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Maruta Wachta sp. j.

Data privacy and data protection Tier 1

Maruta Wachta sp. j. is consistently praised for its 'vast experience in niche areas of IT law', which it combines with 'a wide experience in GDPR implementation for companies from various economic sectors'. The sizeable team is able to handle data protection and privacy work across the CEE region. The group also has expertise in issues such as profiling, cookies, advertising and real-time bidding. The department is co-led by Sławomir Kowalski, who has been a member of the personal data working group at the Polish ministry of digital affairs; and Marcin Serafin, who is 'talented and solution-oriented'. Senior associate Paweł Tobiczyk is another key team member, having built up a solid GDPR implementation practice. Of counsel Maciej Kawecki draws on previous experience at the data protection authority and ministry of digital affairs to lend the team high-level expertise in compliance issues.

Practice head(s):

Marcin Serafin; Sławomir Kowalski

Other key lawyers:

Paweł Tobiczyk; Maciej Kawecki


‘I worked with several people; all of them are very professional, strict to agreed deadlines, and provide very good quality of work.’

‘Close cooperation with IT-specialists, which allows advice to be given with a very high degree of practicality ’

‘Sławomir Kowalski has profound knowledge in GDPR and IT-issues’

‘Maruta Wachta is a law firm with a unique business approach. Its lawyers are able to estimate and present the risks of certain solutions very well.’

‘People with whom we work with at Maruta Wachta: 1) They have a very good business approach; 2) They communicate in intelligible, plain language; 3) They have experience in the issues they deal with in our cooperation; 4) They are available and timely.’

‘Maruta Wachta’s real strength and added value lies in the fact that they offer full scope support in the area of GDPR compliance combined with vast experience in niche areas of IT law. This combination is ideal for our needs. They also demonstrate international data protection competences, which is invaluable as we work with suppliers from different countries. The data privacy team of Maruta Wachta also has unrivalled experience in working on some of the most sensitive data breaches in Poland. I think that this is the reason why they are so good at advising our company on mitigation strategies. ’

‘We had the pleasure to work with Marcin Serafin, Slawomir Kowalski and Pawel Tobiczyk. They are professional experts in the area of personal data protection and provide practical recommendations to ensure our business is GDPR compliant. They are very flexible, knowledgeable in GDPR issues and detail-oriented. They convey complex legal advice and supports us in the process of concluding and negotiating data processing agreements.’

‘The team is responsible for leading most (and definitely all top ones) of the proceedings relating to GDPR complaints in our country, so it has the unique insight into the actual proceedings in front of a court’

‘I work with Marcin Serafin, who is very knowledgeable both in law and IT topics, which allows us to gather the needed data from the companies we work with. ’

‘Wide experience in the GDPR implementation in companies from various economic sectors. They have been extremely helpful and reacted instantly with pragmatic solutions. The firm excellently deals with complex privacy contexts that also involve cross-border considerations.’

‘Marcin Serafin is a talented and solution-oriented legal adviser. He has not only very impressive knowledge of GDPR, but also in the field of e-commerce technologies, ERP systems, AI and others. He fully understands the need for practical solutions. Besides his encyclopaedic knowledge, he is a very nice person, easy to work with. ’

‘Wide range of experience, openness to non-standard queries, focus on the result pursued by the client ’

‘Marcin Serafin leads the client seamlessly through the complex mix of law and technology’

‘Excellent knowledge of market practices and business expectations. Creativity and the ability to develop solutions that constitute a compromise between regulatory requirements and business goals.’

‘Extensive experience in servicing entities operating in the same industry and the ability to choose the most appropriate solutions.’

‘Very good IT law and data protection practice. An excellent understanding of the data privacy sector and requirements within this area.’

‘Marcin Serafin is a very competent lawyer with outstanding know-how in technologies and data protection.’

‘Very “personalized” client support. The firm always wants to wear the client’s shoes. ’

‘The Maruta Law Firm is a team of highly motivated people, with incredible knowledge, and an innovative approach to solutions.’

