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Dispute resolution Tier 4

SAAS Lawyers | Avocats is highly skilled in international arbitration and litigation, with a strong emphasis on sectors such as banking, construction and real estate. Co-founder Marwan Sakr is a key figure and is notably skilled in cross-border disputes, particularly cases involving banking, insurance and corporate law.

Department Name Email Telephone
Arbitration/litigation (international and domestic) Marwan Sakr
Arbitration/litigation (international and domestic) Jennifer Keyrouz
Arbitration/litigation (international and domestic) Michel Nassar
Arbitration/litigation (international and domestic) Maria Andraos
Banking and insurance Marwan Sakr
Banking and insurance Antoine Najem
Corporate/commercial Paul Awwad
Corporate/commercial Abdo Abi Najem
Corporate/commercial Zouha Sakr-Vayanos
Corporate/commercial Youmna Yazbek
European Marwan Sakr
European Jennifer Keyrouz
European Michel Nassar
European Maria Andraos
International trade/competition Zouha Sakr-Vayanos
Intellectual property Paul Awwad
Intellectual property Abdo Abi Najem
Intellectual property Zouha Sakr-Vayanos
Media and entertainment Paul Awwad
Media and entertainment Abdo Abi Najem
Middle Eastern Marwan Sakr
Middle Eastern Zouha Sakr-Vayanos
French Marwan Sakr
French Michel Nassar
German Christian Ule
Private client Paul Awwad
Technology and telecoms Marwan Sakr
Technology and telecoms Abdo Abi Najem
Construction and infrastructure projects Marwan Sakr
Construction and infrastructure projects Jennifer Keyrouz
Construction and infrastructure projects Maria Andraos
Aeronautics and defence Marwan Sakr
Aeronautics and defence Jennifer Keyrouz
Hospitality Paul Awwad
Hospitality Abdo Abi Najem
Public Marwan Sakr
Public Zouha Sakr-Vayanos
NGO Marwan Sakr
NGO Abdo Abi Najem
Tax/offshore Paul Awwad
Tax/offshore Marwan Sakr
US Paro Astourian
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Abdo Abi Najem  photo Mr Abdo Abi Najem
Ms Maria Andraos  photo Ms Maria Andraos
Mr Paro Astourian  photo Mr Paro Astourian
Mr Paul Awwad  photo Mr Paul Awwad
Prof Melhem El-Kik  photo Prof Melhem El-Kik
Mr Jad Haidar  photo Mr Jad Haidar
Miss Jennifer Keyrouz  photo Miss Jennifer Keyrouz
Mr Ghassan Khoury  photo Mr Ghassan Khoury
Mr Antoine Najem  photo Mr Antoine Najem
Mr Michel Nassar  photo Mr Michel Nassar
Mr Marwan Sakr photo Mr Marwan Sakr
Mrs Zouha Sakr- Vayanos  photo Mrs Zouha Sakr- Vayanos
Mrs Sanaa Sarkis- Awad  photo Mrs Sanaa Sarkis- Awad
Dr Christian Ule  photo Dr Christian Ule
Mrs Youmna Yazbek  photo Mrs Youmna Yazbek
Number of lawyers : 15
at this office : 12
Other offices : Berlin
Other offices : Cairo
Other offices : Los Angeles (affiliated offices)
Other offices : Paris