innovations are being introduced at a very slow pace.

One of the current trends that we have observed is the increasing demand to use cyber security in communications and data transmission. Our clients not only want to be confident that we will keep their information safe, but they also want to be sure that nobody is able to intercept the information and use it with ill intent.

Our clients show cautious interest in blockchain technologies; they have also inquired about our ICO support capabilities. Though we have been tracking changes in these areas, we would like to emphasize that Russian law forbids cryptocurrencies.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

As we are a law firm focused solely on litigation, obviously, the efficiency of our help is primarily determined by lawsuits which we have won on behalf of our clients. As an example, since becoming an independent law firm, we won for our client – Mechel – one of Russia’s most notable cases of 2017, in a dispute against Rostov Electrometallurgical Plant (REMZ).

The said judicial decisions had a precedential impact across certain areas of corporate law and with regard to personal liability for corporate management.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Our clients are looking for reliable support 24/7. We have taken a risk of an independent litigation firm to meet this expectation. And we are proud to say that this approach has been rewarding. Such industry leaders as Mechel, Chelpipe, Jones Lang Lassalle, Baker Hughes, Volkswagen Group RUS, Abbott Russia continue to trust us with their most sensitive cases.

We are strongly determined to keep this competitive advantage when perusing any growth ambitions.

We might consider a possibility of teaming up with other law firms specialising, like us, primarily in dispute resolution. It would allow us to form a complete litigation offering and cover our clients’ appetite for our legal services in antitrust or tax disputes.