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Russia > Dispute resolution: Litigation Tier 2

KK&P TRIAL LAWYERS is recognised for its ‘creativity, responsiveness and in-depth expertise’, as well as its experience in advising on Russian law issues arising in multi-jurisdictional litigation. The team’s caseload is reflective of its strength in corporate and contractual disputes, although it also handles a wider range of insolvency, employment, administrative and insurance issues. Noted for his recent work in the UK High Court, managing partner Maxim Kulkov is known for providing ‘independent, clear, reasoned, and coherent opinions on the operation of Russian law’. Kulkov leads the department with Oleg Kolotilov and Nikolay Pokryshkin.

Practice head(s):

Oleg Kolotilov; Maxim Kulkov; Nikolay Pokryshkin

Other key lawyers:

Dmitry Vlasov


‘Creativity, responsiveness and in-depth expertise.’

‘KK&P’s team is particularly notable for the high level of expertise and strong reputation of Maxim Kulkov.’

‘Maxim Kulkov and Oleg Kolotilov are two of the most technically gifted disputes lawyers operating in the Russian market. They are backed up by a superb team of diligent and hardworking juniors.’

‘Maxim Kulkov in particular is our go-to Russian law expert in the market at the moment. He is uniquely placed as a Russian law practitioner who has worked for many years on complex disputes involving Russian law, but with a fantastic global perspective. Maxim is a fine advocate in his own right and he is well regarded and respected in the English High Court as an expert who gives independent, clear, reasoned, and coherent opinions on the operation of Russian law. ’

‘The firm’s key attributes are creativity, responsiveness and in-depth expertise in Russian law and, importantly for us, an ability to explain Russian law and how it is applied in practice by the Russian courts. The lawyers have a keen understanding of how they can assist in their role as overseas lawyers in complex multi jurisdictional litigation.’

‘Maxim Kulkov is very knowledgeable and creative and is also an accomplished expert witness. Dmitry Vlasov is a deep thinker and very committed lawyer who explores every angle. Oleg Kolotilov and Nikolay Pokryshkin are also excellent.’

‘The team is distinguished by two strengths – the depth of expertise in dispute resolution and the skill to maintain this depth at the intersection of their practices, combining multiple related areas of law.’

Key clients


Sibanthracite Logistic





GATX Rail Vostok

T Plus


Brunswick Rail

Russia > Dispute resolution: arbitration and mediation Tier 3

Reflective of its traditional focus on dispute resolution, KK&P TRIAL LAWYERS counts arbitration and mediation as its core strengths. Clients laud the team as ‘excellent forensic lawyers’ displaying ‘consummate professionalism and efficiency’ – it utilises these skills in both international commercial and investment arbitration. The department is well-equipped to provide Russian law expert advice and prepare expert reports in cross-border arbitral proceedings; managing partner and practice head Maxim Kulkov and Oleg Kolotilov have extensive experience in this regard.

Practice head(s):

Maxim Kulkov

Other key lawyers:

Oleg Kolotilov


‘The rare mix of academic prowess and real world practical experience that tribunals and courts find compelling.’

‘Maxim Kulkov – clear writing and calm oral testimony skills that tribunals and courts find convincing. Quickly gets to the root of an issue and is creative in finding solutions.’

‘Oleg Kolotilov understands the ever-changing landscape of Russian law and can clarify what seems complex. Oleg is not afraid to say that no definitive position exists at present with regard to an issue – this level of intellectual honesty is well-regarded by courts and tribunals.’

‘KK&P Lawyers is a boutique dispute resolution firm – and one of the leading (if not the leading) firm of this kind in Russia. The firm has unrivalled arbitration experience – both domestic and international – in the capacity of either sole counsel or co-counsel working alongside other firms or lawyers on cross-border disputes.’

‘KK&P is able to manage complex international arbitrations with consummate professionalism and efficiency in terms of response times, complying with challenging directions and communicating eloquently and persuasively with the tribunal and the opposing party. They are also excellent forensic lawyers with excellent attention to detail with the ability to identify minute details that advance a client’s case even where these are buried in extensive evidence. Maxim Kulkov and Oleg Kolotilov embody these qualities. In addition, Maxim Kulkov is a formidable trial lawyer who has very persuasive advocacy skills.’

