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Dispute resolution: arbitration and mediation Tier 1

Praised by clients as 'very experienced in international arbitration', KNOETZL HAUGENEDER NETAL's workload includes international commercial arbitration, investment protection and arbitration-related court proceedings for clients throughout the CEE region. The group's broad sector expertise spans the construction, energy, banking and finance, hospitality, automotive, IT and telecoms, aviation, healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries. Name partner Florian Haugeneder leads the team, which includes counsel Natascha Tunkel, who acts as counsel, arbitrator and mediator; Emmanuel Kaufman, who focuses on the construction sector; Patrizia Netal, who handles international commercial arbitration; and Bettina Knoetzl.

Practice head(s):

Florian Haugeneder


This firm is strictly focused on dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration) and does a great job and has lots of experience. You receive first class service, and are in very capable hands.

The Knoetzl team is a highly specialised dispute resolution team which gained high recognition in the market very quickly. Main attributes are “thorough and complete” and still “fast and efficient”.’

Very experienced in international arbitration cases, very pragmatic and focused approach, great cross-examination skills (in particular Florian Haugeneder and Patrizia Netal). Also excellent international network.

Broad and deep knowledge of commercial arbitration.  Multi-lingual and capable of operating effectively in different legal systems.  Efficient and cost-effective.

Bettina Knoetzl – vast experience of litigation, very dedicated, very knowledgeable, never loses oversight, a great mind, also for putting things into perspective and keeping things at a rational level.

Florian Haugeneder – excellent arbitrator, gets to the point without much beating around the bush, very focused and can apply his experience very well.

Florian Haugeneder’s excellent and speedy appreciation of the technical aspects of the dispute put our case on the right track from the outset. Patrizia Netal provided valuable guidance based on her deep knowledge of international arbitration procedures.

Patrizia Netal is a highly skilled arbitration counsel with impressive experience as an arbitrator. Florian Haugeneder is a well-known name in the international arbitration community drawing from a vast experience in the field.

Natascha Tunkel proved she goes well above and beyond for her clients. Constantly available, whether to advise or simply lend an ear and bring comfort when the “jitters” set in, a common occurrence to parties in acrimonious and lengthy litigation. I can only assume she is on the verge of making partner as her skill set is superb, her client handling top notch, and ability to manage client expectations tried and tested. A star lawyer from a client’s perspective – approachable, dependable, a tough fighter and able to call the shots.

Key clients

Casinos Austria AG

Casinos Austria International GmbH

Dispute resolution: commercial litigation Tier 1

Considered a heavyweight in the commercial litigation area, KNOETZL HAUGENEDER NETAL's large team is renowned for its work at the interface between commercial law and criminal law as well as for its asset tracing capabilities. Name partner and department head Bettina Knoetzl focuses on international and commercial litigation, specifically investor protection, liability claims, corporate disputes, insurance and financial derivatives as well as life science cases. Katrin Hanschitz, Valentina Spatz, Natascha Tunkel and Thomas Voppichler are other names to note.

Practice head(s):

Bettina Knoetzl

Other key lawyers:

Katrin Hanschitz; Tim Pfister; Valentina Spatz; Natascha Tunkel; Thomas Voppichler; Judith Schacherreiter


Knoetzl provide thorough and practical Austrian legal advice. They are able to grapple with complex legal and academic issues and produce advice which is practical and easily understandable.

Compared to other Austrian firms Knoetzl can live up to the expectations of an international law firm seeking local counsel in Austria, in particular in terms of responsiveness, reliability and quality of the work product.

The team is solution oriented and also considers aspects that are not pure litigation questions; they think broader than required for the litigation (e.g. communication).

Katrin Hanschitz and Bettina Knoetzl are personable and are able to correspond in both German and English to a very high level. They have also been willing to deal with difficult issues in a firm manner, particularly when discussing complex disputed points with other lawyers.

Bettina Knoetzl made herself available whenever needed and was always on top of the case.  In addition, she displays a thorough knowledge of the case and the law and is always on the lookout to business-friendly solutions.  

