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Real estate and construction Tier 5

Cases&Lacambra provides expertise in the urban, finance, tax, corporate and environmental aspects of real estate matters. The firm’s experience ranges from hedge funds, hospitality, leisure, development, construction and lease agreements, to residential and condominium development, planning, zoning, environmental issues and financing. In terms of cross-border work, the practice has particular strength in Andorra, the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Turkey. Daniel Tienda advises institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals in a range of real estate transactions in Spain.

Practice head(s):

Daniel Tienda

Other key lawyers:

Juan Moncada

Tax Tier 5

Advising on real estate, corporate, finance and international taxation, Cases&Lacambra provides ‘personalised treatment’ on a range of issues, from tax audits to assisting private clients and family businesses on structures, financial investment instruments and private equity investment. Ernesto Lacambra leads the team and focuses on the international tax planning of cross-border investments. The firm appointed Alberto Gil as partner in its Andorra office in July 2021.

Practice head(s):

Ernesto Lacambra

Other key lawyers:

David Navarro; Cristina Villanova


Personalized. International Experience (especially Europe and Americas) Fast and creative service. Proactive solutions that allow you to plan and anticipate. Strong mainly in Fiscal and Mercantile.’

‘Personalized treatment, very professional and in constant search for solutions and long-term planning. Partner Ernesto Lacambra.’

‘Top notch client service and partner level engagement. Flexibility and willingness to provide support above and beyond pure written scope of work. Reasonable billing.’

‘David Navarro is a subject matter expert, but given the arcane and complex nature of Spanish tax law, is not afraid to defer a question pending further research, reverting in a timely manner once he has done the necessary research. David is also a master of distilling complex and difficult to understand tax concepts into brief notes which a non-lawyer and non-tax expert can understand. This is particularly impressive as he is also translating from Spanish and Catalan to English at the same time.’

Key clients

Ernesto Ventós, S.A.

Arcano Wealth Advisors EAFI, S.L.U.

Cordia Iberia Holding, S.L.

Mucho Diseño, S.L.

Carglass, S.L.

Urbania International Investments, S.L.

Fiscalter Inversiones 2013, S.L.U.

Lear European Holdings, S.L.

DeA Capital Alternative Funds, SGR S.p.A.

Zetland Capital Partners, LLP

Banking and finance Tier 6

Advising on special situations, the financial sector and financial markets regulation, Cases&Lacambra also handles cross-border disputes in the sector. The firm has experience acting for foreign financial institutions in multi-jurisdictional deals with local entities in derivatives and structured products. Managing partner Miguel Cases is qualified to practice in Spain and Andorra. He co-leads the team with Toni Barios, who advises on a range of domestic and international financing and debt restructuring transactions, including bilateral and syndicated matters. The firm's Madrid office was strengthened by the 2020 addition of financial and energy markets expert Ignacio Ramos, while Laura Nieto was appointed partner in the Andorra office in 2021.

Practice head(s):

Miguel Cases; Toni Barios

Other key lawyers:

Araceli Leyva; Ignacio Ramos


‘Their specialization in the financial sector and the direct contact of partners with the client provides them with a differential value with other firms.’

‘Araceli Leyva is a lawyer with solid knowledge of the financial market and with a great practical experience.’

‘Miguel Cases as managing partner brings together a group of professionals who act in a cohesive manner.’

Cases & Lacambra is a client focused international law firm, with a deep commitment to offering the best comprehensive advice in business law. The firm, with a presence in Europe and America, has a highly tested track record in complex transactions involving the financial sector, special situations, financial markets regulations, cross-border disputes and transactions with a relevant tax sensibility.

Our advice focuses on providing bespoke solutions to our clients, who include financial institutions, investment service companies, investment funds, family offices, business conglomerates and high-net-worth individuals.

Cases & Lacambra’s teams are high-profile, committed to excellence and cross-border oriented.

Cases & Lacambra was founded with the ambition to be the first Spanish and Andorran law firm to provide legal tailor made services designed to fulfill private client and financial institutions needs. We are the forerunners of the high-end law firms who are based on truly specialization, the expertise of the teams, innovative and flexible organization, efficient services, cutting edge technology, confidence and loyalty to clients.

Therefore in transactional operations, as in recurrent advice or punctual queries, the firm is committed to the highest standard of client care that can be expected. We provide advice to our clients understanding their commercial threats, opportunities and goals. Our aim is to provide a long lasting client relationship with a very careful client selection among their different business areas.