Key clients


Russia > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 3

Dispute resolution boutique KK&P TRIAL LAWYERS is praised for housing a team of ‘excellent litigators', and the firm's insolvency litigation work for creditors and lenders often involves a cross-border element. Notably, the group is increasingly focusing its efforts on improving its customer relationship management systems. Practice head Nikolay Pokryshkin has ‘impeccable knowledge of insolvency law and judicial practice’ and is regularly assisted by senior associate Artem Antonov.

Practice head(s):

Nikolay Pokryshkin

Other key lawyers:

Maxim Kulkov; Oleg Kolotilov; Artem Antonov


‘Excellent litigators, great at resolving cases in Russian courts.’

‘It is a pleasure to work with the whole team. I would especially like to mention Nikolay Pokryshkin.’

‘KK&P Trial Lawyers’ team is unique in its ability to combine the highest quality of its work with client service. For a year of work on the project, we did not have a single hitch on organizational issues, not a single agreed condition (in terms of time, results and cost of services) was violated, which allowed us to feel that the fate of our project was in good hands and we can rely on KK&P Trial Lawyers for any matter. At the same time, such approach to client service was achieved without compromising the quality of the legal work itself – regardless of who of the team participated in a particular process within the project, we always received the highest quality of legal support and immersion in the project.’

‘The project on which I had a chance to work with KK&P Trial Lawyers’ team was led by partner Nikolay Pokryshkin. Having extensive experience working with outstanding lawyers in many confident companies in the market, I can say that an impeccable knowledge of laws and court practice is what a client reasonably expects when turning to law firms of this level. Undoubtedly, by providing legal support for our project, Nikolay confirmed these expectations, but more importantly, he was able to surpass them, showing those qualities that we often lacked in working with other firms – namely, the level of immersion in the client’s problem. Even before we had questions about further steps and possible arguments of our opponents, Nikolay had already prepared answers to them.’

‘KK&P Lawyers is a boutique dispute resolution firm – and one of the leading (if not the leading) firm of this kind in Russia. Its partners and associates are first-class dispute lawyers. They have extensive knowledge and experience of handling commercial contracts, banking, fraud, insolvency and asset tracing disputes.’

‘Nikolay Pokryshkin has impeccable knowledge of insolvency law and judicial practice.’

Key clients



Sonact Group






KK&P is a Russian arbitration and litigation boutique focusing on commercial dispute resolution in Russia and abroad (including CIS-related disputes with Russia & CIS-based parties and assets). Recognised by the GAR 100 as one of only two Russian firms among the world’s leading arbitration firms, KK&P is ranked among the five best dispute resolution firms in Russia.


The firm is headed by three partners – Maxim Kulkov (one of Russia’s top litigators, who has over 25 years’ experience and over a hundred court wins), Oleg Kolotilov and Nikolay Pokryshkin, who, over the many years of their joint work, have formed one of the strongest teams in the field of commercial dispute resolution. The firm brings together a carefully selected team of dispute resolution-focused lawyers with extensive experience in commercial litigation and arbitration (including insolvency litigation proceedings). Eight members of the firm’s team (including all three partners) have advocate status.


KK&P has represented clients in Russian commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction of all levels (including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court) and all major arbitral institutions (LCIA, ICC, SCC, VIAC and ICAC), as well as in ad hoc arbitrations (for example, under UNCITRAL rules). The firm has handled cases in 50+ jurisdictions including courts of various foreign states (including England, the USA, Germany, Cyprus, Belgium and the BVI). With KK&P, clients benefit from a dedicated and focused team with a partner’s active involvement from start to finish. A smaller structure and narrow specialisation allows for greater flexibility when it comes to staffing, pricing and avoiding conflicts of interest. As a boutique law firm, KK&P accepts a limited number of engagements in order to make `sure that clients receive a tailor-made approach consistent with the highest standards of the profession.


