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White-collar crime Tier 1

GORO legal is a small boutique that handles cases involving bribery and corruption allegations, and it has a strong track record of defending the interests and reputation of key public figures, including Ukraine's former president Viktor Yanukovych. Oleksandr Goroshynskyi leads the practice, which excels in criminal cases, corporate investigations, tracking searches and interrogations, lifting arrests and much more. The team provides 'non-standard solutions and works quickly and effectively'.

Practice head(s):

Oleksandr Goroshynskyi


Oleksandr Goroshynskyi is highly qualified, with a huge amount of practical experience.

The security and success of my business quite often depends on the adoption of timely and correct decisions, especially when it comes to protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the company. Situations related to corporate security and business protection always require urgent reaction and consolidation of efforts. GORO Legal works quickly and efficiently, make the right decisions in seemingly insoluble situations.

Specialists of the GORO legal law firm have shown themselves to be responsible and qualified partners. The contact person in the firm for white-collar crime is Oleksandr Goroshynskyi. For today we use services only of this company. It is a good price for the services rendered.

Key clients

Mr. Viktor Yanukovych

Ukrainian special division “Berkut”

National Aviation University

Real estate and construction Tier 2

GORO legal handles an extensive workload of construction projects, including commercial, office and warehouse developments, in Kiev and across Ukraine. As head of the land, real estate and construction department, Ihor Kornev focuses on complex construction projects that frequently require an in-depth understanding of urban planning legislation. Among the team's clients are domestic developers including DIM Investment Management. The group also handles contentious real estate matters.

Practice head(s):

Ihor Kornev


GORO legal understands the norms of legislation and resolves issues in the field of land law, real estate and construction. Lawyers at GORO legal provide comprehensive support on construction projects and specialise in solving complex issues related to objects of cultural heritage, deviations from regulatory documentation and others.

Specialists of the GORO legal law firm have shown themselves as responsible and qualified partners. The contact person in the firm for construction is Ihor Kornev.

I highly appreciate the attitude towards the client, the efficiency in processing tasks and a non-standard approach to solving situations. GORO legal has solved a lot of my questions, I am very satisfied with its services and I always recommend them to my friends. I don’t see any weaknesses in their work and recommend them.

Key clients

Nova Poshta

National Aviation University

DIM Investment Management

Residence complex “Eneseyevskaya Mansion”

Dispute resolution Tier 3

GORO legal 'responds quickly and offers non-standard solutions that help to achieve victory in the courts', remarks a client. Oleksandr Goroshynskyi and Dmytro Ovsiy are the two partners in the practice and they handle high-profile bribery and corruption cases, corporate rights disputes, debt recovery and real estate disputes. The team's clients come from key industries such as agriculture, heavy industry, banking and IT, and include Sport Life and Metro Cash and Carry.

Practice head(s):

Oleksandr Goroshynskyi; Dmytro Ovsii


GORO legal protected our interests in trials. The team responds quickly, works in a multi-tasking mode, and offers non-standard solutions that help to achieve victory in  the courts. The service of the team is client-oriented and the lawyers work effectively and quickly.

I would like to highlight Dmytro Ovsii. His qualification and responsibility helped our firm more than once.

The specialists at GORO legal law firm have shown themselves to be responsible and qualified partners. It is a good price for the services rendered.

Key clients

Rusmetali LTD


Metro Cash and Carry

BBC-Factoring LLC

Dneprspetsmash LLC

The firm: Goro legal is a group of professional lawyers and attorneys. The team has seven years of experience in legal support of a number of leading domestic and foreign companies, business-structures and government agencies. Today the legal team comprises of 23 lawyers. 80% of the legal team has an advocate admission. The main benefits of this company are listed below.

Non-standard solutions: Goro Legal does not use templates, as the firm knows that the situation of each of its customers is unique and requires a special approach. Based on many years of experience in solving complex issues in various industries, the firm offers only individual solutions, relevant to each case.

Command: Goro Legal knows how important the result is for its customers, and the firm knows how to achieve it. Each member of the team, from the partner to the performer, is involved in finding a solution to the problem and is responsible for the overall result. The ability to hear one another and act together allows Goro Legal to find quick and quality solutions.

Speed of work: the company, like any living organism, can only work effectively by following of established internal processes. The automated system of accounting and control of tasks allows Goro Legal to reduce human error and optimise the work of the company. This increases the speed of the firm’s work, while maintaining the quality of solutions.

