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ENVIR Advocaten
Jan van Goyenkade 10 III
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Environment and planning Tier 2

Boutique firm ENVIR Advocaten is a known specialist in environmental law particularly on nature conservation, zoning and planning issues. The firm also assists with environmental and regulatory aspects of M&A transactions. Key individuals on the team include Marieke Kaajan, Fleur Onrust, and Iris Kieft. Onrust advised Chidda Vastgoed on permit and protected species requirement proceedings for the redevelopment of land in the port of Amsterdam. Clients praise the team's ability to understand the 'business needs of the client'.


At ENVIR they combine the quality services of a top tier firm with the personal attention of the partners of a boutique firm‘.

The team is very experienced, hands on and understands the business needs of the client and translate that into practical advice‘.

Iris Kieft is very knowlegdeable on sustainability; speaks the language of the client and understand the client’s business‘.

Very specialized firm in evironmental law. Highly professional and very up to date‘.

Both Marieke Kaajan and Fleur Onrust stand-out, whereby Fleur Onrust is known for her speed and pragmatic advice where such is required‘.


Key clients

Chidda Vastgoed B.V.

Province of South Holland

Buren Legal N.V.

Le Garage B.V.

Fazanterie Bloem

Windpark Zeewolde B.V.

Raedthuys Windenergie B.V

Windpark Kroningswind B.V

Province of Fryslân

YARD Energy and innogy

Windpower Netherlands

The firm: As the only boutique firm of its kind in the Netherlands, ENVIR Advocaten exclusively focuses on providing its clients with public law advice and support.

Based in Amsterdam, ENVIR Advocaten was founded in 2014 by partners Marieke Kaajan and Fleur Onrust. The firm continues to grow and has added Iris Kieft as a partner in 2018 en Erwin Noordover and Derek Sietses in 2019. ENVIR Advocaten also opened its Leeuwarden office in 2019.

ENVIR Advocaten is well known and recognised in the field as a specialist in environmental law including nature conservation law, zoning and planning. ENVIR Advocaten also handles general administrative law matters such as administrative enforcement and subsidies and supports corporate law firms with public law questions in M&A and real estate transactions.

Its client base mainly consists of companies and government bodies active in the following sectors: industry, energy (including renewables) and climate change, infrastructure, real estate, aviation, and health care.

The lawyers of ENVIR Advocaten publish and teach frequently on environmental and administrative law issues in legal periodicals and with renowned legal knowledge institutions.

Photo Name Position Profile
 Marieke Kaajan  photo Marieke Kaajan Co-founder and partner at ENVIR Advocaten. Marieke Kaajan specialises in nature conservation…
 Iris Kieft  photo Iris Kieft Partner at ENVIR Advocaten. Iris Kieft specialises in environmental law (Seveso/Brzo, PGS,…
 Erwin Noordover  photo Erwin Noordover Partner at ENVIR Advocaten. Erwin is specialized in general and European administrative…
Mrs Fleur Onrust photo Mrs Fleur Onrust Co-founder and partner at ENVIR Advocaten. Fleur Onrust specialises in administrative law…
 Derek Sietses  photo Derek Sietses Derek Sietses is a partner of ENVIR Advocaten. Derek’s expertise covers administrative…
Number of lawyers : 5

Diversity is a fundamental tenet of ENVIR Advocaten’s philosophy. ENVIR Advocaten endeavours to treat everyone with respect and consideration and offers a workplace in which all are welcome regardless of gender, marital status, race, colour, national or ethnic origin, social or economic background, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation or age. ENVIR Advocaten encourages new and creative ways of thinking and working and values the contributions and perspectives of all, especially those with different experiences, ideas and ways of working, which contributes to its continuing success.

Pro Bono Work

To ENVIR Advocaten and its lawyers, social commitment is an integral part of the legal profession. For that reason, ENVIR Advocaten has been an active member of the Pro Bono Club since its launch in December 2016.

The Pro Bono Club ( is a platform that brings NGOs and CSOs seamlessly into contact with enthusiastic lawyers and other legal service providers who are willing to undertake pro bono services for such organizations. The Pro Bono Club believes that the activities of both large and small associations, foundations and other organizations are invaluable for Dutch society. Not only because of their social goals but also because they connect people, which enriches and strengthens our society. Moreover, it is fulfilling to help others, especially when they are in need of assistance. The Pro Bono Club has more than 100 committed legal service providers as members who subscribe to this philosophy.