Key clients

Stadtwerke Klagenfurt

Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei


Dispute resolution: white-collar crime (including fraud) Tier 1

The 'outstanding' Bettina Knoetzl leads KNOETZL HAUGENEDER NETAL's white-collar crime department, which is recognised for operating at the interface of civil litigation and criminal law, with work frequently originating from the banking and finance, corporate and commercial groups. The team receives instructions from companies and individuals involved in fraud, criminal and business-irregularity investigations, and also handles asset tracing and recovery matters. The group acts for clients from a wide range of sectors, with key areas including the financial services, derivatives, aviation, automotive, accountancy, energy, defence, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries.

Practice head(s):

Bettina Knoetzl


The team is highly responsive, maintains a high level of ethical standards in all dealings and is professionally better equipped than competitors due to their experience. Particularly in high level fraud cases, trust in a relationship is key, which is maintained by personalised relationship building.

Ability to succinctly summarise hundreds of pages within a criminal prosecution file; strong communication (both with clients/other lawyers and prosecution teams) as well as dealing with difficult legal and technical issues.

We appreciate KNOETZL for always providing top-class professional advice. Their dispute resolution team is particularly strong in advising clients on various WCC matters. It turned out as a fruitful cooperation.

Very reliable and most experienced team under the lead of Bettina Knoetzl. Most responsive and always available. Engaged and completely identifying with the client and his interests.

Bettina Knoetzl’s personal involvement and ethical standards reflect on the whole firm. Especially her personal dedication to every single case she takes up makes the difference. The perception of the client is, that at every instant, the client’s needs are treated like a personal quest of the attorney.

Bettina Knoetzl is always competent and responsive, and understands how to handle the most complex matters. She is really a dedicated lawyer.

Bettina Knoetzl – very experienced and most reliable in any respect.

Key clients

Dr. Schaden

The firm: KNOETZL is a leading Austrian law firm founded on a handshake by some of the most effective, experienced and perceptive legal minds dedicated to providing the highest quality of advocacy in dispute resolution, business crime, compliance and corporate crisis.

Representing corporate clients in civil and criminal trials and in front of arbitral tribunals is the core of the practice. KNOETZL has a clear mission and a driving purpose: to achieve optimal outcomes for its corporate, financial and governmental clients in their most significant, sensitive and complicated disputes before the Austrian courts, and well beyond. The firm’s approach combines unmatched strategic thinking and decades of peerless experience with the endurance, stamina and commitment required to ultimately win the day.

Since opening its doors in 2016 KNOETZL has dramatically grown in both its international and Austrian name-brand clients, and its top-tier disputes team.

KNOETZL’s lawyers work seamlessly with international partner law firms and industry experts in the CEE and SEE regions and are widely regarded as true leaders and innovators in this market. Highly regarded, top-tier international law firms choose KNOETZL as their local counsel. The team’s diverse skillset covers civil, commercial, sovereign and criminal litigation, focusing significantly on liability claims, corporate disputes, banking, insurance and financial derivatives cases, investor protection, business crime, energy, technology and life sciences. The firm’s services also include asset tracing and effective provisional measures, such as freezing orders and attachments, in the domestic and international context, the enforcement of foreign judgments, and arbitral awards.

Areas of practice: The firm offers its clients the highest quality of advice and guides them through all forms of traditionally available dispute resolution, and creatively structured, alternative dispute resolution.

Winning the cases of its clients drives the firm. KNOETZL is proud of its outstanding track record, securing significant victories in civil court, in front of international arbitral tribunals and in criminal investigations. Important criminal investigations against the firm’s international and Austrian corporate clients have been terminated under KNOETZL’s guidance. Landmark victories were brought home in the firm’s life sciences practice, where each win is regarded as critical by the international pharmaceutical clients. Every significant arbitration that was resolved led to a victory for the firm’s clients. KNOETZL assisted in achieving favourable settlements in a variety of matters, utilising alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation.