Key clients



Biblioteka Publiczna Warszawy – Biblioteka Główna Województwa Mazowieckiego

Circle K


Główny Geodeta Kraju [EN: Surveyor General of Poland]


Inter Cars


Noble Funds

NTT Poland

Operator Chmury Krajowej

Perła – Browar Lubelski


TMT Tier 1

TTM-focused firm Maruta Wachta sp. j. is led by Marcin Maruta and Maciej Zackiewicz. Handling work for key players such as T-Mobile, Orange Group and Toyota, it has particular expertise in matters relating to artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and cloud computing. Notably, the team handles dispute resolution, public procurement and data protection, where it is also a popular choice for non-TMT sector clients.

Practice head(s):

Marcin Maruta; Maciej Zackiewicz

Other key lawyers:

Marcin Serafin


‘Maciej Zackiewicz: very good negotiator, practice-oriented solutions, client focused, very good conversational partner and advisor, excellent know-how and delivery.’

‘All the people from Maruta Wachta are high-class law professionals, well-motivated, focused on customer success.

‘The team puts a lot of effort in understanding customer business case and needs but also principles and values. There is always a team member with corresponding experience on hand. Preparing a contract the team takes into consideration not only legal aspects but future negotiation process as well.’

‘By far the best IT law firm in Poland. ’

The law firm combines legal advice based on clients’ specific requirements with an unparalleled understanding of technologies and legal ramifications of technologies in financial institutions. What also makes it genuinely special and valuable is its capacity to deal with difficult business situations which require unprecedented solutions and taking into account the regulations and simultaneously matching with the business interests.’

‘Maruta Wachta’s team has deep knowledge about the specifics of the technology, media, and telecommunication sectors. My company delivers IT services and applications, so for us its crucial to have legal support (e.g. during formal contract negotiations) from a partner who understands what IT project methodology is, what are the key risks during system development, deployment, and maintenance. And on the other hand, a law firm has to understand sometimes very specific contracting rules that apply to the institutions of TMT sectors. We had a chance to cooperate with several law firms and the quality of services by Maruta Wachta was absolutely above the average.’

Key clients


PKN Orlen

Operator Chmury Krajowej Sp. z o.o. (National Cloud Operator)

Orange Group



Totalizator Sportowy


Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych

Axa Group

Toyota Group


Wydawnictwo Operon

Konica Minolta

Polska Izba Informatyki i Telekomunikacji PIIT


Office of Electronic Communications


Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych

Public procurement Tier 2

At Maruta Wachta sp. j., Bartłomiej Wachta leads a team that provides 'out-of-the-box thinking' in relation to public procurement. The group advises on energy, telecoms and defence sector projects and also handles key matters affecting the construction industry. Its recent workload includes advice on infrastructure projects such as smart metering, electronical toll collections and weather warning systems. The team also assisted the National Labour Inspectorate with the assessment of bids for the development of an electronic document circulation system. Senior associate Jakub Krysa is another name to note.

Practice head(s):

Bartłomiej Wachta

Other key lawyers:

Jakub Krysa


‘Comprehensive approach and out-of-the-box thinking in solving complex legal issues, very high level of availability.’

‘They are very dedicated and represent very high professional skills. Never heard that something is impossible. Mr. Jakub Krysa seems to know the answer for almost any question on the spot, and his academic approach helps us solve non-standard legal issues.’

Key clients

Agencja Modernizacji i Restrukturyzacji Rolnictwa (ARiMR)

Energa Informatyka I Technologie sp. z o.o. (EITE)

Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych (ZUS)

Operator Chmury Krajowej

TAURON Ciepło sp. z o.o.

Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy (PIP)

Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Maruta Wachta sp. j. is dedicated to servicing the digital sector, having built up significant IT industry knowledge, which it combines with deep experience in corporate and commercial transactions. The department is led by Daniel Jastrun, who has strong links to the Nordic market, and advises on a variety of domestic and cross-border transactions. Based in Krakow, Zbigniew Okoń is an expert in IT contracts, e-commerce and marketing law. He is often supported by Mateusz Franke on commercial matters.

Practice head(s):

Daniel Jastrun

Other key lawyers:

Zbigniew Okoń; Mateusz Franke; Hubert Binkiewicz


‘Broad knowledge and experience, business acumen, proactiveness.’