1) Complex Dispute Resolution (domestic, CIS-related and international disputes):

International & Domestic Arbitration

Insolvency Litigation (with cross-border aspects)

Proceedings in Russian Courts

Proceedings in Foreign Courts

– Expert Reports, Legal Opinions on Russian law for foreign courts and arbitral proceedings

2) Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution

3) Corporate & Regulatory Investigations


For arbitration/litigation enquiries, please contact KK&P’s partners:

Department Name Email Telephone
International & Domestic Arbitration Maxim Kulkov +7 495 258 3941
International & Domestic Arbitration Oleg Kolotilov +7 495 258 3941
International & Domestic Arbitration Nikolay Pokryshkin +7 495 258 3941
Proceedings in Russian Courts Maxim Kulkov +7 495 258 3941
Proceedings in Russian Courts Oleg Kolotilov +7 495 258 3941
Proceedings in Russian Courts Nikolay Pokryshkin +7 495 258 3941
Proceedings in Foreign Courts Maxim Kulkov +7 495 258 3941
Proceedings in Foreign Courts Oleg Kolotilov +7 495 258 3941
Insolvency Litigation (with Cross-Border Aspects) Maxim Kulkov +7 495 258 3941
Insolvency Litigation (with Cross-Border Aspects) Nikolay Pokryshkin +7 495 258 3941
Insolvency Litigation (with Cross-Border Aspects) Oleg Kolotilov +7 495 258 3941
Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution Maxim Kulkov +7 495 258 3941
Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution Oleg Kolotilov +7 495 258 3941
Corporate & Regulatory Investigations Maxim Kulkov +7 495 258 3941
Corporate & Regulatory Investigations Nikolay Pokryshkin +7 495 258 3941
Expert Reports, Legal Opinions on Russian Law for Foreign Courts and Arbitral Proceedings Maxim Kulkov +7 495 258 3941
Arbitration Services Maxim Kulkov +7 495 258 3941
Photo Name Position Profile
 Oleg Kolotilov  photo Oleg Kolotilov Partner
 Maxim Kulkov  photo Maxim Kulkov Managing Partner
 Nikolay Pokryshkin  photo Nikolay Pokryshkin Partner
 Dmitry Vlasov photo Dmitry Vlasov Senior Associate
Overall number of lawyers focused on litigation and arbitration (including partners) : 17

CLIENT: Vice-President
TESTIMONIAL: GATX Rail Vostok LLC has collaborated with KK&P on several important projects. We consider KK&P as a very professional and reliable partner. KK&P’s work exceeded all of our expectations and their qualified team has earned our respect and appreciation.

CLIENT: General Counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: Brunswick Rail
TESTIMONIAL: Maxim Kulkov has represented Brunswick Group in various commercial disputes for more than 7 years. His involvement in a case makes us confident of its successful resolution. We have also successfully worked together with Nikolay Pokryshkin who we recommend as a highly-qualified and responsible professional.

CLIENT: Senior Manager
TESTIMONIAL: We have found their advice to be measured, considered and business-oriented, the merits and risks of every course of action having been carefully calculated. The team’s work is both results-driven and as efficient as possible for the client.

CLIENT: Erick van Egeraat
COMPANY/FIRM: Design Erick van Egeraat
TESTIMONIAL: Over many years, Maxim Kulkov has proved his ability to resolve the most complicated issues. He has successfully represented me and my architecture bureau three times in international arbitrations in Moscow and Stockholm. The fourth dispute was settled even before its filing with the court.

CLIENT: Head of Legal
TESTIMONIAL: It’s a team of real professionals. They promptly begin tackling the client’s problems in order to settle the dispute as fast and as effectively as possible.

CLIENT: Financial Director
COMPANY/FIRM: Interstate Bank
TESTIMONIAL: We have worked with Maxim Kulkov and his team for a number of years already, and together we successfully tackled unique and complex situations. Maxim’s arsenal includes an approach that is tailor-made to the client’s needs and to the requirements of each of his cases.