Niche specialisation: the firm offers a range of legal services in construction, energy and trade, agricultural, infrastructure and other areas. The staff of Goro Legal consists of experienced lawyers with extensive practice in the aforementioned fields, which allows the firm to consider issues in a comprehensive manner and provide only competent solutions.

Solving complex, resonant cases: Goro Legal are not afraid of resonant cases, because it knows how to solve them. Separation of complex tasks into components allows the firm to consider issues in a comprehensive manner, taking into account every detail. The successful experience of the company’s lawyers in complex projects in different areas helps to effectively administer the process and achieve the best results.

Goro Legal helps business organisations realise their entrepreneurial potential to the full, reforming and developing the industries in which they operate. The firm’s efforts are aimed at resolving legal problems, saving resources and protecting the comfort of its customers

Areas of practice: Goro has advised the following companies:

Construction: PJSC “HC” Kyivmiskbud is the largest and most prominent real estate market operator, focused on the needs of middle-income citizens.

Development company SAGA development (formerly Riverside development) – one of the leaders of the capital construction market.

Altis-Development is a Ukrainian management company in the field of construction and real estate.

The company XXI Century is the leading Ukrainian developer. Since December 2005 is has been placed on the AIM LSE

Energy and trade: SOCAR Ukraine is an innovator of service solutions, a leading gas and oil trader, which develops wholesale and retail markets in Ukraine.

METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine is the largest German investor in Ukraine, The company’s investment volume for the period from 2003 to 2016 exceeded €550m.

PRAV Kyivoblenergo is the energy company of Ukraine specialising in transmitting and delivering electricity to other countries.

Agriculture: The Apollo Group Company was founded in 2014. The first contract company, with 30 employees, concluded in December 2014. In less than six months, the company achieved impressive sales of $20m a month

IT technologies and start-ups: LUN is a product IT company developing online real estate projects in Ukraine and abroad.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dispute resolution Dmitriy Ovsiy
Dispute resolution Aleksander Goroshinskiy
Dispute resolution Belaya Yana
Dispute resolution Artem Bartashevich
Dispute resolution Romanchenko Aleksei
Dispute resolution Myroslava Mosiyk
Dispute resolution Kuzina Ilona
Dispute resolution Poberezhnyk Alena
Dispute resolution Leus Artem
Dispute resolution Maryna Rizka
Land, real estate and construction Kornev Ihor
Land, real estate and construction Dmitriy Ovsiy
Land, real estate and construction Belaya Yana
Corporatisation Vovchenko Anna
Corporatisation Dmitriy Ovsiy
Corporatisation Belaya Yana
Corporatisation Ovsiy Kateryna
Corporatisation Kuzina Ilona
Intellectual property Lesh?henko Yulia
Intellectual property Maryna Rizka
Intellectual property Kuzina Ilona
White collar and regulatory defence Aleksander Goroshinskiy
White collar and regulatory defence Artem Bartashevich
White collar and regulatory defence Romanchenko Aleksei
White collar and regulatory defence Myroslava Mosiyk
White collar and regulatory defence Leus Artem
Art Vovchenko Anna
Art Lesh?henko Yulia
IT technologies and start-ups Vovchenko Anna
IT technologies and start-ups Ovsiy Kateryna
IT technologies and start-ups Lesh?henko Yulia
IT technologies and start-ups Kuzina Ilona
IT technologies and start-ups Maryna Rizka
Finance and investments Dmitriy Ovsiy
Finance and investments Belaya Yana
Finance and investments Vovchenko Anna
Finance and investments Ovsiy Kateryna
Finance and investments Lesh?henko Yulia
Finance and investments Bartashevich Artem
Finance and investments Myroslava Mosiyk
Finance and investments Poberezhnyk Alena
Finance and investments Maryna Riz
Agriculture Vovchenko Anna
Agriculture Belaya Yana
Agriculture Ovsiy Kateryna
Agriculture Maryna Rizka
Construction Kornev Ihor
Construction Dmitriy Ovsiy
Infrastructure Kornev Ihor
Infrastructure Belaya Yana
Infrastructure Poberezhnyk Alena
Number of lawyers : 23
at this office : 20
Ukrainian Internet Business Association
Ukrainian Urban-Planning Association
Public Association Inter-Region City-Building Association
European Business Association
German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Other offices : Cherkassy
Other offices : Kharkiv
Other offices : Poltava