The firm’s dispute lawyers are humbled by the fact that not a single case has been lost to date, and it continues to believe that its specialisation in doing nothing but trial work, advocacy and dispute resolution paired with the firm’s passion for its clients’ matters makes a significant difference.

KNOETZL’s lawyers are tough, smart and effective. Members of its team are routinely called upon to apply their extensive experience in high-value, multijurisdictional disputes, asset tracing and recovery matters. The firm acts, in this capacity, for multinational corporations, high-net-worth individuals and major fraud victims. Its close relationships and seasoned teamwork with experienced local and international forensic experts and lawyers in virtually every jurisdiction in the world ensure the firm can help identify, trace, freeze and recover hard financial, book entry, and physical assets with the most effective use of dedicated resources.

Department Name Email Telephone
Asset tracing
Banking and finance disputes
Business crime
Class action defence and collective redress
Construction and real estate
Corporate and investment litigation
Corporate crisis management
Employment and labour disputes
Enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign judgments
Fraud and corruption recovery
Intellectual property
Internal and external investigations
Investment arbitration
Mediation and ADR
Product liability defence
Number of lawyers : 21
ICC Fraudnet
Contact : Timothy J Pfister (managing partner)


For some time now, business is not as it used to be.

In order to deal with contemporary corporate challenges, we at GregoSantos are more than lawyers: we are business partners for the safe and sustainable development of our clients’ projects.​


Working in a model focused on corporate needs, in GregoSantos we work with the highest specialization allied to multidisciplinarity. Our clients rely on services of  boutique quality combined to full service amplitude, performed by people who know your business deeply.


Our special multidisciplinary vision, which combines experience in high profile attorneyship with knowledge in business administration and high level academic performance, enables GregoSantos to provide the best in legal solutions in our fields of practice.

Department Name Email Telephone
Public Law, Corporate, Tax Bruno Grego Santos +554433543884
Public Law, Criminal Law Andreia Colhado Gallo +554433543884
English (fluent)

Sharing their expertise, time and support, KNOETZL is committed to extending their knowledge and help to their immediate community and beyond. Each lawyer and staff member is dedicated to charitable involvement, supporting causes close to their hearts with a passion.


The conduct of each individual at KNOETZL within and beyond the firm can make a significant contribution to the whole of their community. This is reflected in the increasing integration of sustainability into strategic and operational decisions, becoming a part of everyday business at the firm: whether for KNOETZL lawyers and staff, or in advising clients on undertaking business responsibly, with a long term view.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) challenge businesses to consider the impact of their activities on global priorities such as fair trading, diversity, environmental issues as well as human rights. KNOETZL rises to the challenge by incorporating these frameworks into their daily practice, with a sustainable approach and positive impact.


Understanding the role each firm plays in building a better, increasingly fair society not only adds value for clients, but also defines KNOETZL as a responsible business.


Since its foundation, KNOETZL has stood for integrity, transparency and equality at all levels.
KNOETZL recognises diversity not only as an ethical and social necessity, but as a strategic business priority. Differences do not create barriers, but a synergy crucial for long term success.


In providing a supporting and inclusive environment, equality is promoted at every level, be it gender, age, ethnicity, social background, religion, disability, sexual orientation or any other dimensions of difference. It is everyone’s responsibility at KNOETZL to drive progress, remove barriers and create an environment where everyone can feel valued. When everyone is provided with the opportunity to reach their full potential, collaboration and performances flourish.


KNOETZL works with an impressive network of clients, law firms and organisations towards creating positive change in the legal profession and various industries.


Partner Bettina Knoetzl is involved in the Litigation Committee of the International Bar Association, including service as its Co-Chair. She is the first woman chair of the 150-year established Vienna Lawyers’ Association SOUPIRIUM, as well as the President of the Advisory Board of Transparency International (Austrian Chapter), the Austrian representative of the ICC-FraudNet and Member of the Advisory Board of ZBP, the Career Center of the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


Partner Patrizia Netal has been a Director, pro bono publico, of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot since 2012. Since January 2020, she is a member of the Board of VIAC and the Co-Director of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, the world’s largest law student competition in arbitration.


