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The firm: Since its formation in 2002, Sora & Asociatii has established itself as a full-service commercial legal provider with offices in Bucharest, the capital city and the most important industrial and financial centre of Romania.

However, Sora & Asociatii Law Firm also has a strong legal network in all historical regions of Romania, having outsourced offices in other major cities such as Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi, Brasov and Constanta.

On an international level, Sora & Asociatii Law Firm is a member of the top six international network – Alliott Global Alliance – a worldwide alliance of independent law, accounting and consulting firms – and in this respect it is always in contact with international partners and clients.

Sora & Asociatii Law Firm has vast experience in many fields due to the various client domains of activity. As a result, its professionals develop strategies that work because they know and understand the many facets of the Romanian business environment as viewed from a broader international point of view.

Apart from its commitment to personalised client service and the firm’s reputation for delivering innovative and practical solutions, it delivers outstanding value to its clients, building strong relationships, and promoting a positive, progressive and creative working environment.

Areas of practice
Dispute resolution: the firm is focused on arbitration or litigation disputes related to the construction area. It has successfully taken cases from the initial claim phase, in front of the Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB)  in cases under FIDIC 1999 , all throughout the negotiation phase, also representing its clients in arbitration cases in front of arbitral tribunals from Paris (ICC), Vienna (VIAC) or Bucharest (CICA) or in front of Romanian courts.

Currently, the firm is creating a practice also on the new version of FIDIC contracts – second edition 2017 – having already cases that are in Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication Board (DAAB) or even in arbitration.

The firm is currently involved in several multi-million arbitration disputes between contractors and designers or between public authorities and contractors, situations which require complex knowledge of both fields: construction and arbitration.

Sora & Asociatii is successfully fighting for its clients’ rights in disputes against the Romanian National Company of Road Infrastructure Management (Compania Nationala de Administrare a Infrastructurii Rutiere S.A.- C.N.A.I.R.).

Apart from heading the law firm, the managing partner of the law firm, Mr Radu Sora, has also acted as a Romanian arbitrator at The Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

Starting 2014, Mr Radu Sora is also listed on the practitioner list of arbitrators from Vienna International Arbitral Centre.

PPP and procurement: expert legal advice covers all stages of a public tender, from the initial structuring phase, including legislative and regulatory issues, the development of the procedure, up to the point of contract negotiations as well as contract performance issues.

It provides legal assistance for both public authorities (eg preparing tender books and offers, drafting works, services and PPP contracts) and private operators and investors (drafting applications and bids, obtaining clarifications during tender procedures, administrative and judicial claims).

However, the firm’s main activity is to represent its clients’ interests in front of the National Council for Solving Complaints from the Public Procurement area (Romanian: Consiliul National pentru Solutionarea Contestatiilor – CNSC).

Its leading lawyers, Aniela Sora, Andrei Bodescu and Alina Diana Ion, have obtained, through hard work and dedication, a significant number of expert qualifications in the field of PPP and procurement.

It has been especially successful in challenging public authorities’ decisions in important cases concerning areas such as construction, medical equipment supply, IT and education, but it also has vast experience in almost all other fields of public procurement from Romania.

Real estate: Advise on real estate law can be extremely valuable to your business if you have any involvement with property as part of your business, which almost every business does. Also if you are a private individual, one of our real estate lawyer can assist you with any aspect of an investment property, a tenancy, or any other dealing you might have in relation to property.

Romania is an extraordinary land of opportunity where the prices per square meter for buildings are very low and with a great possibility to gain from investments made in such assets. We are ready to help investors to buy, sell or lease properties in Romania.

We are able to draft or review lease contracts, to include certain aspects which are advantageous to your position as a landlord or a tenant. For this reason having a good lawyer is extremely important whenever you have dealings in relation to real estate. If you would like to speak with a lawyer about your real estate purchase, sale, or lease we would be more than happy to accommodate you.

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