Our team of lawyers have extensive experience in their fields of expertise and has been carefully selected from the most reputed international law schools.  Our structure and approach is intended to attract the most talented and entrepreneurial lawyers which enables us to achieve excellent results for our clients in complex and critical matters.

Department Name Email Telephone
Co-Managing Partner. Head of Banking&Finance group Miguel Cases
Co-Managing Partner. Head of Tax Group Ernesto Lacambra
Photo Name Position Profile
 Marc Ambrós  photo Marc Ambrós Partner.
Mr Toni Barios  photo Mr Toni Barios Partner.
Mr Miguel Cases  photo Mr Miguel Cases Co-managing partner
Mr Pablo Echenique  photo Mr Pablo Echenique Partner.
Mr Ernesto Lacambra  photo Mr Ernesto Lacambra Co-managing partner
Ms Araceli Leyva  photo Ms Araceli Leyva Of Ocunsel.
Mr David Navarro  photo Mr David Navarro Partner.
Mr Lucas Palomar  photo Mr Lucas Palomar Partner.
 Jose Piñeiro  photo Jose Piñeiro Partner.
Mr Bojan Radovanovic  photo Mr Bojan Radovanovic Partner.
 Elena Redondo  photo Elena Redondo Partner.
Mr Daniel Tienda  photo Mr Daniel Tienda Partner
 Fabio Virzi  photo Fabio Virzi Partner.
IBA (International Bar Association)
ICC Fraudnet

Cases&Lacambra is a Client focused international law firm, with a deep commitment to offer the best comprehensive advice in business law. Our lawyers have international exposure and are present in major international legal venues such as the IBA/IFA forums. 

Additionally, during 2018 the Andorran office became a member of the asset recovery network ICC Fraudnet and has helped the Andorran Chamber of Commerce to develop the Andorran Arbitration Tribunal.  

We believe our Firm and its lawyers have unparalleled experience in their fields of practice in comparison with their local competitors that do not have presence in the EU or the U.S.  


International Desk 

  • Eastern Europe and Turkish Desk: The Eastern European, Russian and Turkish Desk, maintains a close link, in matters related to Real Estate foreign investment, with the main locations and markets which are investing in Spain in the Real Estate sector from EEC region. In this sense, Mr. Tienda has a large expertise practicing in the region for more than 10 years, always in relation with Foreign investment and Real Estate towards Spain and from Spain to EEC. The members of the Desk have a wide professional cross-border experience in this sector, working closely and in collaboration with the most relevant local firms of undisputed prestige in this field. 
  • Financial Centers Desk: The Financial Centers Desk, maintains a close link, in matters regarding banking and finance law, with the main locations that are currently leading this sector in the world like London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore or Frankfurt, among others. In this sense, Cases & Lacambra, through this Desk, assesses any Clients that have interests in any of those jurisdictions and which may be also linked to Spain or Andorra. The members of this Desk have a wide professional cross-border experience in this sector, practising regularly in most of the main world financial centers, as well as maintaining a close collaboration with the most relevant local firms of undisputed prestige in this field. 
  • Latin America Desk: From our Miami office, our firm coordinates and advises Spanish interests in Latin America and, at the same time, channels the legal and tax advice of relevant Latin American companies, family offices and financial players towards Spain and Andorra. Our lawyers assist our Clients, Spanish and foreigners, establishing Spain as an investment hub towards Latin America. Cases & Lacambra regularly works with some of the main law firms in different jurisdictions, which allows a full advice, taking in consideration the particularity of each jurisdiction and the specific area of law, identifying the best and most suitable professionals for each situation. 
  • Middle East Desk: Cases & Lacambra is a reference advising investment transactions between Spain and the Middle East.  The inbound and outbound investment opportunities between Spain and Middle East are growing rapidly. In this sense, an increasing number of companies from Middle East have increased their interests in the Spanish market, likewise, the Spanish interests towards the Middle East region is significantly increasing. Cases & Lacambra launched the Middle East Desk to support the business interests between the regions and provides a tailor-made legal advice to the cross-border transactions.  Our professionals of the Middle East Desk have an extended expertise in the region as they have practised, during several years, in many jurisdictions that integrate this Desk. They have advised in large number of transactions which have allowed them to acquire the necessary skills to understand and learn the local know-how. On-going legal advice to Jordan high-net worth individuals. Speaker at seminars of doing business in the Middle East (i.e. UAE).