Partner Florian Haugeneder is the Vice President of the Austrian Arbitration Association.


Partner Katrin Hanschitz is Co-Chair of the International Life Sciences and Health Law Committee of the International Section of the American Bar Association as well as member of the Steering Committee of the ABA SIL International Litigation Committee and member of the Vienna Chapter of the ABA SIL.


Partner Emmanuel Kaufman is also qualified to practice law in Argentina and is the President of the German–Austrian Chapter of the Spanish Club of Arbitration (Club Español del Arbitraje – CEA).


Partner Natascha Tunkel is currently involved in the Working Group of the IBA-VIAC-CDRC Negotiation and Mediation Moot Court, and continues to speak and publish on pertinent issues of procedural law.


KNOETZL is Austria’s first large-scale dispute resolution powerhouse dedicated to high-profile and significant cases that matter. The firm is well-recognised for the passion of its lawyers, high fighting spirits where needed, creativity – while leading the market with unshakable integrity – and a clear, business-oriented approach.

Their diverse practice handles civil, commercial, sovereign state, corporate and fraud litigation, as well as international commercial arbitration, investment protection and arbitration-related court proceedings. Active across a range of industries, KNOETZL’s international orientation proves an exceptional feat in the otherwise domestically positioned Austrian legal landscape. The strength and global renown of KNOETZL springs largely from the firm’s first-to-market, predominance in advocacy, and strategic weaponry deployed for clients – a step acknowledged as ascendant by the international market. Since then, the clients’ demand for sophisticated, effective and powerful litigation counsel and results brought about have proven this step to be perfectly on target.

Both this innovative singularity as well as KNOETZL’s excellence warrant the recognition of their lawyers as true leaders in various categories by industry directories. Bettina Knoetzl’s expertise as department head of the firm’s dispute resolution practice has been notably acknowledged as the first European lawyer to have been named “Lawyer of the Year” by a highly-regarded international legal commentator in 2017.


International, reputable law firms value the expertise and work ethic of KNOETZL lawyer, and the firm continues to be engaged to act as Austrian disputes counsel by distinguished international firms, corporate decision-makers and general counsels.

The members of KNOETZL’s arbitration and litigation teams have acted successfully in some of the largest, most well-known and complex disputes in Latin America as well as the CEE and SEE regions. KNOETZL offers a deep market knowledge of a range of jurisdictions, amounting to an array of clients, including:

– Facebook
– Stadtwerke Klagenfurt
– Österreichische Staatsdruckerei
– Bayer Pharma
– Casions Austria International GmbH
– Dr Heinz Schaden, former mayor of Salzburg


KNOETZL is best known for taking the unique approach in Austria to provide a diverse team of highly skilled lawyers and legal advisers to offer truly international and focused advice. The firm’s open and inclusive culture provides a unique environment where talent can thrive on supportive guidance and encouragement, allowing for the teams’ diverse proficiency in a number of languages, including Albanian, Armenian, Bosnian, Croatian, Dutch, English, Italian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Serbian, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

KNOETZL’s specialists have raised their collective practices to a new, higher level of advocacy to litigate in Austrian or regional courts, to mediate or to act in arbitrations across the CEE region and globally.


KNOETZL boasts having and maintaining its own, non-exclusive, but monitored and reviewed impressive global network, working seamlessly with international partner law firms and industry experts in the CEE and SEE regions. The distinct ability of team members to collaborate with other firms, experts and in-house counsel ensures high standards and perfect handling of the most complex cases. Particularly the partners’ involvement in various organisations nurture KNOETZL’s unique network, including:

– the International Bar Association
– Transparency International (Austrian Chapter)
– the ICC-FraudNet
– the Austrian Chapter of the Club Español del Arbitraje
– The Austrian Arbitration Association
– ArbitralWomen
– the Vienna International Arbitral Centre