‘Out-of-box thinking, client focus, dedication to the processes, professionalism, broad overview of the legal matters, availability and responsiveness.’

‘They are able to provide legal services at a very high level. They have the right amount of staff to solve the problem in a very short time. They are flexible, they adapt to our needs and I have the impression that the customer is most important to them. Not every law firm has this approach to the client.’

‘Very quick response to questions while maintaining high quality. They are responsive and experienced. They really care about clients business and are client-focused. On corporate matters, associates are very detail-oriented and diligent. While in negotiations very engaged and experienced. I like working with Daniel Jastrun and his team.’

‘Daniel Jastrun, the new generation lawyer that makes the process of rendering legal services smooth and pleasant. He delivers professional advice.’

‘Daniel Jastrun is first class, responsive, knowledgeable, contactable at all times. Where he cannot service the client’s needs, he is able to introduce the right colleague at the right time for the right price’

‘Communication and professionalism are the most remarkable strengths of the team. A client will get the proper attention right away and will be informed about the further steps of processing any inquiry and exact timing. The outcome of any single inquiry is satisfying.’

Key clients



National Cloud Operator

Equitin Partners Limited

Delivery Hero

Tetra Pak

Restaurant Partner Poland




Bray International





Biomin Polska sp. z o.o.



Konica Minolta


EURO-net sp. z o.o. (EURO RTV AGD)

IFS (Industrial and Financial Systems Central and Eastern Europe sp. z o.o.)

Irwin Mitchell

First Law International

Curated Content (Gamewise)

Dispute resolution Tier 4

Offering 'a first-rate litigation and dispute resolution service', Maruta Wachta sp. j.'s team is well placed to assist clients with technology-related disputes, drawing on substantial knowledge in contractual relations. Areas of expertise include cases involving outsourcing, telecoms and interchange fee litigation. The department is jointly led by Wojciech Jarosinski, praised for 'broad experience, as well as in-depth market knowledge'; and 'very prolific and driven attorneyDamian Gudel. Senior associate Ewa Podogrodzka-Maruszkin is developing a strong reputation for construction and infrastructure disputes, and Michał Grodziewicz has experience of IT sector contractual disputes.

Practice head(s):

Wojciech Jarosiński; Damian Gudel

Other key lawyers:

Ewa Podogrodzka-Maruszkin; Michał Grodziewicz; Marta Mackiewicz


Maruta Wachta offers a first-rate litigation and dispute resolution service. What makes them really stand out is their amazing ability to think outside the box and come up with solutions that nobody else thought about. Additionally they are very active in handling our cases, which gives us an edge throughout the whole process.’

The team has outstanding communications skills and is able to provide tailored solutions even in very complicated cases.’

Lawyers from the firm are professionals who are not afraid of complicated legal issues. In particular, I appreciate their knowledge of the law of new technologies, which is extremely crucial in view of technological progress.’

Maruta Wachta is a well recognised law firm on the Polish market, especially in dispute resolution. The firm has never failed to achieve a result, which was expected from us as client.’

We have worked with Damian Gudel and Michał Grodziewicz. Damian has always proven to be a very prolific and driven attorney, that will not rest until he sees the goal accomplished. Michał is a senior associate. He shows tremendous insight and attention to detail, that allows him to control the case one hundred percent and navigate it to a desirable end.’

Wojciech Jarosiński stands out because of his broad experience, as well as in-depth market knowledge. He is approachable and always responds in a quick and efficient way, even to complex and complicated questions regarding the case.’

Key clients

The Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (Agencja Restrukturyzacji i Modernizacji Rolnictwa)

Ciech S.A.

The Social Insurance Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych)


PKN Orlen S.A.

Muticonsult Polska sp. z o.o.

NTT Poland sp. z o.o. sp. z o.o.

Główny Geodeta Kraju (The Surveyor General of Poland)

Andrzej Wróblewski Foundation

Industrial and Financial Systems Central and Eastern Europe sp. z o.o., Industrial and Financial Systems Poland sp. z o.o.

Bank Pocztowy S.A.

Ciech Sarzyna S.A.

AGC Consulting sp. z o.o.

Fabiana Filippi S.p.A.

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories sp. z o.o.


Qumak S.A.